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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 10 Second Chance Act Mentoring Grants to Nonprofit Organizations"

Number of Award(s): 50
Total Amount Awarded: $13,968,672.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Project HOMEWARD BOUND Positive Images Enterprises, Inc 2010-CY-BX-0011 $297,556 FL 2010
TurnAround: Mentoring & Beyond Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0004 $300,000 MO 2010
Amicus Reentry Mentoring Project Amicus, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0007 $299,319 MN 2010
Second Chance Reentry Mentoring Project Community Outreach Service Center, Inc.. 2010-CY-BX-0093 $300,000 CO 2010
Offender Peer Mentoring Project Spectrum Health Systems, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0092 $300,000 MA 2010
Second Chance Mentoring Program Volunteers of America of Massachusetts 2010-CZ-BX-0002 $300,000 MA 2010
Springfield Community Mentoring Project Roca, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0097 $297,764 MA 2010
GoodBridges Goodwill Industries of Northern New England 2010-CY-BX-0013 $300,000 ME 2010
Fatherhood Mentoring Second Chance Program New Haven Family Alliance 2010-CY-BX-0098 $300,000 CT 2010
Foundation of HOPE Aftercare Pre-and Post-Release Mentoring Project Foundation of HOPE 2010-CY-BX-0086 $221,529 PA 2010
Welcome Home Project for Women Ex-Offenders Serenity Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0069 $299,263 DC 2010
The Dannon Project The Dannon Project 2010-CY-BX-0012 $300,000 AL 2010
Northern Kentucky's Second Chance Mentor Program Catholic Charities, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0088 $300,000 KY 2010
Re-entry Mentoring Initiative for Northern Ohio American Indian Education Center 2010-CY-BX-0002 $299,968 OH 2010
T.E.A.M. (Teamwork for Employment Access through Mentoring) Project Justiceworks, Ltd. 2010-CY-BX-0095 $257,800 WI 2010
Each One Reach One Offender Mentoring Project Community Corrections Improvement Association 2010-CY-BX-0047 $144,342 IA 2010
Second Chance Mentoring Dove, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0081 $166,502 IL 2010
Mentoring Formerly Incarcerated Adults Second Chance Project Bethel New Life Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0090 $255,768 IL 2010
Second Chance Mentoring Program Green Hills Community Action Agency 2010-CY-BX-0099 $300,000 MO 2010
Project Reconnect/MEND Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma 2010-CY-BX-0008 $300,000 OK 2010
Second Chance Reentry Initiative Mentoring Program (SCRIMP) Seeds of Hope Jail Ministry Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0014 $298,849 KS 2010
Haven for Hope and Bridges To Life: Second Chance Mentoring and Training Program Haven for Hope of Bexar County 2010-CY-BX-0100 $300,000 TX 2010
2010 Second Chance Act Mentoring Program Old Pueblo Community Foundation 2010-CY-BX-0078 $300,000 AZ 2010
FY 2010 Second Chance Act Mentoring Program Goodwill Industries of the Inland Northwest 2010-CY-BX-0010 $300,000 WA 2010
Second Chance Mentoring Project rediscovery, inc. 2010-CY-BX-0054 $149,915 GA 2010
Marathon County Community Reentry Program ATTIC Correctional Services Inc 2010-CY-BX-0042 $299,242 WI 2010
Alameda County Women's Second Chance Project Women on the Way Recovery Center 2010-CY-BX-0094 $300,000 CA 2010
CFUF Transitional Services & Mentorship Program Center for Urban Families 2010-CY-BX-0082 $300,000 MD 2010
Sponsors Mentoring Program Sponsors, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0084 $299,672 OR 2010
Mentoring for a 2nd Chance (M2C) Project Mountain Comprehensive Care Center, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0089 $172,393 KY 2010
Increasing Reentry Success through Mentoring Substance Disordered Offenders Cherry Street Health Services 2010-CY-BX-0009 $299,882 MI 2010
Phase4 Jefferson County CPR-Limestone Pre-Release Alabama Justice Ministries Network 2010-CY-BX-0005 $300,000 AL 2010
Building Barriers to Recidivism through Relationships Cornerstone Assistance Network, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0083 $300,000 TX 2010
Detroit Central City CMH Peer Mentor's Project Detroit Central City Community Mental Health 2010-CY-BX-0003 $300,000 MI 2010
WestCare Kentucky Prisoner Reentry Mentoring Program WestCare Kentucky, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0021 $300,000 KY 2010
Second Chance Mentoring - Sioux Falls Volunteers of America, Dakotas 2010-CY-BX-0085 $293,868 SD 2010
We All Win Second Chance Mentoring Program The Kennedy Center of Lousiana 2010-CY-BX-0071 $298,930 LA 2010
Chicago Area Projects I Count Too (ICT) Project Chicago Area Project 2010-CY-BX-0075 $300,000 IL 2010
Destination...Dad Mentoring Program Christian Heritage Children's Home 2010-CY-BX-0080 $300,000 NE 2010
Moving Forward Arizona Women's Education and Employment 2010-CY-BX-0079 $300,000 AZ 2010
FY 2010 Second Chance Act Mentoring Project West Jackson Community Development Corporation 2010-CY-BX-0016 $300,000 MS 2010
Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota's (G/ESM) ReEntry Mentoring Project Goodwill Industries, Inc. (dba Goodwill/Easter Seals Minnesota) 2010-CY-BX-0022 $300,000 MN 2010
Improving Re-entry Success Through Mentoring in Southeast Indianapolis PACE, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0070 $276,880 IN 2010
Successful Transition and Re-entry Together (START) Program Hawaii Island Workforce & Economic Development Ohana, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0121 $300,000 HI 2010
Mentor ME Second Chance Project Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine 2010-CY-BX-0096 $299,976 ME 2010
Passport to the Future Second Chance Initiative Little Dixie Community Action Agency, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0077 $236,193 OK 2010
MEntoring for a New Day (MEND) HowardCenter, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0006 $300,000 VT 2010
Second Chance Mentoring and Transitional Services Project EMAGES, INC. 2010-CY-BX-0087 $253,061 IL 2010
Second Chance Mentoring Program Family Pathfinders of Tarrant County, Inc. 2010-CY-BX-0091 $300,000 TX 2010
ReEntry with Dignity: The RED Road Project Seattle Indian Center 2010-CY-BX-0001 $150,000 WA 2010

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