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    Awards To: University of South Carolina

  Number of Award(s): 5
  Total Amount Awarded: $5,556,088.00

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Award Title Award Number
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Amount Program
Solicitation Title Location
Student Clinical Practice and Training Project 2009-D1-BX-0140 $100,000 BJA BJA FY 09 Congressionally Selected SC
Interconnecting PBIS and School Mental Health to Improve School Safety: A Randomized Trial 2015-CK-BX-0018 $4,106,951 NIJ NIJ FY 15 Comprehensive School Safety Initiative SC
An Evaluation of a Social Interaction Training Program to Reduce the Use of Force and BuildLegitimacy 2016-IJ-CX-0018 $799,454 NIJ Research and Evaluation in Support of the Recommendations of the President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing: Focus III: Training and Education SC
SC Higher Education Partnership on Correctional Mental Health 2014-DP-BX-0001 $399,683 BJA BJA FY 13 Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs - Full Proposal: BJA FY 13 Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs: State, Local or Tribal Projects - Full Proposal SC
Youth Violence and Victimization: Predicting Responses to Peer Aggression 2016-R2-CX-0056 $150,000 NIJ New Investigator/Early Career Program in the Social and Behavioral Sciences SC

as of 01/26/2020