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    Detailed information for award 2016-AJ-BX-K042

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Award Title:  The Cardiff Model: Strengthening Community Capacity to Reduce Violence

Award Description:

The Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated (FI) Program is funded under the Edward Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation program and a carve out from the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program that is aimed at combating extraordinary or precipitous increases in crime. The FI Program furthers the Department’s mission by trying new approaches, addressing gaps in responses, building or translating research knowledge, or building capacity to address the issues that bring fresh perspectives and ideas to enhance practices and prevent crime in the field. The Medical College of Wisconsin will utilize grant funds to study and evaluate the Cardiff Model, which is based upon an enhanced violence surveillance and intervention system, as well as data sharing between law enforcement, public health officials and the medical field. The Model requires the collection, linking and mapping of interpersonal violence and assault data from emergency departments, law enforcement and other relevant sources. The goals of the project are to provide community stakeholders and public health a voice in policing, and to offer partners an opportunity to address violence as a public health issue, resulting in a decrease in violence. CA/NCF

Awardee Name:  The Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc. Award Number: 2016-AJ-BX-K042
Solicitation Title:  Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs Full Proposal: 16 Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs Full Proposal Fiscal Year: 2016
Supplement Number: 00 Amount:  $499,693
Earmark: No Recovery: No
State/Territory: WI County: Milwaukee
Congressional District: 05 Award Status: Closed