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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 09 Second Chance Act: Mentoring Grants"

Number of Award(s): 36
Total Amount Awarded: $10,000,000.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Second Chance Mentoring Project Pennsylvania Prison Society 2009-CY-BX-0006 $299,990 PA 2009
Second Chance Act YAP NYS Life Coaches Project Youth Advocate Programs, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0033 $297,369 NY 2009
Second Chance Mentoring Project Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0008 $256,457 VA 2009
Area Resources for Community and Human Services' (ARCHS') Reentry Partnership for Greater St. Louis: Prisoner Reentry Mentoring Project ARCHS 2009-CY-BX-0023 $265,944 MO 2009
Community Offender Reentry Program SOAR Career Solutions 2009-CY-BX-0025 $300,000 MN 2009
Peer Mentoring for Successful Reentry Welcome Home Ministries 2009-CY-BX-0017 $294,448 CA 2009
The College Initiative Peer Mentoring Project Fund for the City of New York 2009-CY-BX-0038 $299,999 NY 2009
Mentoring Services for Pregnant Women and New Mothers Returning from Jail Rochester Institute of Technology 2009-CY-BX-0013 $299,969 NY 2009
Second Chance Mentoring Project Spiritus Christi Prison Outreach Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0032 $140,000 NY 2009
Given the Chance Reentry Services AIDS Council of Northeastern New York 2009-CY-BX-0020 $264,000 NY 2009
Pre- and Post-Release Mentoring and Transitional Services Program OAR of Fairfax County, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0003 $300,000 VA 2009
KISRA Re-Entry Mentoring Program Kanawha Institute for Social Research & Action, Inc. (KISRA) 2009-CY-BX-0007 $300,000 WV 2009
Doorways Re-entry Program Families of Incarcerated Individuals, Inc 2009-CY-BX-0029 $300,000 TN 2009
Ex-Offender Mentoring Project Goodwill Easter Seals Miami Valley 2009-CY-BX-0014 $300,000 OH 2009
Miami Valley Reentry Initiative Dayton Northwest Weed and Seed Initiative 2009-CY-BX-0015 $299,821 OH 2009
Mentoring Program for Incarcerated Mothers Volunteers of America Texas, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0016 $274,245 TX 2009
WORKS! Mentoring Project PB&J Family Services, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0021 $300,000 NM 2009
Welcome Home Central Valley Welcome Home Central Valley 2009-CY-BX-0019 $179,455 CA 2009
Keeping Engaged in Your Success "KEYS" Transition Coaching Project People of Color Against AIDS Network 2009-CY-BX-0018 $300,000 WA 2009
SSF Second Chance Mentoring Project The Stepping Stone Foundation 2009-CY-BX-0011 $300,000 OR 2009
Naa Kanie Alaska Native Justice Center 2009-CY-BX-0040 $300,000 AK 2009
Second Chance Mentoring Project Career Opportuntiy Development, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0022 $300,000 NJ 2009
2009 Second Chance Act Mentoring project The Church United for Community Development 2009-CY-BX-0002 $299,907 LA 2009
Project Rescue Mount Olive Development Corporation 2009-CY-BX-0024 $275,000 FL 2009
OCARTA CARES Peer Mentoring Reentry Recovery Support Project OKlahoma CART Association 2009-CY-BX-0009 $290,702 OK 2009
Mentoring and Reentry Program Grant for Men in Los Angeles County Jails Epidaurus 2009-CY-BX-0001 $300,000 AZ 2009
Hour Woman to Woman Program Hour Children, Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0028 $300,000 NY 2009
Offender's with Mental Health Diagnosis Mentoring Services Northwestern Human Services of PA Inc 2009-CY-BX-0027 $170,842 PA 2009
Pre-release and Post-release Mentoring Services Alston Wilkes Society 2009-CY-BX-0035 $299,935 SC 2009
Marion County Reentry Initiative St. Vincent de Paul Society of the Mid-Willamette Valley 2009-CY-BX-0012 $266,970 OR 2009
Each One, Reach One: Mentoring and Employment Services as part of the Greater Cleveland Integrated Re-Entry Project Center for Families and Children 2009-CY-BX-0010 $300,000 OH 2009
Second Chance Exponents 2009-CY-BX-0026 $300,000 NY 2009
The Integrated Recovery Network Community Partners 2009-CY-BX-0039 $149,026 CA 2009
Family Life Center Second Chance Mentoring Program OpenDoors 2009-CZ-BX-0037 $275,921 RI 2009
Reentry Self Sufficiency and Collaboration Project(ROTO) Reach One Teach One Parker's House Foundation Inc. 2009-CY-BX-0005 $300,000 NC 2009
Coaching for Life Project Return Inc 2009-CY-BX-0004 $300,000 TN 2009

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