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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 10 Second Chance Act Prisoner Reentry Initiative: Local Demonstration"

Number of Award(s): 30
Total Amount Awarded: $15,897,682.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
City of Boston: Boston Reentry Initiative City of Boston 2010-CZ-BX-0103 $749,828 MA 2010
Norfolk County Community Reentry Project Norfolk County 2010-CZ-BX-0085 $335,000 MA 2010
The Family Reunification Reentry Initiative (FRRI) County of Lehigh 2010-CZ-BX-0111 $264,512 PA 2010
Second Chance Act Adult and Juvenile Offender Reentry Demonstration Projects New York City 2010-CZ-BX-0077 $749,028 NY 2010
The West Shoreline Family and Jobs 1st Project County of Ottawa, Michigan 2010-CZ-BX-0105 $750,000 MI 2010
New Path/New Life: Second Chance Act Adult Demonstration Project Montana Department of Labor and Industry 2010-CZ-BX-0118 $165,184 MT 2010
An adult reentry program City of Wilmington - North Carolina 2010-CZ-BX-0173 $300,000 NC 2010
Building a Community Reentry System SULLIVAN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS 2010-CZ-BX-0174 $299,048 NH 2010
Hudson County Community Reintegration Initiative County of Hudson 2010-CZ-BX-0055 $750,000 NJ 2010
ChancesR County of Beaver 2010-CZ-BX-0076 $750,000 PA 2010
Berks County, PA Comprehensive Community Reentry Plan County of Berks 2010-CZ-BX-0003 $100,000 PA 2010
Palm Beach County Comprehensive Inmate Security Project Palm Beach County 2010-CZ-BX-0016 $750,000 FL 2010
Alameda County Reentry Demonstration Project: reentry planning starting at sentencing for high-risk inmates at county jail; wraparound continuous services pre- and post-release; analysis and advocacy. Alameda County 2010-CZ-BX-0050 $749,949 CA 2010
Reentry demonstration program for local probationers reentering the community from local jail custody. County of Santa Cruz 2010-CZ-BX-0106 $749,985 CA 2010
Newark Prisoner Reentry Initiative City of Newark 2010-CZ-BX-0060 $750,000 NJ 2010
Facilitating Community Re-Entry and Preventing Recidivism among 300 Women Leaving the Cleveland County Oklahoma Jail Cleveland County Sheriff's Office 2010-CZ-BX-0049 $234,921 OK 2010
Douglas County Reentry Project Douglas County Sheriff's Office 2010-CZ-BX-0108 $144,268 KS 2010
Solano County (CA) Women's Reentry Acheivement Program (WRAP) Solano County (CA) Health and Social Services 2010-CZ-BX-0114 $355,763 CA 2010
Provide pre-release and post-release services to individuals released from the NC prison system after serving a Habitual Felon sentence. County of Durham 2010-CZ-BX-0019 $200,303 NC 2010
Comprehensive Regional Adult Forensic Treatment (CRAFT) Cameron Elk Mental Health Mental Retardation 2010-CZ-BX-0078 $233,350 PA 2010
Fulton County Georgia Second Chance Demonstration Project Futon County Government 2010-CZ-BX-0104 $749,733 GA 2010
Kennebec Regional Reentry Project Kennebec County 2010-CZ-BX-0102 $750,000 ME 2010
Hamilton County Offender Reentry Initiative Hamilton County 2010-CZ-BX-0112 $749,793 OH 2010
Detroit Jail-Based Reentry Project (DJBRP) Detroit Workforce Development Department 2010-CZ-BX-0009 $750,000 MI 2010
Project STARR (Striving to Attain Recidivism Reduction) City of Hartford 2010-CZ-BX-0172 $569,715 CT 2010
City of Dallas - Safer Dallas Better Dallas/Dallas One-Stop Optimized Reentry System (DOORS) City of Dallas 2010-CZ-BX-0071 $750,000 TX 2010
Cook County Sheriff Thomas Dart's Initiative to Provide Reentry Services to Inmates Enrolled in Current Jail Programs and Released into Targeted Chicago Communities Cook County Sheriff''s Office 2010-CZ-BX-0101 $747,006 IL 2010
DeKalb 2nd Chance Project DeKalb County GA 2010-CZ-BX-0110 $424,852 GA 2010
Johnson County Reentry Project Johnson County Kansas Government 2010-CZ-BX-0107 $275,766 KS 2010
Project RESTORE (Reentry Strategies Toward Reintegration) County of Cuyahoga, Ohio 2010-CZ-BX-0113 $749,678 OH 2010

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