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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 11 Second Chance Act Reentry Program for Adult Offenders with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders"

Number of Award(s): 17
Total Amount Awarded: $8,980,972.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Re-entry of offenders into society Delaware County Sheriff''s Office 2011-RW-BX-0008 $583,273 OH 2011
Bexar County Co-Occurring Re-Entry (CORE) Court Bexar County Commissioners Court 2011-RW-BX-0017 $600,000 TX 2011
Second Chance Reentry Project Prince George''s County, Maryland 2011-RW-BX-0007 $600,000 MD 2011
Co-Occurring Treatment Program Johnson County Fiscal Court 2011-RW-BX-0001 $600,000 KY 2011
Iowa Co-Occurring Treatment and Reentry Program Iowa Department of Corrections 2011-RW-BX-0002 $592,495 IA 2011
Co-Occurring Disorders Integrated Treatment and Reentry Program Louisiana DPS&C 2011-RW-BX-0015 $600,000 LA 2011
Riverside County Second Chance Reentry Program Riverside,County of DBA Mental Health Dept. 2011-RW-BX-0005 $600,000 CA 2011
San Joaquin County Probation Department Transition-age Youth Grounds for Recovery (TYGR) San Joaquin County Probation Department 2011-RW-BX-0006 $599,995 CA 2011
Integrated CO-Occurring Disorder Treatment for Female Offenders in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Corrections 2011-RW-BX-0012 $410,467 PA 2011
Polk County 2nd Chance Project (PC2CP) County of Polk 2011-RW-BX-0009 $303,724 OR 2011
Clearfield & Jefferson Counties Right Turn Re-entry Program County of Clearfield 2011-RW-BX-0011 $496,031 PA 2011
Chatham-Savannah Mental Health Court County of Chatham 2011-RW-BX-0016 $599,562 GA 2011
BJA FY 11 Second Chance Act Reentry Program for Adult Offenders with Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders Commonwealth of Massachusetts DMH 2011-RW-BX-0010 $303,723 MA 2011
Franklin County Community Reentry Franklin County Community Reentry 2011-RW-BX-0013 $598,789 TN 2011
Enhancing and expanding gender specific reentry services for medium and high risk women living with co-occurring disorders who are leaving Denver County Jail to surrounding communities Crime Prevention and Control Commission 2011-RW-BX-0003 $303,723 CO 2011
Inside Out Recovery Partnership Pima County Department of Institutional Health 2011-RW-BX-0014 $599,122 AZ 2011
Norhteast Region Servial Correction Second Chance Initiative ARROWHEAD REGIONAL CORRECTIONS 2011-RW-BX-0004 $590,068 MN 2011

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