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    Detailed information for award 2019-YS-BX-0044

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Award Title:  FY 2019 STOP School Violence

Award Description:

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA) Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing (STOP) School Violence Act Program (SSV Program) furthers the Department of Justice’s mission by supporting and assisting state, local, territorial, and tribal jurisdictions efforts to reduce violent crime through the creation of school threat assessment teams, the use of technology for anonymously reporting suspicious activity as it relates to violence in schools, and by supporting the creation and enhancement of State School Safety Centers in K-12 schools. The objective of Category 8 is to increase school safety by creating or supporting a State School Safety Center (SSSC). According to the National Crime Prevention Council, “although some [SSSCs] are more active than others, they share a common mission: to provide school districts and staff, parents, and students with training, tools, and technical assistance to enhance the safety and security of America’s schools.” ( Centers may also develop, review, and disseminate school safety resources to local school divisions and law enforcement, facilitate school safety audits, provide technical assistance, and develop partnerships to promote school safety. CA/NCF

Awardee Name:  Department of Public Safety Award Number: 2019-YS-BX-0044
Solicitation Title:  BJA FY 19 STOP School Violence Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools Program: STOP School Violence Technology and Threat Assessment Solutions for Safer Schools Program- A state proposing to create or enhance a State School Safety Center Fiscal Year: 2019
Supplement Number: 00 Amount:  $999,372
Earmark: No Recovery: No
State/Territory: MO County: Cole
Congressional District: 03 Award Status: Open