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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 13 Second Chance Act Technology Career Training Program for Incarcerated Adults and Juveniles"

Number of Award(s): 9
Total Amount Awarded: $4,763,332.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
MDOC-CISCO collaborative Technology Training Project Massachusetts Department of Correction 2013-RV-BX-0002 $614,859 MA 2013
Positively Reinforcing Opportunities in Technology (PRO-Tech) The School Board of Broward County, FLorida 2013-RV-BX-0005 $554,909 FL 2013
Technology Career Training Program For Incarcerated Adults and Juveniles Louisiana DPS&C 2013-RV-BX-0009 $418,917 LA 2013
Middle Tennessee Rural Reentry Franklin County Government 2013-RV-BX-0008 $594,415 TN 2013
Reentry Program: technical career training and employment, with Pay for Success approach Allegheny County 2013-RV-BX-0003 $613,946 PA 2013
WIDOC Technology Career Training Project Eisconsin Department of Corrections 2013-RV-BX-0004 $454,214 WI 2013
Technology Careers Supporting Successful Reintegration Minnesota Department of Corrections 2013-RV-BX-0001 $686,043 MN 2013
The Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice''s Technology Initiative Dept of Public Safety & Cor YS Office of Juvenile Justice 2013-RV-BX-0007 $211,872 LA 2013
Training Ex-Offenders for Post-Release Technology Careers City of New Orleans 2013-RV-BX-0006 $614,157 LA 2013

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