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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 10 Second Chance Act Prisoner Reentry Initiative: State Demonstation"

Number of Award(s): 20
Total Amount Awarded: $10,964,661.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Commonwealth of Massachusetts - Hampden County Regional Reentry Initiative Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety 2010-CZ-BX-0039 $327,275 MA 2010
High-Risk Offender Release Revocation Reduction Project Minnesota Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0032 $750,000 MN 2010
Second Chance Act Reentry Demonstration Project New Jersey Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0074 $280,217 NJ 2010
Colorado Second Chance Housing and Reentry Program (C-SCHARP) State of Colorado 2010-CZ-BX-0022 $750,000 CO 2010
Arizona Department of Corrections Transition Project Arizona Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0034 $480,000 AZ 2010
Delaware Reentry I-ADAPT Delaware Criminal Justice Council 2010-CZ-BX-0029 $500,000 DE 2010
Virginia Community Reentry Program Virginia Department of Social Services 2010-CZ-BX-0031 $750,000 VA 2010
Second Chance in Action Missouri Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0023 $457,936 MO 2010
State of Oregon, Governor's Reentry Council, Transitional Housing Initiative Oregon Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0037 $747,541 OR 2010
Iowa Female Offender Comprehensive Reentry Initiative Iowa Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0057 $384,000 IA 2010
Coming Home Full Circle: Restorative Reentry in Vermont Vermont Agency of Human Services 2010-CZ-BX-0028 $365,000 VT 2010
Tulsa Community Women's Reentry Project (TCWRP) State of Oklahoma 2010-CZ-BX-0025 $250,000 OK 2010
Offender Rentry Project Arkansas Department of Community Correction 2010-CZ-BX-0033 $750,000 AR 2010
Lynn Second Chance Reentry Project Commonwealth of MA- Sheriffs Department Essex 2010-CZ-BX-0030 $592,680 MA 2010
The Onondaga Supportive Jobs Program New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services 2010-CZ-BX-0027 $704,948 NY 2010
Establish the New Haven Reentry Initiative to serve 100-125 high risk male and female offenders returning to New Haven, CT. Connecticut Department of Correction 2010-CZ-BX-0026 $750,000 CT 2010
ODRC Healthy Environments-Loving Parents (HELP) State of Ohio 2010-CZ-BX-0024 $336,782 OH 2010
Wyandotte Offender Reentry Treatment & Housing Initiative (WORTHI)Project and Offender Workforce Development (OWD) Project Kansas Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0058 $289,768 KS 2010
Sex offender community reintegration: Making communities safe for everyone through interagency collaboration Colorado Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0041 $748,514 CO 2010
Second Chance Act, Adult Offender Reentry Demostration Project Nevada Department of Corrections 2010-CZ-BX-0035 $750,000 NV 2010

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