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    Detailed information for award 2016-CZ-BX-0011

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Award Title:  Fulton County, GA Smart Reentry Program

Award Description:

The Second Chance Act of 2007 (Pub. L. 110-199) helps to address these significant challenges by providing comprehensive responses to the significant number of incarcerated adults who are returning to communities from prison, jail, and juvenile residential facilities. Programs funded under the Second Chance Act help to promote public safety by ensuring that the transition individuals make from prison and jail to the community is successful. Section 101 of the Second Chance Act authorizes federal awards to state and local governments and federally recognized Indian tribal governments that may be used for demonstration projects to promote the safe and successful reintegration into the community of individuals who have been incarcerated or detained. BJA’s “Smart Suite” of programs invest in the development of practitioner-researcher partnerships that use data, evidence, and innovation to create strategies and interventions that are effective and economical. The goal of the Smart Reentry: Focus on Evidence-based Strategies for Successful Reentry from Incarceration to Community program is to support jurisdictions to develop and implement comprehensive and collaborative strategies that address the challenges posed by reentry to increase public safety and reduce recidivism for individuals reentering communities from incarceration who are at medium to high risk for recidivating. Within the context of this initiative, “reentry” is not envisioned to be a specific program, but rather a process that begins when the individual is first incarcerated (pre-release) and ends with her or her successful community reintegration and reduction in risk of recidivism (post release). The recipient will use FY16 Smart Reentry award funds to reduce recidivism and improve public safety through collaboration, coordination, and alignment of funding using the Transition from Jail to Community model and other evidence-based interventions. The program aims to provide reentry services to 300 moderate- to high-risk offenders per the ACTS actuarial-based risk assessment, who are ages 18-24 and returning to three neighborhoods in Westside Atlanta’s Promise Zone. The City of Atlanta and Fulton County have partnered on this project which requires strong collaborations to address the needs of this population. The baseline recidivism rate for all offenders in FCSO jails is 47%. CA/NCF

Awardee Name:  County of Fulton Award Number: 2016-CZ-BX-0011
Solicitation Title:  Smart Reentry: Focus on Evidence-Based Strategies for Successful Reentry from Incarceration to Community: BJA FY 16 Smart Reentry: Focus on Evidence-Based Strategies for Successful Reentry from Incarceration to Community: Units of county or city local government agencies serving adults. Fiscal Year: 2016
Supplement Number: 00 Amount:  $1,000,000
Earmark: No Recovery: No
State/Territory: GA County: Fulton
Congressional District: 05 Award Status: Open