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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 13 Second Chance Act Adult Mentoring and Transitional Services for Successful Reentry Program: BJA FY 13 Second Chance Act Adult Mentoring and Transitional Services for Successful Reentry Program: Adult Offender Mentoring"

Number of Award(s): 25
Total Amount Awarded: $7,491,194.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Amicus Reentry Mentoring Project Amicus, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0001 $299,615 MN 2013
WomenCare: A Mentoring Program for Women Incarcerated in and Recently Released from New York State Correctional Facilities Women's Prison Association and Home, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0010 $300,000 NY 2013
CTS Project New Start Adult Mentoring and Transitional Services for Successful Reentry Program Connection Training Services 2013-CY-BX-0013 $300,000 PA 2013
OIC's Mentoring Program for Returning Citizens Opportunities Industrialization Center of Clark County, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0007 $299,612 OH 2013
Adult Mentoring Program in Los Angeles, California Jails and Community Epidaurus DBA Amity Foundation 2014-CY-BX-0012 $300,000 AZ 2013
Cornerstone Adult Mentoring and Transitional Services Reentry Program Cornerstone Assistance Network, Inc. 2014-CY-BX-0006 $300,000 TX 2013
Second Chance Project Detroit Central City Community Mental Health, Inc. 2014-CY-BX-0003 $300,000 MI 2013
Connection, Inc. Mentoring Project The Connection, Inc 2014-CY-BX-0004 $294,680 CT 2013
My Recovery Matters for Successful Reentry Adult Mentoring and Transitional Services Program WestCare GulfCoast-Florida Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0017 $300,000 FL 2013
Circling Home: Intensive Mentoring Support for Young Adult Ex-Offenders United Teen Equality Center, Inc. 2014-CY-BX-0010 $300,000 MA 2013
Community Offender Reentry Program (CORP) SOAR Career Solutions 2013-CY-BX-0016 $300,000 MN 2013
Mentoring for Second Chances Center for Community Alternatives 2013-CY-BX-0014 $300,000 NY 2013
Goodwill Houston Second Chance Mentoring Goodwill Industries of Houston, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0003 $300,000 TX 2013
Women Peer Mentoring Program College and Community Fellowship 2014-CY-BX-0011 $300,000 NY 2013
Reenty Transition Center Mentoring Consortium Mercy Enterprise Corporation dba Mercy Corps Northwest 2013-CY-BX-0008 $300,000 OR 2013
Second Chance Mentoring Program Volunteers of America of Los Angeles 2013-CY-BX-0006 $300,000 CA 2013
Welcome Back Incarcerated Veterans Mentoring Program Veterans on the Rise, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0018 $300,000 DC 2013
Camden County Residential Community Release Program Volunteers of America Delaware Valley 2014-CY-BX-0002 $300,000 NJ 2013
Edgecombe Peer Mentoring Program Odyssey House, Inc. 2014-CY-BX-0008 $299,976 NY 2013
The CPR Program provides a comprehensive menu of reentry services, including culturally-specific mentors for young adult offenders ages 18-25. Volunteers of America of Oregon, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0015 $300,000 OR 2013
EOTC Women in Transition Transition Together (WITT)- Category 1 Adult Mentoring and Transition Initiative Employment Opportunity & Training Center of Northeastern PA 2014-CY-BX-0013 $300,000 PA 2013
Connections to Success Workforce Connections, Inc. 2014-CY-BX-0007 $297,552 WI 2013
Reentry Mentoring and Transitional Services Family Pathfinders of Tarrant County, Inc. 2013-CY-BX-0002 $300,000 TX 2013
Mentoring to Achieve Reentry Success (MARS) Special Service for Groups 2014-CY-BX-0005 $300,000 CA 2013
Seattle Indian Center Second Chance Program Seattle Indian Center 2013-CY-BX-0019 $299,759 WA 2013

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