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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 11 Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Program for Planning and Demonstration Projects: BJA FY 11 Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Program for Planning and Demonstration Projects: Implementation"

Number of Award(s): 23
Total Amount Awarded: $12,139,765.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Cuyahoga County Adult Reentry Demonstration Project County of Cuyahoga, Ohio 2011-CZ-BX-0027 $685,303 OH 2011
A Community Reentry System that Includes Assessment, Treatment Transition Services, Post-Release Services & Mentoring within the Jail, the Dedham Alternative Center, and at Transition in the Community Norfolk County Sheriff''s Office 2011-CZ-BX-0031 $335,000 MA 2011
Hudson County Community Reintegration Program County of Hudson 2011-CZ-BX-0032 $750,000 NJ 2011
Project STARR (Striving to Attain Recidivism Reduction) City of Hartford 2011-CZ-BX-0047 $569,715 CT 2011
ChancesR: Re-Entry, Reunification, and Recovery County of Beaver 2011-CZ-BX-0049 $750,000 PA 2011
Family Reunification Reentry Initiative (FRRI) County of Lehigh 2011-CZ-BX-0029 $274,725 PA 2011
Berks County, PA Comprehensive Reentry Program County of Berks 2011-CZ-BX-0050 $123,042 PA 2011
Second Chance Act Adult Offender ReEntry Project Job and Family Service of Clark County 2011-CZ-BX-0025 $636,882 OH 2011
High-risk Offender Revocation Reduction Minnesota DOC Revocation Reduction 2011-CZ-BX-0015 $283,019 MN 2011
Second Chance in Action Missouri Department of Corrections 2011-CZ-BX-0030 $412,355 MO 2011
Solano County (CA) Women's Reentry Achievement Program (WRAP) Solano County Health and Social Services 2011-CZ-BX-0018 $373,721 CA 2011
"Operation My Home Town": Redefining Santa Rita Jail as a Rehabilitation System Capable of Transforming Lives, Further Reducing Recidivism and Crime in the Communities Heavily Impacted County of Alameda, County 2011-CZ-BX-0048 $750,000 CA 2011
Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Program for Planning and Demonstration Projects City and County of San Francisco 2011-CZ-BX-0044 $747,818 CA 2011
Continued implementation of the New Haven ReEntry Initiative that will provide evidence-based pre- and post-release reentry services to 100 moderate to high risk offenders returning to New Haven, CT State of Connecticut Department of Correction 2011-CZ-BX-0035 $500,000 CT 2011
Lane County Second Chance Act Project Lane County, Department of Public Safety 2011-CZ-BX-0024 $750,000 OR 2011
New Path New Life is an Adult Reentry Demonstration project targeted at both high risk female offenders and high risk female, Native American offenders Montana Department of Labor and Industry 2011-CZ-BX-0033 $293,004 MT 2011
2nd Change Connections - To reduce offender recidivism by connecting felony-convicted parents of children 0 - 17 years of age to their communities, families and jobs. County of Ottawa 2011-CZ-BX-0051 $750,000 MI 2011
Boston FY2011 Adult Offender Reentry City of Boston 2011-CZ-BX-0046 $750,000 MA 2011
Fulton County Second Chance Act Offender Reentry Demonstration Project Fulton County, Georgia 2011-CZ-BX-0052 $749,772 GA 2011
Advanced Cognitive Treatment Services (ACTS) Montgomery, County of 2011-CZ-BX-0028 $374,968 OH 2011
ODRC - Healthy Environments-Loving Parents (HELP)Phase 2 Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction 2011-CZ-BX-0026 $249,665 OH 2011
Johnson County Reentry Project (JCRP) Johnson County Kansas 2011-CZ-BX-0016 $312,571 KS 2011
Freedom Through A Second Chance LOS ANGELES COUNTY SHERIFF''S DEPARTMENT 2011-CZ-BX-0034 $718,205 CA 2011

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