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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 14 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program: Local"

Number of Award(s): 1091
Total Amount Awarded: $90,558,677.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
FY 2014 JAG Grant Law Enforcement Project City of Warner Robins 2014-DJ-BX-0853 32,936 GA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Charles County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0660 49,565 MD 2014
Homestead Crime Reduction Through Enforcement and Technology Project City of Homestead 2014-DJ-BX-0116 72,607 FL 2014
2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Metropolitan Government of Nashville And Davidson County 2014-DJ-BX-0215 532,216 TN 2014
Defensive Tactics Certification Training and Equipment for San Miguel County Sheriff's Office City of Las Vegas 2014-DJ-BX-0064 14,332 NM 2014
Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Prince William County 2014-DJ-BX-0987 84,156 VA 2014
Mississippi County, Blytheville City & Osceola City FY14 JAG Project Mississippi County 2014-DJ-BX-0924 29,382 AR 2014
Upgrade Forensic Extractor and Provide ID Service for Children, Teens, and Senior Citizens County of Catawba 2014-DJ-BX-0227 15,702 NC 2014
Conducted Electrical Weapons (Tasers) Augusta Richmond County 2014-DJ-BX-0488 92,103 GA 2014
Emergency Response Units and Weapon Accessibility and Security City of Cape Girardeau, Missouri 2014-DJ-BX-0507 21,342 MO 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Boynton Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0311 34,747 FL 2014
Enhancing Public Safety Through Improved Technology City of Greeley 2014-DJ-BX-0455 64,417 CO 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Town of Brattleboro 2014-DJ-BX-0687 21,073 VT 2014
FY14 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) City of Boston 2014-DJ-BX-0711 492,334 MA 2014
Strategic Planning & In Service Training City of Pittsfield 2014-DJ-BX-0713 22,331 MA 2014
Patrol Vehicle Equipment Project County of Dorchester 2014-DJ-BX-0266 10,439 MD 2014
Rape Aggression Defense Initiative Project City of Marlborough 2014-DJ-BX-0341 13,953 MA 2014
FY2014 Byrne JAG Program Local Solicitation - CJCC Coordination Anne Arundel County, Maryland 2014-DJ-BX-0524 208,214 MD 2014
Schenectady County and City 2014 JAG Application Schenectady County 2014-DJ-BX-0675 55,991 NY 2014
Syracuse 2014 JAG City of Syracuse 2014-DJ-BX-0582 130,472 NY 2014
The Forensic Technology and Safety Project Glynn County 2014-DJ-BX-0951 23,018 GA 2014
Workstation Upgrade Project Board of Commissioners, Jackson County 2014-DJ-BX-0894 11,768 FL 2014
FY 14 JAG project City of Gainesville 2014-DJ-BX-0689 112,087 FL 2014
Anderson County Sheriff's Office - FY 2014 Local Solicitation (Equipment) Anderson, County of 2014-DJ-BX-0563 63,218 SC 2014
In Car Camera Evidence Preservation Project City of Griffin 2014-DJ-BX-0952 15,876 GA 2014
Law Enforcment Technology Improvement Grant Clay County Board of Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0621 52,108 FL 2014
Law Enforcement Aviation Support County of Brunswick 2014-DJ-BX-0120 12,945 NC 2014
Cobb County 2014 JAG Cobb County, Georgia 2014-DJ-BX-0493 94,661 GA 2014
FY 2014 Crime Prevention and Intervention Initiative City of Jacksonville 2014-DJ-BX-0960 400,871 FL 2014
Automatic License Plate Recognition System City of Roswell 2014-DJ-BX-0127 10,449 GA 2014
Parkersburg City & Wood County FY14 JAG Project City of Parkersburg 2014-DJ-BX-0573 62,370 WV 2014
Body Camera and Laptops for Deputies County of Halifax 2014-DJ-BX-1113 12,458 NC 2014
2014 JAG Filling the GAPS Kinston, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0456 35,459 NC 2014
21st Century Investigative Technology Initiative City of Statesville 2014-DJ-BX-0251 14,697 NC 2014
Digital In-Car Camera System Program County of Surry 2014-DJ-BX-0401 10,090 NC 2014
Tupelo City & Lee County FY14 JAG Project City of Tupelo 2014-DJ-BX-0504 15,481 MS 2014
Stafford County Sheriff's Office Executive Training Center Equipment Project County of Stafford 2014-DJ-BX-0419 26,909 VA 2014
Tipton County Equipment and Software Project Tipton County 2014-DJ-BX-0262 16,654 TN 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Winston-Salem 2014-DJ-BX-1144 176,683 NC 2014
Mobile Radio Replacment Project City of Paducah 2014-DJ-BX-0365 13,117 KY 2014
Neighborhood Improvement and Crime Eradication Project City of Lumberton 2014-DJ-BX-0688 41,073 NC 2014
Franklin County Regional Justice Assistance Franklin County, Ohio 2014-DJ-BX-0989 576,352 OH 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Cookeville 2014-DJ-BX-0786 10,490 TN 2014
2014 Equipment Replacement/Enhancement Program City of Auburn 2014-DJ-BX-0460 27,940 AL 2014
BJA 2013 JAG Grant City of Chattanooga 2014-DJ-BX-1123 138,107 TN 2014
Investigative Technology and Efficiency Program City of Morristown 2014-DJ-BX-0422 15,909 TN 2014
Johnson City Specialty Prosecutor Program City of Johnson City 2014-DJ-BX-0901 21,849 TN 2014
FY 2014 Bodycam Equipment Project City of Plant City 2014-DJ-BX-0477 12,831 FL 2014
Sullivan County Sheriff's Office 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Sullivan County 2014-DJ-BX-0903 25,581 TN 2014
Law Enforcement and Corrections Programs Osceola County Board of County Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0383 63,345 FL 2014
Enhancement of Evidence Collection and Computer Systems Upgrades City of Gadsden 2014-DJ-BX-0219 43,513 AL 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project Oakland County 2014-DJ-BX-0581 158,331 MI 2014
Floyd County Criminal Justice Technology Enhancement Grant Floyd County 2014-DJ-BX-0886 13,050 IN 2014
2014 JAG Equipment, Technical Assistance, and Training Programs City of Aurora 2014-DJ-BX-0228 78,314 IL 2014
City of St. Louis Justice Assistance Program City of St. Louis 2014-DJ-BX-0560 519,139 MO 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program: Local INDIANAPOLIS, CITY OF 2014-DJ-BX-0683 1,045,353 IN 2014
In-Service Emgergency Vehicle Operation Training in Vehicle Dynamics St. Clair County 2014-DJ-BX-0787 11,729 MI 2014
FY 2014 Chicago/Cook County Justice Assistance Grant City of Chicago 2014-DJ-BX-0155 2,570,707 IL 2014
2014 Byrne JAG Grant City of Grand Forks 2014-DJ-BX-0651 23,399 ND 2014
Tulsa City & Tulsa County FY14 JAG Project City Of Tulsa 2014-DJ-BX-0475 391,760 OK 2014
Preventing Crimes Against Youth and Citizens City of Longview 2014-DJ-BX-1014 39,946 TX 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistant Grant Program City of Sherwood 2014-DJ-BX-0710 12,765 AR 2014
Lonoke County Sheriff's Office Technology Procurement and Website Development Lonoke County 2014-DJ-BX-0114 10,664 AR 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Denton County 2014-DJ-BX-1094 43,753 TX 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Saline County 2014-DJ-BX-0049 13,306 AR 2014
Improving the Quality and Accountability of Police Services to Citizens in Tooele City, Utah Tooele City Corporation 2014-DJ-BX-0411 13,791 UT 2014
Mobile Forensics Solution Project Village of Los Lunas 2014-DJ-BX-0035 14,811 NM 2014
Provo, Utah 2014 JAG City of Provo 2014-DJ-BX-0803 28,430 UT 2014
Amarillo Police Department/Potter County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Equipment (General) and Technology. City of Amarillo 2014-DJ-BX-0021 102,183 TX 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Tucson 2014-DJ-BX-1126 385,004 AZ 2014
FY 2014 JAG Program County of Bexar 2014-DJ-BX-0900 660,547 TX 2014
2014 Denver Justice Assistance Grant City and County of Denver, Denver Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0986 404,307 CO 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Victoria County 2014-DJ-BX-1051 32,553 TX 2014
Law Enforcement Technology Improvement Project City of Walla Walla 2014-DJ-BX-1120 13,118 WA 2014
City and County Justice Assistance Grant City of Kennewick 2014-DJ-BX-0201 25,505 WA 2014
Community Resource Unit Support City of Bremerton 2014-DJ-BX-0843 26,967 WA 2014
Local Law Enforcement Programs County of Orange 2014-DJ-BX-0038 434,569 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program County of Kauai 2014-DJ-BX-1099 43,381 HI 2014
Sacramento Helicopter Operations Support City of Sacramento 2014-DJ-BX-1111 300,167 CA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program - Honolulu City and County of Honolulu 2014-DJ-BX-1081 454,753 HI 2014
Specialized Code Enforcement Program City of Moreno Valley 2014-DJ-BX-0031 59,072 CA 2014
Manatee County Probation Pre-trial Screeners Program and Juvenile Detention Intake Screener Program Manatee County 2014-DJ-BX-0312 115,478 FL 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City and County of San Francisco 2014-DJ-BX-0538 458,753 CA 2014
BJA FY14 Edward Memorial Asstistance JAG Orangeburg County 2014-DJ-BX-0444 26,765 SC 2014
Enhanced Services for Police City of Spartanburg 2014-DJ-BX-0425 47,750 SC 2014
2014 JAG for Wilmington and New Hanover County City of Wilmington 2014-DJ-BX-0770 80,393 NC 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment City of Greenwood 2014-DJ-BX-0220 30,751 SC 2014
Safety Through Our Perseverance (S.T.O.P.) City of Pico Rivera 2014-DJ-BX-0231 20,519 CA 2014
Community Justice and Interdiction in Crime and Drug Trafficking City of Burlington 2014-DJ-BX-1001 56,852 VT 2014
FY 14 JAG Program County of El Paso 2014-DJ-BX-0825 258,630 TX 2014
2014 Local JAG Grant Ogden City 2014-DJ-BX-0662 60,816 UT 2014
Deptford Township and Gloucester County Patrol/Equipment Grant Gloucester County 2014-DJ-BX-1013 10,418 NJ 2014
Ashland-Boyd County Technology, Communications and Equipment Upgrade City of Ashland Kentucky 2014-DJ-BX-0139 10,391 KY 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Killeen 2014-DJ-BX-0299 89,879 TX 2014
FY2014 JAG Activities Hennepin County 2014-DJ-BX-0592 589,127 MN 2014
City and County of Leavenworth Equipment Improvement Program Leavenworth Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0350 28,398 KS 2014
A Regional Approach to Community Policing City of Richmond 2014-DJ-BX-0929 201,797 VA 2014
House Arrest Equipment Program Duplin County 2014-DJ-BX-0822 15,962 NC 2014
Rochester Police Department Victims/Witnesses services and Monroe County Probation Night Watch City of Rochester 2014-DJ-BX-0450 201,254 NY 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Shasta County 2014-DJ-BX-1044 44,044 CA 2014
Computer and Cell Phone Forensics City of Sumter 2014-DJ-BX-0427 32,150 SC 2014
Video Evidence Technology Enhancement Project Natchitoches, City of 2014-DJ-BX-1012 13,336 LA 2014
Mobile Data Terminal Air Card Program City of Great Falls 2014-DJ-BX-1064 31,013 MT 2014
2014 Byrne Professional Standards and Field Training Initiative Framingham Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0525 16,063 MA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Initiative City of North Adams MA 2014-DJ-BX-0366 10,518 MA 2014
FY 14 Chicopee JAG Program City of Chicopee 2014-DJ-BX-0183 23,928 MA 2014
Leominster Community Policing City of Leominster 2014-DJ-BX-1160 24,199 MA 2014
Officer First Aid Equipment Project Washington County 2014-DJ-BX-0892 15,411 TN 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Plano 2014-DJ-BX-0698 54,457 TX 2014
Hammond City FY14 JAG Project City of Hammond 2014-DJ-BX-0994 28,425 LA 2014
2014 JAG Public Safety Improvement Program County of Sedgwick 2014-DJ-BX-0829 354,151 KS 2014
Technology Upgrades & Equipment Acquisition City of Warwick 2014-DJ-BX-0783 19,671 RI 2014
Purchase of Replacement Ballistic-Resistant Body Armor for Sworn Officers City of Ann Arbor 2014-DJ-BX-0471 21,919 MI 2014
JAG Program City of Woonsocket 2014-DJ-BX-0777 41,144 RI 2014
2014 Strafford County JAG Grant Strafford County Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0164 38,487 NH 2014
Birmingham Technology Improvement Program City of Birmingham 2014-DJ-BX-0374 308,730 AL 2014
City of Laconia 2014 JAG city of laconia nh 2014-DJ-BX-0101 17,085 NH 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Concord 2014-DJ-BX-0170 27,786 NH 2014
Rockingham County Law Enforcement Initiatives Rockingham County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0167 31,113 NH 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of East Providence 2014-DJ-BX-0780 14,411 RI 2014
Providing our Communities with the Best Resources Possible City of Biddeford 2014-DJ-BX-0681 62,753 ME 2014
2014 Traffic Safety Initiative City of Newport Rhode Island 2014-DJ-BX-0778 25,436 RI 2014
Warrant Service Team Equipment Initiative Saco 2014-DJ-BX-0246 13,831 ME 2014
JAG 14 Chelsea City of Chelsea 2014-DJ-BX-0208 57,319 MA 2014
BJA FY2014 JAG Program City of Brockton 2014-DJ-BX-1193 130,399 MA 2014
Revere Community Resource Enhancement Program City of Revere 2014-DJ-BX-0397 22,843 MA 2014
Bristol County Byrne JAG Disparate Location Joint Application New Bedford Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1049 233,916 MA 2014
FY 14 JAG Grant County of Union 2014-DJ-BX-1107 202,202 NJ 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program Passaic City 2014-DJ-BX-1106 246,078 NJ 2014
Malden Police Hot Spot Directed Patrol Overtime Initiative City of Malden 2014-DJ-BX-0709 24,651 MA 2014
FY 14 Everett JAG Grant City of Everett 2014-DJ-BX-0607 17,901 MA 2014
Stratford (CT) Police Department 2014 JAG Project- Special Operations Team Town of Stratford, CT 2014-DJ-BX-0130 17,566 CT 2014
2014 JAG Law Enforcement Equipment Grant Neptune Township 2014-DJ-BX-0157 59,448 NJ 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program Town of Manchester 2014-DJ-BX-0152 16,167 CT 2014
FY 2014 JAG Grant for Audio and Radar Surveillance Equipment Hackensack, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0799 12,267 NJ 2014
Waterville, Augusta, and Kennebec County FY 14 JAG Waterville 2014-DJ-BX-0789 42,902 ME 2014
Police High Visibility and Selective Enforcement Patrol Project City of Norwalk 2014-DJ-BX-0172 41,249 CT 2014
WHPD Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and Computer Purchase and Installation West Haven City 2014-DJ-BX-0150 43,346 CT 2014
City of Rutland Police Department JAG City of Rutland Vermont 2014-DJ-BX-0856 25,015 VT 2014
City of Hartford JAG Grant City of Hartford 2014-DJ-BX-0131 214,895 CT 2014
East Hartford Police Department 2914 JAG Equipment Purchase Town of East Hartford 2014-DJ-BX-0165 24,164 CT 2014
Technological Enhancement Project Initiative City of Winooski 2014-DJ-BX-0371 10,461 VT 2014
Orange County NY JAG 2014 Criminal Justice Grant County of Orange 2014-DJ-BX-0738 61,653 NY 2014
Safe Streets and Youth Initiative Project Village of Spring Valley 2014-DJ-BX-0547 14,677 NY 2014
Mercer County Gang and Crime Suppression Initiative County of Mercer 2014-DJ-BX-1103 160,034 NJ 2014
Suffolk County Justice Assistance Grant 2014 Suffolk County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 2014-DJ-BX-0483 173,114 NY 2014
City of Troy, NY Byrne Justice Assistance Grant City of Troy 2014-DJ-BX-0179 32,618 NY 2014
Mobile Computer Purchase for SARPD Police Vehicles Monroe, County of 2014-DJ-BX-0269 10,304 PA 2014
Online Electronic Citizen Police Reporting Township of Bristol 2014-DJ-BX-0801 12,251 PA 2014
Police Vehicles City Of Scranton 2014-DJ-BX-0606 23,898 PA 2014
Technological Improvements and Community Policing for the York City Police Department Project York City 2014-DJ-BX-0992 69,042 PA 2014
JAG Program Loudoun County 2014-DJ-BX-0807 30,525 VA 2014
FY 2014 JAG Security Camera System Upgrade Salisbury Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1043 33,863 MD 2014
City of Reading 2014 JAG Law Enforcement Project City of Reading 2014-DJ-BX-0966 91,999 PA 2014
Georgetown, Milford, and Seaford FY 14 JAG Program Town of Georgetown 2014-DJ-BX-0795 43,546 DE 2014
City of Hagerstown FY 14 JAG Project City of Hagerstown 2014-DJ-BX-0635 16,074 MD 2014
Anti-Violence Overtime, Cold Case Investigators, and Advanced Equipment City of Wilmington 2014-DJ-BX-0791 234,977 DE 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Board of Commissioners of Washington County, Maryland 2014-DJ-BX-0633 16,131 MD 2014
Technological and Tactical Upgrade for Operations County of Fairfax 2014-DJ-BX-0376 129,005 VA 2014
Forensics - Data Extraction Project City of Fredericksburg, Virginia 2014-DJ-BX-0370 14,417 VA 2014
Cecil County FY 14 JAG Program Cecil County Sheriffs Office 2014-DJ-BX-1045 35,808 MD 2014
FY2014 JAG Local - Baltimore County, Maryland Baltimore County Maryland 2014-DJ-BX-0526 363,230 MD 2014
FY14 Taser Program Montgomery County 2014-DJ-BX-0654 146,207 MD 2014
Specialized Training for the Annapolis Police Department City of Annapolis 2014-DJ-BX-0640 16,560 MD 2014
Monongalia County FY14 JAG Project Monongalia County 2014-DJ-BX-0576 21,287 WV 2014
Morgantown City FY2014 JAG Project City of Morgantown 2014-DJ-BX-0544 21,016 WV 2014
JAG Program City of Lynchburg, VA 2014-DJ-BX-0813 40,951 VA 2014
Saturation Patrols and EVOC Training Howard County Maryland 2014-DJ-BX-0472 49,451 MD 2014
2014 Service Enhancement Project Fayette County Commission 2014-DJ-BX-0140 12,949 WV 2014
Martinsburg City FY14 JAG Project City of Martinsburg, West Virginia 2014-DJ-BX-0618 15,864 WV 2014
JAG Program City of Roanoke 2014-DJ-BX-0534 85,049 VA 2014
2014 JAG Grant City of Newport News 2014-DJ-BX-1039 121,585 VA 2014
JCCPD JAG Program James City County 2014-DJ-BX-1011 10,144 VA 2014
Equipment, technology initiatives, and patrol equipment vehicle replacement City of Portsmouth 2014-DJ-BX-0948 76,595 VA 2014
Enhanced Community Policing Equipment & SWAT Armor City of Petersburg 2014-DJ-BX-0768 24,373 VA 2014
Interview and Interrogation Audio/Video Recording System City of Hampton 2014-DJ-BX-0522 50,437 VA 2014
Funding Police Equipment and Commonwealth's Attorney Community Prosecution Program City of Chesapeake 2014-DJ-BX-1005 122,759 VA 2014
FY2014 Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Program for the City of Virginia Beach City of Virginia Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0993 111,113 VA 2014
Interview Room & K-9 Unit Project County of Columbus 2014-DJ-BX-0406 12,490 NC 2014
Officer Safety Equipment Items Grant City of Jacksonville 2014-DJ-BX-1182 15,345 NC 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment and Efficiency City of Greenville 2014-DJ-BX-0999 60,603 NC 2014
Updating Expired Bulletproof Vests Onslow County Government 2014-DJ-BX-1163 23,099 NC 2014
Law Enforcement and Corrections Improvements City of Charlotte 2014-DJ-BX-1028 483,916 NC 2014
2014 Surveillance Technology and Weapons Grant City of Salisbury 2014-DJ-BX-1172 34,260 NC 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project County of Cumberland 2014-DJ-BX-0941 158,288 NC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program County of Richmond 2014-DJ-BX-0071 14,080 NC 2014
FY 14 JAG Project City of Burlington 2014-DJ-BX-0772 49,670 NC 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Rocky Mount 2014-DJ-BX-0457 65,080 NC 2014
Davidson County Sheriff's Office 2014 JAG Equipment Project COUNTY OF DAVIDSON 2014-DJ-BX-0253 11,063 NC 2014
Guilford County Law Enforcement Enhancements FY 14 City of Greensboro 2014-DJ-BX-0968 217,853 NC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Lancaster 2014-DJ-BX-0809 11,984 SC 2014
2014 JAG Rockdale County, Georgia 2014-DJ-BX-0492 26,293 GA 2014
Operation Communication Safety CHESTERFIELD COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-1057 10,373 SC 2014
Pickens County Detention Center Video Surveillance Enhancements Pickens County 2014-DJ-BX-0224 19,506 SC 2014
Law Enforcement Safety & Community Service Enhancements Durham County Government 2014-DJ-BX-1147 163,220 NC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Spalding County 2014-DJ-BX-0357 12,476 GA 2014
Enhancement of Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology County of York 2014-DJ-BX-0446 35,766 SC 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Greenwood County 2014-DJ-BX-0443 41,995 SC 2014
Special Operations Team Ballistic Equipment and Special Operations and Supplies Project Beaufort City, South Carolina 2014-DJ-BX-0093 12,116 SC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Douglas County Board of Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0930 15,688 GA 2014
WatchGuard In-Car Camera Systems City of Douglasville 2014-DJ-BX-0764 18,028 GA 2014
2014 Rock Hill Police Department Technology Improvement Program City of Rock Hill 2014-DJ-BX-0429 37,007 SC 2014
Purchase and install Mobile License Plate Reader City of Carrollton 2014-DJ-BX-0959 18,152 GA 2014
Marietta Police Technology/Equipment Upgrade City of Marietta 2014-DJ-BX-0762 41,233 GA 2014
2014 JAG Collaboration Project Dekalb County Georgia 2014-DJ-BX-0489 313,799 GA 2014
Law Enforcement Enhancement Project Forsyth County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0835 22,301 GA 2014
Electronic Collision Reporting Project City of Goose Creek 2014-DJ-BX-0832 10,268 SC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Fairfield County 2014-DJ-BX-0623 10,479 SC 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Charleston County 2014-DJ-BX-1118 42,418 SC 2014
Mobile Command Post/Communications for Incident Command Project Georgetown County 2014-DJ-BX-0728 16,497 SC 2014
North Charleston JAG - 2014 City of North Charleston 2014-DJ-BX-0015 60,446 SC 2014
Protective SWAT Vests and helmets Spartanburg County 2014-DJ-BX-0210 52,633 SC 2014
Patrol Vehicle for Street Level Officers Project CITY OF DILLON 2014-DJ-BX-0184 10,189 SC 2014
Crime Prevention Vehicle & Intelligence Software Project Marlboro County 2014-DJ-BX-0176 13,831 SC 2014
Technical and Operational improvements Columbus Consolidated Government 2014-DJ-BX-0956 91,448 GA 2014
Florence County Equipment Grant FLORENCE COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-0445 21,328 SC 2014
Continuation and Improvement of Law Enforcement Services City of Tallahassee 2014-DJ-BX-0513 148,833 FL 2014
Technology Enhancements: In-Car Digital Cameras and Body Cameras Project City of Ormond Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0753 16,197 FL 2014
The City of Daytona Beach Juvenile Electronic Monitoring (JEM) Program City of Daytona Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0705 59,751 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Jacksonville Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0734 15,539 FL 2014
FY14 Law Enforcement Initiatives Richland County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0205 185,693 SC 2014
Hinesville Law Enforcement: Vehicle Camera Systems, Hanheld Laser Speed Detection Devices, and Vehicle Radars City of Hinesville 2014-DJ-BX-0620 14,378 GA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Baldwin County 2014-DJ-BX-0934 16,842 GA 2014
Video Surveillance System Expansion Project College Park 2014-DJ-BX-0928 25,513 GA 2014
Narcotic Unit Covert Audio/Video Project city of lake city 2014-DJ-BX-0209 14,349 FL 2014
2014 JAG City of Atlanta 2014-DJ-BX-0954 631,872 GA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Columbia County 2014-DJ-BX-0613 17,209 FL 2014
2014 Law Enforcement Technology Improvement Program City of Valdosta 2014-DJ-BX-0950 24,515 GA 2014
Recording Devices - Body Cameras and Portable Storage Devices for Vehicle Cameras City of Riverdale 2014-DJ-BX-0697 11,291 GA 2014
High Risk Incident Technology Upgrades 2014 West Palm Beach City of 2014-DJ-BX-0135 60,207 FL 2014
Enhancment of training equipment to train officers to effectively respond to active shooters or advanced threats. City of Gainesville 2014-DJ-BX-0078 10,854 GA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program STATESBORO POLICE DEPARTMENT 2014-DJ-BX-1187 13,630 GA 2014
Mobile Variable Message Board Project Forest Park Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0254 13,412 GA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Florida City 2014-DJ-BX-0005 21,537 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Burke County 2014-DJ-BX-0252 11,727 GA 2014
Monroe County Drug Court Medical Director Initiative Monroe County Board of County Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0258 12,628 FL 2014
Criminal Justice Commission Initiatives Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0381 164,802 FL 2014
Mobile Surveillance Camera System Project City of Miami Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0718 68,128 FL 2014
Special Event Law Enforcement Overtime County of Volusia 2014-DJ-BX-0594 62,256 FL 2014
Police Vehicle and Police Vehicle Equipment Bay County Commission 2014-DJ-BX-0256 26,269 FL 2014
FY 14 JAG project City of Sanford 2014-DJ-BX-0743 25,510 FL 2014
Mugshot Retrieval and Ten-Print Card Access Initiative City of Apopka 2014-DJ-BX-0595 15,109 FL 2014
In-Car Video Initiative City of Casselberry 2014-DJ-BX-0018 13,615 FL 2014
Crime Scene Investigation Evidence Collection Vehicle City of Panama City 2014-DJ-BX-0355 22,220 FL 2014
Drug Enforcement and Equipment Upgrade Initiative. City of Montgomery 2014-DJ-BX-0373 77,075 AL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Decatur 2014-DJ-BX-0216 21,459 AL 2014
Kissimmee Police Officer Funding Project City of Kissimmee 2014-DJ-BX-0412 44,415 FL 2014
Video Equipment for Water Search and Rescue Missions Cullman County Commission 2014-DJ-BX-0501 11,705 AL 2014
Technical Equipment Project City of Leesburg 2014-DJ-BX-0013 13,590 FL 2014
FY 2014 City of Tuscaloosa and County of Tuscaloosa JAG XI Project City of Tuscaloosa 2014-DJ-BX-0463 66,296 AL 2014
Marion County JAG Initiative Marion County Board of County Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0819 96,472 FL 2014
Purchase and Installation of Surveillance Cameras Village of Wellington 2014-DJ-BX-0240 10,427 FL 2014
Technology and Equipment Enhancement for Improved Training, Tactical Operations and Undercover Surveillance City of Largo, Florida 2014-DJ-BX-0315 32,216 FL 2014
2014 Polk County Public Safety Enhancement Project COUNTY OF POLK 2014-DJ-BX-0392 94,549 FL 2014
Upgrade Aged Fingerprinting Technology Project City of Cape Coral 2014-DJ-BX-0113 18,728 FL 2014
Equipment Replacement, Equipment Acquisition, Supplies, and Renovations Project City of Pinellas Park 2014-DJ-BX-0019 20,347 FL 2014
Juveniles At Risk Comprehensive Action Program Collier County 2014-DJ-BX-0305 68,786 FL 2014
Ocoee Police Department Tablet Program City of Ocoee 2014-DJ-BX-0069 11,591 FL 2014
Lee County Sheriff's Office Information Technology Disaster Recovery Program Lee County 2014-DJ-BX-0118 95,814 FL 2014
North Port PD Laptop Computer Project City of North Port 2014-DJ-BX-0081 12,249 FL 2014
Juvenile Assessment Center Program Sarasota County 2014-DJ-BX-0382 53,247 FL 2014
Body Cameras for Police Officers Project City of Sarasota 2014-DJ-BX-0002 36,645 FL 2014
Electronic Ticketing Project City of Palmetto 2014-DJ-BX-0145 12,527 FL 2014
Knoxville and Knox County 2014 JAG Grant City of Knoxville 2014-DJ-BX-0564 175,442 TN 2014
Fort Myers Law Enforcement Programs City of Fort Myers 2014-DJ-BX-0306 56,233 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Dyersburg 2014-DJ-BX-0610 12,851 TN 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment City of Columbia 2014-DJ-BX-0222 31,967 TN 2014
Automated Fingerprint Identification Project City of Phenix City 2014-DJ-BX-0464 20,467 AL 2014
2014 Edward Byrne Grant Memorial Justice Assistance Grant City of East Ridge 2014-DJ-BX-0745 12,329 TN 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Sevier County 2014-DJ-BX-0359 11,335 TN 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Jackson 2014-DJ-BX-0440 65,275 TN 2014
Officer Safety Initiative City of Enterprise 2014-DJ-BX-0126 11,771 AL 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment Project Cocke County 2014-DJ-BX-0480 12,528 TN 2014
JAG/Combat Crime Extension and Redeployment ProgramBullseye Extension Program Dallas County 2014-DJ-BX-0459 26,717 AL 2014
2014 Mobile Area Law Enforcement Initiative Mobile Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0378 219,784 AL 2014
Technological Safety Enhancement City of Anniston 2014-DJ-BX-0372 41,894 AL 2014
Clarksville-Montgomery County Law Enforcement Program City of Clarksville 2014-DJ-BX-0110 63,734 TN 2014
2014 Byrne Grant - MDT Project City of Lebanon 2014-DJ-BX-0889 14,715 TN 2014
Christian County & Hopkinsville City FY14 JAG Project Christian County Fiscal Court 2014-DJ-BX-0925 19,392 KY 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Newport 2014-DJ-BX-0087 10,442 KY 2014
Madison County & Richmond City FY 14 JAG Project Madison County Fiscal Court 2014-DJ-BX-0142 16,769 KY 2014
Gulfport City, Biloxi City & Harrison County FY14 JAG Project City of Gulfport 2014-DJ-BX-0557 57,615 MS 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Jones County Board of Supervisors 2014-DJ-BX-0695 13,832 MS 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Canton 2014-DJ-BX-1055 12,342 MS 2014
Jackson City and Hinds County FY14 JAG Project City of Jackson 2014-DJ-BX-0673 266,315 MS 2014
Moss Point City FY14 JAG Project City of Moss Point 2014-DJ-BX-0761 21,439 MS 2014
Louisville-Jefferson County FY14 JAG Project Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government 2014-DJ-BX-0577 607,437 KY 2014
Police Visibility Overtime, Sexual Assault Advocate, and Enhancing Adjudication City of Cincinnati 2014-DJ-BX-0398 370,692 OH 2014
City of Greenville and Washington County FY 2014 JAG Project City of Greenville 2014-DJ-BX-1121 13,087 MS 2014
Meridian City and Lauderdale County FY14 JAG Project City of Meridian, MS 2014-DJ-BX-0655 35,750 MS 2014
FY14 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Body Camera Project City of Columbus 2014-DJ-BX-0693 14,045 MS 2014
2014 Springfield/Clark County Technology and Equipment Grant City of Springfield 2014-DJ-BX-0882 44,030 OH 2014
Sandusky Ohio Police Department Taser Upgrade Project City of Sandusky 2014-DJ-BX-0569 12,398 OH 2014
Court Services to the Next Level Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians 2014-DJ-BX-0647 14,045 MS 2014
Vicksburg City & Warren County FY14 JAG Project The Mayor And Aldermen of The City of Vicksburg 2014-DJ-BX-1175 27,451 MS 2014
FY 2014 Dayton and Montgomery County JAG City of Dayton 2014-DJ-BX-1019 184,088 OH 2014
Secure Storage Vaults for Police Vehicles CITY OF FAIRFIELD OH 2014-DJ-BX-0363 13,567 OH 2014
Efficient Video Solutions II City of Warren 2014-DJ-BX-0964 28,408 OH 2014
2014 South Bend Police Department Interdepartmental Annual Justice Assistance Grant City of South Bend 2014-DJ-BX-0690 90,184 IN 2014
2014 JAG Grant Fort Wayne Police Department/Allen County Sheriff. City of Fort Wayne 2014-DJ-BX-1127 89,494 IN 2014
Enhanced Video for Criminal Prosecution. City of Bloomington 2014-DJ-BX-1130 28,826 IN 2014
New Law Enforcement Equipment City of Kokomo 2014-DJ-BX-0497 18,648 IN 2014
2014 Enhanced Patrols Program City of Muncie 2014-DJ-BX-0812 36,895 IN 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Grant Greenwood, City of 2014-DJ-BX-1131 19,883 IN 2014
Annual JAG 2014 - Enhancements to Ingham County System of Justice City of Lansing 2014-DJ-BX-0932 108,195 MI 2014
Tasers for Officers Project City of Oak Park 2014-DJ-BX-0756 13,717 MI 2014
Battle Creek Police Department's and Calhoun County Sheriff Department's 2014 JAG Project City of Battle Creek 2014-DJ-BX-0461 53,356 MI 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Charter Township of Chesterfield 2014-DJ-BX-0746 11,449 MI 2014
Kalamazoo Area JAG 2014 City of Kalamazoo 2014-DJ-BX-0550 68,248 MI 2014
Saginaw County Sheriff's Office and Saginaw City Police Departments 2014 JAG Saginaw County 2014-DJ-BX-0512 100,385 MI 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Ypsilanti 2014-DJ-BX-0736 15,340 MI 2014
Operation Safe Monroe County 2014 County of Monroe 2014-DJ-BX-0878 17,524 MI 2014
2014 Genesee County JAG Initiative Charter Township of Flint 2014-DJ-BX-0568 262,970 MI 2014
Milwaukee County 2014 JAG Local Grant Milwaukee County 2014-DJ-BX-0593 883,907 WI 2014
2014 JAG Taser and Vehicle Radar Projects City of Eastpointe 2014-DJ-BX-0739 18,952 MI 2014
Fort Dodge Police - Webster County Iowa Sheriff JAG 2014 Project Webster County 2014-DJ-BX-0198 16,576 IA 2014
2014 JAG Law Enforcement Initiatives Linn County 2014-DJ-BX-0197 52,339 IA 2014
City of Dubuque 2014 Law Enforcement, Prevention, Investigative and Tactical Response Project City of Dubuque 2014-DJ-BX-0221 20,470 IA 2014
FY 2014 Local Byrne JAG Grant Council Bluffs, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0214 96,984 IA 2014
Equipm squads with AEDs and building a forensic machine for computer evidence collection and analysis. Sheboygan County 2014-DJ-BX-0917 16,467 WI 2014
Clinton Officer Safety Project City of Clinton Iowa 2014-DJ-BX-0584 21,610 IA 2014
Duluth Police and St. Louis County Sheriff's Office 2014 JAG Project City of Duluth 2014-DJ-BX-0913 40,288 MN 2014
City and County JAG Project STEARNS COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-0591 32,169 MN 2014
Red Lake Nation Tribal Court Enhancement Project Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians 2014-DJ-BX-0976 16,499 MN 2014
Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Program COON RAPIDS, CITY OF 2014-DJ-BX-0730 25,360 MN 2014
City and County JAG Program Sioux Falls, City of 2014-DJ-BX-1167 70,599 SD 2014
The 2014 City and County JAG Program City of Saint Paul 2014-DJ-BX-0912 266,170 MN 2014
Police Cruiser (SUV) City of Waukegan 2014-DJ-BX-1219 44,612 IL 2014
City of Missoula and Missoula County LE Equipment and Personnel City of Missoula 2014-DJ-BX-0685 62,706 MT 2014
Radar for Reserves Project Lake County 2014-DJ-BX-0356 13,806 MT 2014
FY 2014 Ravalli County JAG Project Ravalli County 2014-DJ-BX-0044 12,582 MT 2014
Emergency Equipment Enhancements CITY OF BILLINGS 2014-DJ-BX-0684 77,737 MT 2014
Three Affiliated Tribes Probation Department Enhancement Project Three Affiliated Tribes 2014-DJ-BX-1082 17,006 ND 2014
Justice Assistance Grant City of Rapid City 2014-DJ-BX-0970 56,946 SD 2014
Records Management Mobility and Community Safety Project City of Havre 2014-DJ-BX-0408 12,038 MT 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Decatur 2014-DJ-BX-0074 37,653 IL 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Granite City 2014-DJ-BX-1192 26,658 IL 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Peoria 2014-DJ-BX-0608 87,590 IL 2014
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Communications Enhancement County of Jefferson, Missouri 2014-DJ-BX-0478 31,818 MO 2014
BJA FY2014 JA11 Grant Fleet Upgrade City of Springfield 2014-DJ-BX-0265 125,101 IL 2014
2014 JAG Initiatives City of Carbondale 2014-DJ-BX-0154 21,933 IL 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City Of Kankakee 2014-DJ-BX-1093 21,103 IL 2014
FY 2014 JAG Law Enforcement Programs County of Rock Island 2014-DJ-BX-0090 40,746 IL 2014
Advancing Officer Safety Through Technology Improvements City of Parsons 2014-DJ-BX-0088 11,084 KS 2014
2014 JAG Law Enforcement Equipment City of Springfield 2014-DJ-BX-0094 123,161 MO 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Topeka 2014-DJ-BX-0869 82,709 KS 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Equipment Enhancement Project City of Salina 2014-DJ-BX-0842 19,951 KS 2014
Policing Smarter & Safer Riley County 2014-DJ-BX-0632 20,792 KS 2014
Boone County & City of Columbia FY 2014 Byrne JAG Budget Assistance Project Boone County 2014-DJ-BX-0502 46,236 MO 2014
Active Shooter Response Preparedness Unified Government of Wyandotte County/ Kansas City 2014-DJ-BX-0532 102,775 KS 2014
2014 St. Charles County JAG Equipment Purchases St. Charles County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0421 12,811 MO 2014
2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Application City of St. Joseph 2014-DJ-BX-0546 26,466 MO 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Joplin 2014-DJ-BX-1136 39,074 MO 2014
Surveillance Equipment Initiative City of Saint Charles 2014-DJ-BX-0755 11,122 MO 2014
Computer Aided Enhancements Phase 3 City of Berkeley, MO 2014-DJ-BX-1074 20,207 MO 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment, Safety and Training City of Jefferson 2014-DJ-BX-1220 20,469 MO 2014
Edward Byrne Memorial (JAG) Program University City Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0895 16,596 MO 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Sikeston 2014-DJ-BX-0562 27,049 MO 2014
Greater Kansas City Crime Prevention Initiatives City of Kansas City, Missouri 2014-DJ-BX-1137 555,213 MO 2014
Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Department 2014-DJ-BX-1211 69,035 LA 2014
Bogalusa Police Department Daily Operations Enhancement Program City of Bogalusa 2014-DJ-BX-0545 12,761 LA 2014
East Baton Rouge County Sheriff's Office & Baton Rouge-East Baton Rouge City FY14 JAG Project East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0712 257,373 LA 2014
Calcasieu Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-1217 27,447 LA 2014
St. Tammany Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project St Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-1004 23,165 LA 2014
Lafayette Parish Sheriff & Lafayette City FY14 JAG Project Lafayette Parish Sheriff Department 2014-DJ-BX-1139 104,185 LA 2014
Iberville Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Iberville Parish Sheriffs Office 2014-DJ-BX-1185 23,539 LA 2014
New Orleans City FY14 JAG Project City of New Orleans 2014-DJ-BX-1112 238,520 LA 2014
Jefferson Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Jefferson Parish Sheriff 2014-DJ-BX-1142 153,188 LA 2014
In Car Camera Upgrade Project Garden City, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0870 12,995 KS 2014
Law Enforcement Safety Upgrade Project City of Hutchinson 2014-DJ-BX-0316 28,360 KS 2014
Police Personnel Overtime Initiative City of Kenner 2014-DJ-BX-0245 14,629 LA 2014
Ardmore City & Carter County FY14 JAG Project City of Ardmore 2014-DJ-BX-0324 31,942 OK 2014
Fort Smith City & Sebastian County FY14 JAG Project City of Fort Smith 2014-DJ-BX-0850 62,265 AR 2014
Oklahoma City, Midwest City, Del City & Oklahoma County FY14 JAG Project City of Oklahoma City 2014-DJ-BX-0985 523,527 OK 2014
Fayetteville City, Springdale City & Washington County FY14 JAG Project City of Fayetteville 2014-DJ-BX-1090 79,392 AR 2014
Lawton City & Comanche County FY14 JAG Project City of Lawton 2014-DJ-BX-0083 78,712 OK 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Enid 2014-DJ-BX-0020 18,671 OK 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Norman 2014-DJ-BX-0023 15,315 OK 2014
Little Rock City, North Little Rock City & Pulaski Couty FY14 JAG Project City of Little Rock 2014-DJ-BX-1162 354,461 AR 2014
Pine Bluff City & Jefferson County FY14 JAG Project City of Pine Bluff 2014-DJ-BX-1181 63,507 AR 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Benton 2014-DJ-BX-0112 12,192 AR 2014
Conway City & Faulkner County FY2014 JAG Project Conway Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1203 24,225 AR 2014
Bossier City & Bossier Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project CITY OF BOSSIER CITY 2014-DJ-BX-1201 28,856 LA 2014
Shreveport City & Caddo Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project City of Shreveport 2014-DJ-BX-1173 132,984 LA 2014
Helena-West Helena Technology Enhancement Project City of West Helena 2014-DJ-BX-0860 12,160 AR 2014
Rapides Parish Sheriff & Alexandria City FY14 JAG Project Rapides Parish Sheriff 2014-DJ-BX-1189 78,262 LA 2014
Independence County FY14 JAG Project Independence County 2014-DJ-BX-0447 17,731 AR 2014
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program FY 2014 Local Solicitation City of Copperas Cove 2014-DJ-BX-0047 10,731 TX 2014
Police Equipment Project City of Bedford 2014-DJ-BX-0846 14,483 TX 2014
FY14 Justice Assistance Grant City of Houston Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0552 2,410,815 TX 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Texarkana Texas 2014-DJ-BX-1006 48,829 TX 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Euless 2014-DJ-BX-0648 10,042 TX 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Wichita Falls, Tx 2014-DJ-BX-0536 38,539 TX 2014
Kaufman County Sheriff's Office Crime Mapping System Software Upgrade Kaufman County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0144 12,828 TX 2014
Forensic Cell Phone Data Recovery Project City of Raymondville 2014-DJ-BX-0919 11,504 TX 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Comal County, TX 2014-DJ-BX-0458 17,408 TX 2014
Digital Photographic Technology Enhancement Hays County, Texas 2014-DJ-BX-0287 13,104 TX 2014
City of Edinburg Police Department Portable Radios Project CITY OF EDINBURG 2014-DJ-BX-0656 24,028 TX 2014
Hold The Line City of Alice, Texas 2014-DJ-BX-0714 15,007 TX 2014
2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance (JAG) Program City of Corpus Christi 2014-DJ-BX-0826 168,613 TX 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program Local Solicitation. City of Brownsville 2014-DJ-BX-0485 83,120 TX 2014
Training and Directed Patrol Overtime City of Baytown 2014-DJ-BX-0566 20,966 TX 2014
Lakewood/Jefferson County Partnership City of Lakewood 2014-DJ-BX-1038 86,969 CO 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Humble Texas 2014-DJ-BX-0048 10,290 TX 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Galveston County 2014-DJ-BX-1041 40,443 TX 2014
Communication and Investigative Equipment for Huntsville and Walker County City of Huntsville, Texas 2014-DJ-BX-1132 15,145 TX 2014
Incident Command Van and Police Command Vehicle Upgrades City of Englewood 2014-DJ-BX-0410 10,080 CO 2014
Equipment Enhancement and Community Policing Program City of Wheat Ridge 2014-DJ-BX-0911 15,304 CO 2014
JAG City of Centennial City of Centennial Colorado 2014-DJ-BX-0978 17,622 CO 2014
Adams County SO Equipment and Thornton PD Equipment Adams County 2014-DJ-BX-0805 124,346 CO 2014
First Responder In-Car Digital Cameras Project Murray, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0658 31,878 UT 2014
Ada County Sheriff's Office and Boise City Police Department Equipment and Technology Enhancement and Systems Improvement Projects City of Boise 2014-DJ-BX-1061 137,959 ID 2014
Flagstaff Police Department FY 2014 JAG City of Flagstaff 2014-DJ-BX-1198 24,330 AZ 2014
Thermal Imaging Program City of Arvada 2014-DJ-BX-0979 16,886 CO 2014
Law Enforcement Leadership Training and SWAT Team Equipment Twin Falls County 2014-DJ-BX-1016 30,024 ID 2014
Laguna Police Officer Protection Pueblo of Laguna 2014-DJ-BX-1168 10,406 NM 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Albuquerque 2014-DJ-BX-0883 478,386 NM 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Abilene 2014-DJ-BX-0615 40,774 TX 2014
City of Taylorsville Law Enforcement Program City of Taylorsville 2014-DJ-BX-0669 35,495 UT 2014
On-Body Cameras and Night Vision Enhancements for Law Enforcement City of Rock Springs 2014-DJ-BX-1115 41,953 WY 2014
Navajo Justice System Change through Assessment and Evaluation Navajo Nation 2014-DJ-BX-1085 75,150 AZ 2014
Layton City and Davis County Equipment Grant Layton City 2014-DJ-BX-0668 16,221 UT 2014
Tactical Ballistic Vests and Training Bonneville County 2014-DJ-BX-0972 48,230 ID 2014
Gila Valley JAG 2014 County of Graham 2014-DJ-BX-1026 23,070 AZ 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Rio Rancho Department of Public Safety 2014-DJ-BX-1210 29,463 NM 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Equipment Project City of St. George 2014-DJ-BX-0667 18,143 UT 2014
Sleuth and Digital Recording Equipment Project Rio Arriba County Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-1208 24,132 NM 2014
Eddy County Collaborative Law Enforcement Effort Eddy County 2014-DJ-BX-1073 16,918 NM 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Farmington New Mexico 2014-DJ-BX-0828 69,394 NM 2014
Youth and Family Services City of Pasadena 2014-DJ-BX-0033 38,853 CA 2014
Gilroy City FY14 JAG Project City of Gilroy 2014-DJ-BX-0295 15,519 CA 2014
City of Riverside and Riverside County Joint JAG 2014 City of Riverside 2014-DJ-BX-0276 188,499 CA 2014
Law Enforcement Technology Improvement Project City of Redondo Beach 2014-DJ-BX-1125 15,519 CA 2014
LIDAR Replacement and Expansion Project City of Santa Clara 2014-DJ-BX-0278 15,847 CA 2014
Canine Training and Replacement Program City of Ceres 2014-DJ-BX-0188 14,071 CA 2014
To provide new and upgraded equipment, combat helmets and face shields, for all officers in the Gardena Police Department. City of Gardena 2014-DJ-BX-0068 25,000 CA 2014
JAG Block 2014 City of San Diego 2014-DJ-BX-0301 565,799 CA 2014
West Hollywood Park Security Program City of West Hollywood 2014-DJ-BX-0024 29,071 CA 2014
Compton Anti-Crime Program 2014 City of Compton 2014-DJ-BX-0540 98,690 CA 2014
Radar and Rifles Project City of Cathedral City 2014-DJ-BX-0032 18,552 CA 2014
South Gate Police Department FY 14 JAG Program South Gate, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0061 47,296 CA 2014
Long Beach JAG 2014 City of Long Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0318 226,287 CA 2014
City and County of Santa Cruz FY 14 JAG Project City of Santa Cruz 2014-DJ-BX-0322 65,957 CA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Hobbs 2014-DJ-BX-1000 20,525 NM 2014
Sustainability of Officer and Traffic Safety Equipment and Programs City of El Cajon 2014-DJ-BX-0056 35,000 CA 2014
FY 2014 JAG Contra Costa County 2014-DJ-BX-0539 204,920 CA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Arvin 2014-DJ-BX-0639 14,126 CA 2014
City of Hawthorne FY 14 JAG Project City of Hawthorne 2014-DJ-BX-0282 52,268 CA 2014
WPD Personnel Computer Upgrade Program 4 City of Whittier 2014-DJ-BX-0055 25,246 CA 2014
City of Oceanside FY 14 JAG Project City of Oceanside 2014-DJ-BX-0280 54,591 CA 2014
Auto Theft and Recover Program City of Pittsburg 2014-DJ-BX-0369 12,323 CA 2014
FY 2014 Imperial County Law Enforcement Program Imperial County 2014-DJ-BX-0124 14,044 CA 2014
Patrol Room Computer Stations and Tactical Shield Projects City of Atwater 2014-DJ-BX-0137 11,558 CA 2014
Santa Barbara Regional Narcotic Enforcement Team County of Santa Barbara 2014-DJ-BX-0663 131,723 CA 2014
City of Santee Security Improvement Program City of Santee 2014-DJ-BX-0143 11,995 CA 2014
City of Paramount - Comprehensive Crime Prevention Program City of Paramount 2014-DJ-BX-0236 23,006 CA 2014
Pomona Police Department Forensics Unit Project City of Pomona Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0057 77,187 CA 2014
Comprehensive Approach to Proactive Community Engagement and Crime Suppression City of Downey 2014-DJ-BX-0537 31,831 CA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Napa 2014-DJ-BX-0298 18,716 CA 2014
Active Shooter Plate Carriers City of National City 2014-DJ-BX-0065 31,995 CA 2014
Public Safety Facility Outfitting City of Porterville 2014-DJ-BX-0680 17,705 CA 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment Augmentation Program City of Fresno 2014-DJ-BX-0686 300,250 CA 2014
City of Salinas and Monterey County FY 14 JAG Program City of Salinas 2014-DJ-BX-0279 107,323 CA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Asisstance Grant Program City of Petaluma 2014-DJ-BX-0847 13,771 CA 2014
Technology Improvement and Upgrade Project Hawaii County 2014-DJ-BX-1089 89,333 HI 2014
Crisis Negotiation equipment, technology, and supplies City of Citrus Heights 2014-DJ-BX-0890 28,634 CA 2014
Lake County FY14 JAG Project County of Lake 2014-DJ-BX-0752 15,246 CA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG City of Clovis 2014-DJ-BX-1037 16,257 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Yolo County 2014-DJ-BX-0861 28,689 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program COUNTY OF KERN 2014-DJ-BX-0626 163,335 CA 2014
Purchase of Technology and Equipment City of Santa Rosa 2014-DJ-BX-0321 56,968 CA 2014
Hanford Police Department JAG Project City of Hanford 2014-DJ-BX-0107 18,142 CA 2014
Tehama County FY 14 JAG Program Tehama County District Attorney 2014-DJ-BX-0181 15,137 CA 2014
Juvenile Court Services Division - Violent Offender Unit Sacramento County 2014-DJ-BX-0438 236,833 CA 2014
Front Line Law Enforcment Safety Equipment and Technology Project Reedley Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0085 14,017 CA 2014
Mendocino County FY14 JAG Project County of Mendocino 2014-DJ-BX-0058 21,530 CA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Roseville 2014-DJ-BX-0508 23,907 CA 2014
El Dorado County FY14 JAG Project El Dorado County 2014-DJ-BX-1067 18,825 CA 2014
Ocean Systems Mobile Forensic Video, Image and Audio Acquisition and Processing Solution City of Klamath Falls 2014-DJ-BX-1030 11,637 OR 2014
LE Software Upgrade and Ballistic Armor Plates for Enhanced Protection Projects City of Bellingham 2014-DJ-BX-0288 41,035 WA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Turlock 2014-DJ-BX-0893 34,946 CA 2014
Enforcement and Training to Prevent and Reduce Human Trafficking, Prostitution and Digital Exploitation County of Washington 2014-DJ-BX-0353 38,897 OR 2014
2014 Portland-Metropolitan Area Law Enforcement Community JAG Programs City of Portland 2014-DJ-BX-1158 483,619 OR 2014
FFY14 Local JAG Program City of Fairbanks Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0347 36,041 AK 2014
Orchard Corridor Surveillance Project City of University Place 2014-DJ-BX-0070 10,414 WA 2014
JAG FY 14: Spokane County and the City of Spokane Enhancement and Expansion of Law Enforcement and Prosecution Programs Spokane County 2014-DJ-BX-0243 159,938 WA 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Grant Springfield, City of, OR 2014-DJ-BX-0641 18,234 OR 2014
Mobile Data Computer Laptop Refresh - Data Storage Expansion/Upgrade - Uninterrupted Power Supply Rehabilitation Project Municipality of Anchorage 2014-DJ-BX-0643 417,565 AK 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Cocoa 2014-DJ-BX-0115 28,471 FL 2014
City of Port Angeles JAG Project City of Port Angeles 2014-DJ-BX-0413 10,195 WA 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Municipality of Norristown 2014-DJ-BX-1003 55,414 PA 2014
Charleston City & Kanawha County FY14 JAG Project City of Charleston 2014-DJ-BX-0747 136,264 WV 2014
Prince George's County FY 14 JAG Project Prince Georges County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0649 376,729 MD 2014
Allentown Police In Car Camera System Project City of Allentown 2014-DJ-BX-0793 68,202 PA 2014
UPD/Probation Supervision Team, and Community Policing Initiatives City of Utica 2014-DJ-BX-1066 34,929 NY 2014
Partnerships with the Community to Reduce Violence City of New Britain 2014-DJ-BX-0151 41,642 CT 2014
Community Meetings and Shooting Response Team (SRT) City of Worcester, Masschusetts 2014-DJ-BX-1070 160,746 MA 2014
Quality of Life Improvement Program Village of Freeport 2014-DJ-BX-0343 17,219 NY 2014
Protecting Our Officers/Saving Our Children City of Americus 2014-DJ-BX-0491 22,301 GA 2014
Safer Streets Using Hot Spot Policing City of Altoona 2014-DJ-BX-0601 15,876 PA 2014
Mobile Data Terminal Project Grant County 2014-DJ-BX-0692 11,474 WA 2014
Cranston Police Department Marked Police Vehicle Communications Upgrade Initiative Cranston, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0784 25,292 RI 2014
Supporting Community Policing Efforts Albemarle County 2014-DJ-BX-0751 15,732 VA 2014
Huntington City & Cabell County FY14 JAG Project City of Huntington 2014-DJ-BX-0619 48,743 WV 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program County of Roanoke 2014-DJ-BX-0800 14,183 VA 2014
Franklin City & Franklin County FY14 JAG Project Frankllin County 2014-DJ-BX-0191 16,152 KY 2014
Enhancing policing Clayton County Ga 2014-DJ-BX-0926 101,647 GA 2014
Kenton County & Covington City FY14 JAG Project Kenton County Fiscal Court 2014-DJ-BX-0617 41,202 KY 2014
Advanced Surveillance Technology Project City of St. Cloud 2014-DJ-BX-0423 10,376 FL 2014
2014 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Policing & Support Operational Enhancement Project City of Albany GA 2014-DJ-BX-0927 67,838 GA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Chester County 2014-DJ-BX-0148 10,532 SC 2014
Tallapoosa Drug Intervention Program Haralson County, GA 2014-DJ-BX-0095 11,509 GA 2014
Officer Equipment Project COUNTY OF GRANVILLE 2014-DJ-BX-0344 10,122 NC 2014
Enhancement of Digital Evidence Management Program City of Pensacola 2014-DJ-BX-0773 32,292 FL 2014
2014 Dillon County Sheriff's Office Equipment Grant Dillon, County of SC 2014-DJ-BX-0441 18,530 SC 2014
Hickory Police Department Special Operations Team and Patrol Equipment City of Hickory 2014-DJ-BX-1087 23,359 NC 2014
2014 LPD Vehicle Acquisition Program City of Laurel 2014-DJ-BX-1069 13,034 MS 2014
Bowling Green City & Warren County FY14 JAG Project City of Bowling Green 2014-DJ-BX-0575 26,131 KY 2014
2014 JAG Re-entry Assistance Floyd County 2014-DJ-BX-1169 19,431 GA 2014
Jackson County FY14 JAG Project Jackson County Board of Supervisors 2014-DJ-BX-0650 21,758 MS 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Laurens County 2014-DJ-BX-0565 22,384 SC 2014
Enhacement of Patrol and Training Divisions of the Brunswick Police Department City of Brunswick Georgia 2014-DJ-BX-0836 22,113 GA 2014
2014 JAG Grant ICSO Technology and Crime Prevention Program Iredell County 2014-DJ-BX-0818 16,384 NC 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project County of Harnett 2014-DJ-BX-1088 24,008 NC 2014
Lexington Fayette Urban County FY14 JAG Project Lexington Fayette Urban County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0578 213,624 KY 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Appleton 2014-DJ-BX-0589 25,941 WI 2014
Terrebonne Parish Consolidated FY14 JAG Project Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government 2014-DJ-BX-1009 19,429 LA 2014
Equipment for Mobile Command Post/Crime Scene Van Johnson County 2014-DJ-BX-0190 10,235 TX 2014
Grant Application for the Procurement of Police Electronic Control Devices (Tasers) and Accessories Burnsville, City of (Inc) 2014-DJ-BX-0839 13,051 MN 2014
2014 Local Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assitance Grant Mishawaka Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1128 16,285 IN 2014
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Juvenile Diversion Rosebud Sioux Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-1024 41,362 SD 2014
City of Newton Tasers and Cameras Project City of Newton 2014-DJ-BX-0043 12,192 KS 2014
City of Laredo and Webb County FY 2014 JAG Project City of Laredo 2014-DJ-BX-0303 90,982 TX 2014
Portable Speed Trailers and Message Board Project City of Boca Raton 2014-DJ-BX-0030 13,109 FL 2014
2014 JAG Law Enforcement Projects City of Madison Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0731 108,034 WI 2014
Traffic Control - Speed Monitoring Speed Trailers City of Sterling Heights 2014-DJ-BX-0468 16,574 MI 2014
Rochester and Olmsted Crime Prevention Programs City of Rochester 2014-DJ-BX-0723 29,550 MN 2014
Operation Neighborhood Takeback - Directed patrols in identified hotspots to proactively target offenders. City of Port Huron 2014-DJ-BX-0147 16,684 MI 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Beaumont 2014-DJ-BX-0530 121,604 TX 2014
Bozeman Police/Gallatin County Special Response Team City of Bozeman 2014-DJ-BX-0676 19,315 MT 2014
MILO Range Advance Training Simulator City of Jackson 2014-DJ-BX-0579 36,784 MI 2014
2014 JAG County Drug Task Force and Public Safety Projects City of Muscatine 2014-DJ-BX-0193 21,373 IA 2014
FY 14 JAG Equipment Purchase Initiative St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0332 12,991 LA 2014
Equipping Front Line Officers for Adequate Crime Prevention Program Flathead County 2014-DJ-BX-1054 38,630 MT 2014
Formula JAG 2014 City of Reno 2014-DJ-BX-0553 116,792 NV 2014
NPD/NCSO Firearm Training/Safety Equipment Project City of Nacogdoches 2014-DJ-BX-1032 15,614 TX 2014
Eldorado City & Union County FY14 JAG Project City Of El Dorado 2014-DJ-BX-1174 18,622 AR 2014
Operation Ready! City of Commerce 2014-DJ-BX-0204 10,109 CA 2014
Jonesboro City FY14 JAG Project City of Jonesboro, Arkansas 2014-DJ-BX-1135 30,241 AR 2014
Proficiency Training Supplies Project GILA RIVER INDIAN COMMUNITY 2014-DJ-BX-1114 12,994 AZ 2014
City of Austin and Travis County FY14 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Austin 2014-DJ-BX-0701 330,356 TX 2014
SWAT Equipment Purchase to Enhance Team Safety Project City of Prescott 2014-DJ-BX-0034 14,561 AZ 2014
2014 Maricopa County Justice Assistance Grant. Maricopa County 2014-DJ-BX-1197 1,395,115 AZ 2014
Patrol Vehicle Officer Safety Issue Hutchinson County 2014-DJ-BX-0286 12,056 TX 2014
Coeur d' Alene Tribe Law Enforcement Enhancements Coeur D' Alene Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-1023 16,420 ID 2014
Justice Assistance Grant for Manchester, Nashua, and Hillsborough County City of Manchester 2014-DJ-BX-0169 214,197 NH 2014
Carson City Sheriff's OfficeCops and Kids Community Policing & Prevention City of Carson City 2014-DJ-BX-0053 12,662 NV 2014
Torrance Police Cadet Program City of Torrance 2014-DJ-BX-0022 18,170 CA 2014
Solano County Law Enforcement Service Enhancement Project City of Fairfield 2014-DJ-BX-0905 128,335 CA 2014
Part-time Civilian Investigator Position Inglewood City of 2014-DJ-BX-0238 66,422 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Palm Springs City 2014-DJ-BX-0296 22,951 CA 2014
LE Equipment and Contracts for Analytical Services Lane County 2014-DJ-BX-0645 91,263 OR 2014
Partnering with the Providence Community City of Providence 2014-DJ-BX-0779 251,549 RI 2014
Technology and Equipment for Clark County Sheriff's Office and Vancouver Police Department Clark County 2014-DJ-BX-0841 97,417 WA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Dona Ana County 2014-DJ-BX-0897 28,026 NM 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Selma 2014-DJ-BX-0998 15,246 CA 2014
City of Escondido Narcotics Enforcement Enhancement Project City of Escondido 2014-DJ-BX-0029 46,995 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Roswell 2014-DJ-BX-1206 30,548 NM 2014
Firearms Reduction Consortium City of Stockton 2014-DJ-BX-1110 414,923 CA 2014
City of Montebello Police Department 2014 JAG Program City of Montebello 2014-DJ-BX-0291 14,590 CA 2014
Police Car Replacement Project Town of West Warwick 2014-DJ-BX-0336 14,844 RI 2014
Banning Police Activity League (BPAL) Program City of Banning 2014-DJ-BX-0086 12,623 CA 2014
Eureka Police Department In-Car Computer System Project Eureka Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0871 12,705 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of San Pablo 2014-DJ-BX-0028 21,148 CA 2014
Law Enforcement Support Systems City of Lewiston 2014-DJ-BX-0598 48,408 ME 2014
Front-line Law Enforcement and SWAT Equipment Project City of Sunnyvale 2014-DJ-BX-0123 13,361 CA 2014
Tactical, Forensic and Traffic Calming Equipment Purchase City of Bridgeport 2014-DJ-BX-0168 201,830 CT 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Urban Essex Grant Program City of Newark NJ Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1104 506,164 NJ 2014
Martin County Sheriff's Office Traffic Unit - Traffic Video Pursuit and Evidentiary Program Martin County 2014-DJ-BX-0011 25,333 FL 2014
S.W.A.T. Tactical Gear Project Seminole County Sheriffs' Office 2014-DJ-BX-0498 45,275 FL 2014
Conasauga Drug Court Whitfield County, GA 2014-DJ-BX-1179 16,499 GA 2014
Traffic Safety Accountability Project City of Roseville 2014-DJ-BX-0473 17,300 MI 2014
Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Education Within Local Public Schools Project City of Tarpon Springs 2014-DJ-BX-0128 10,604 FL 2014
Safe School's Initiative Medford City 2014-DJ-BX-1068 73,762 OR 2014
Law Enforcement and Technology Project St Lucie County 2014-DJ-BX-0391 56,234 FL 2014
Equipment Procurement, Systems Upgrade and Community Policing Program City of Fitchburg 2014-DJ-BX-0678 28,238 MA 2014
2014 Justice Assitance Grant City of Green Bay 2014-DJ-BX-0742 54,037 WI 2014
Pasco Sheriff's Office JAG Gang Suppression Project Pasco County 2014-DJ-BX-0495 94,599 FL 2014
Muskegon Prosecution Law Enforcement Enhancement-JAG 2014 City of Muskegon 2014-DJ-BX-0474 50,612 MI 2014
Southaven City, Olive Branch City & Desoto County FY14 JAG Project City of Southaven 2014-DJ-BX-0558 34,792 MS 2014
Patrol Rifle and Patrol Video Project City of Lancaster 2014-DJ-BX-0840 11,052 OH 2014
JAG FY2014 Police Portable Two-Way Radio and Infrastructure Upgrade Lawrence, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0702 65,697 MA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Shively 2014-DJ-BX-0918 13,323 KY 2014
DOJ JAG 2014/2015 Putnam County 2014-DJ-BX-0399 33,659 FL 2014
2014 Enhanced Law Enforcement Programs City of North Miami 2014-DJ-BX-0304 44,086 FL 2014
2014 Orlando Police Department JAG City of Orlando 2014-DJ-BX-0511 194,185 FL 2014
Macomb County's Crime Prevention Support Project Macomb County 2014-DJ-BX-0625 90,111 MI 2014
Key West Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Local Program City of Key West 2014-DJ-BX-0358 14,780 FL 2014
Central Falls Police FY 14 JAG Project City Of Central Falls 2014-DJ-BX-0781 26,301 RI 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project Charter Township of Clinton 2014-DJ-BX-0879 26,482 MI 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) The City of Akron 2014-DJ-BX-1199 185,505 OH 2014
ETIX Printer/Scanner Project City of Greenbelt 2014-DJ-BX-0271 12,012 MD 2014
Camden County's FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) City of Camden 2014-DJ-BX-0174 289,135 NJ 2014
BJA FY 14 JAG Project City of Savannah 2014-DJ-BX-0884 93,351 GA 2014
Overtime Foot Patrol and Special Projects City of Newark 2014-DJ-BX-0599 25,123 DE 2014
Mercer County Home Confinement Program Mercer County Commission 2014-DJ-BX-0041 11,796 WV 2014
Crime Reduction Initiatives City of Tampa 2014-DJ-BX-0384 166,017 FL 2014
Safety and Security Equipment & Supplies Project Lycoming County Office of the District Attorney 2014-DJ-BX-0375 10,506 PA 2014
Data-driven Enforcement Strategies New Castle County 2014-DJ-BX-0653 216,491 DE 2014
Equipment Enhancement Project Darlington County 2014-DJ-BX-0863 30,117 SC 2014
City of Philadelphia-Police Justice Assistance Grant City of Philadelphia 2014-DJ-BX-1025 1,834,486 PA 2014
Law Enforcement Traditional Programs/Equipment, Information Technology with Computer Hardware/Software Upgrades City of Portsmouth Oh 2014-DJ-BX-0481 11,016 OH 2014
Clarksburg City & Harrison County FY14 JAG Project Clarksburg City 2014-DJ-BX-0758 16,677 WV 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of St. Clair Shores 2014-DJ-BX-1002 12,177 MI 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Tifton 2014-DJ-BX-0016 13,006 GA 2014
Cambria County Criminal Justice Improvement 2014 County of Cambria 2014-DJ-BX-0334 12,989 PA 2014
Equipment Procurement and Gun/Gang Violence Reduction Project County of Rock 2014-DJ-BX-0255 38,383 WI 2014
Pinellas County JAG 2014 Program Pinellas County 2014-DJ-BX-0133 268,057 FL 2014
Hardin County and City of Radcliff JAG Projects City of Radcliff 2014-DJ-BX-0922 14,660 KY 2014
Report Review Team Program City of Clearwater, Florida 2014-DJ-BX-0111 58,283 FL 2014
Technology Implementation and Upgrades City of Huntsville 2014-DJ-BX-0428 171,410 AL 2014
2014 JAG Program - Penobscot County City of Bangor 2014-DJ-BX-1091 25,229 ME 2014
Wheeling City & Ohio County FY14 JAG Project City of Wheeling 2014-DJ-BX-0308 48,743 WV 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Midland 2014-DJ-BX-0062 31,422 TX 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Henry County 2014-DJ-BX-0600 24,139 VA 2014
Ventura County Edward Byrne Memorial JAG FY 2014 City of Oxnard 2014-DJ-BX-0862 112,980 CA 2014
Colleton County Sheriff's Office Patrol In-Car Video System Colleton County 2014-DJ-BX-0771 15,415 SC 2014
Delaware County Law Enforcement Enhancement Project County of Delaware 2014-DJ-BX-0627 181,112 PA 2014
City of Lynwood FY 14 JAG Program City of Lynwood 2014-DJ-BX-0234 48,225 CA 2014
Law Enforcement and Judicial Support Enhancements County of Greenville 2014-DJ-BX-0105 147,473 SC 2014
Paulding County Equipment Update Initiative Paulding County Georgia 2014-DJ-BX-0597 14,971 GA 2014
FY14 JAG MDT Enhancement Project CITY OF SOUTH CHARLESTON 2014-DJ-BX-0129 15,321 WV 2014
FY 14 JAG Program County of Merced 2014-DJ-BX-1143 40,629 CA 2014
Hillsboro Police Department Property and Evidence Equipment Grant City of Hillsboro 2014-DJ-BX-0352 22,816 OR 2014
FY 2014 Local JAG Program Police Technology and Front Line Law Enforcement City of Tracy 2014-DJ-BX-0082 11,421 CA 2014
Police Officer Trainee Funding City of Concord 2014-DJ-BX-0230 37,787 CA 2014
2014 Taser Purchase City of Commerce City 2014-DJ-BX-0946 16,923 CO 2014
Critical Incident and Crime Management Center - CICMC City of Hemet 2014-DJ-BX-1079 31,039 CA 2014
First Time Second Chance Project City of Lancaster 2014-DJ-BX-0284 71,312 CA 2014
800 MHz Radio Support Project City of Encinitas 2014-DJ-BX-0138 11,913 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Cochise County 2014-DJ-BX-1072 34,068 AZ 2014
Patrol Car Video System City of Hollister 2014-DJ-BX-0042 13,088 CA 2014
PredPol Crime Prediction Project City of Alhambra 2014-DJ-BX-0848 13,279 CA 2014
Delano City FY14 JAG Project City of Delano 2014-DJ-BX-1188 20,246 CA 2014
2014 Technology Upgrade Project County of Nevada 2014-DJ-BX-0877 12,213 CA 2014
Law Enforcement Programs City of Carson 2014-DJ-BX-0059 39,973 CA 2014
Expanding Restorative Justice Options City of Grants Pass 2014-DJ-BX-0644 15,485 OR 2014
North Metro Task Force JAG Project City of Westminster 2014-DJ-BX-0454 28,070 CO 2014
Enhancing Public Safety through Education, Equipment, and Enforcement Project City of Boulder 2014-DJ-BX-0944 49,517 CO 2014
Ames Police Department Tactical Operations Support Project City of Ames 2014-DJ-BX-0257 20,565 IA 2014
2014 Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement JAG Project City and County of Butte-Silver Bow 2014-DJ-BX-0664 19,315 MT 2014
Equipment to promote public safety and enhance investigative resources. City of Oshkosh 2014-DJ-BX-0588 23,420 WI 2014
Universal Forensic Mobile Extraction Device Project City of Haltom City 2014-DJ-BX-0052 10,980 TX 2014
Shawnee City and Pottawatomie County FY14 JAG Project City of Shawnee 2014-DJ-BX-0075 24,987 OK 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0629 12,157 LA 2014
Missouri River Drug Task Force City of Helena, Montana 2014-DJ-BX-1048 39,990 MT 2014
2014 JAG Officer Safety, Training, Equipment and Supplies Project City of Marshalltown 2014-DJ-BX-0199 18,855 IA 2014
Technology to Aid in Identifying Criminal Associations City of Waukesha 2014-DJ-BX-0403 11,873 WI 2014
Interview Room Equipment and Storage City of Lawrence 2014-DJ-BX-0699 43,571 KS 2014
West Memphis City & Crittenden County FY14 JAG Project City of West Memphis 2014-DJ-BX-1007 78,309 AR 2014
Increase Efficiencies in the Processing of Forensic Evidence and Law Enforcement. CITY OF DES MOINES 2014-DJ-BX-0212 167,323 IA 2014
Black Hawk County Direct JAG Grant Waterloo City 2014-DJ-BX-0217 60,271 IA 2014
Pearland Police Department JAG Project City of Pearland 2014-DJ-BX-0938 10,428 TX 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Racine 2014-DJ-BX-0740 44,116 WI 2014
Washtenaw County Sheriff's Community Outreach Initiative Washtenaw County 2014-DJ-BX-1155 37,595 MI 2014
2014 JAG for Police Safety and Equipment City of Wyoming 2014-DJ-BX-0741 22,591 MI 2014
FY 14 JAG Program County of Stanislaus 2014-DJ-BX-1184 151,805 CA 2014
Texarkana City & Miller County FY14 JAG Project City of Texarkana Arkansas 2014-DJ-BX-1119 29,828 AR 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Equipment: Taser City of Indianola 2014-DJ-BX-0409 13,034 MS 2014
Enhancing Public Safety and Service: Purchasing Critical Law Enforcement Equipment City of Anderson 2014-DJ-BX-0776 24,427 IN 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Projects City of Quincy Illinois 2014-DJ-BX-0072 16,149 IL 2014
Evidence Management System Update City of Athens 2014-DJ-BX-1101 13,323 TN 2014
Officer-Worn Audio and Video Recording Devices: An Officer Safety and Evidence Collection Based Project. City of Lafayette 2014-DJ-BX-0866 39,222 IN 2014
Elkhart County Law Enforcement JAG 2014 County of Elkhart 2014-DJ-BX-0865 32,061 IN 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Mankato 2014-DJ-BX-0788 13,837 MN 2014
City of Indio FY 14 JAG Program The Indio Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0237 36,421 CA 2014
Officer Body Cameras, Officer Safety & Technology Upgrades City of Sherman 2014-DJ-BX-0141 13,159 TX 2014
FY 2014 JAG Program City of Madera 2014-DJ-BX-0902 33,580 CA 2014
Interoperable Communications Project and Digital Imaging Project Madera County 2014-DJ-BX-0605 24,508 CA 2014
La Mesa Police Department Investigations and Patrol Equipment Purchase City of La Mesa 2014-DJ-BX-0326 17,350 CA 2014
Salt Lake Area JAG Project Salt Lake City 2014-DJ-BX-0661 315,895 UT 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Carlsbad 2014-DJ-BX-0281 18,306 CA 2014
Dothan/Houston County Equipment Enhancement and In-Car Camera Project City of Dothan 2014-DJ-BX-0424 35,479 AL 2014
2014 Equipment and Technology Upgrade City of Springfield 2014-DJ-BX-1056 159,149 MA 2014
BJA FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Assistance Grant (JAG) Parks City of Binghamton 2014-DJ-BX-0494 24,528 NY 2014
Criminal Surveillance/Technology Project Smyrna Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0958 15,096 GA 2014
FY 14 JAG Grant.ATAP, VCSI & School Dismissal Programs City of Albany - Department of Public Safety 2014-DJ-BX-0342 78,641 NY 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Madison County 2014-DJ-BX-0982 12,351 GA 2014
Patrol Vehicles and Equipment Project City of Hialeah 2014-DJ-BX-0006 66,331 FL 2014
Operation Cobra City of Pawtucket 2014-DJ-BX-0782 61,608 RI 2014
Law Enforcement Technology FY 2014 County of Okeechobee 2014-DJ-BX-0103 14,172 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Florence 2014-DJ-BX-0659 11,308 AL 2014
FY 14 JAG Program County of Maui 2014-DJ-BX-1138 67,060 HI 2014
Recognition and Response Skills for Interaction with Individuals in Mental Health Crisis City of Puyallup 2014-DJ-BX-0367 11,729 WA 2014
Police Light Bar Replacement Project Town Of Cary 2014-DJ-BX-0077 11,128 NC 2014
Technology/Air Card Service; "Hot Spot" Crime Program; Web-Based Policy Program Town of Barnstable 2014-DJ-BX-0719 54,999 MA 2014
Digital Upgrade of In-Car Camera Systems City of Conway 2014-DJ-BX-0434 11,931 SC 2014
Technology Enhancements Project KINGS COUNTY PROBATION DEPARTMENT 2014-DJ-BX-0202 12,568 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Yavapai County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-1080 26,204 AZ 2014
Neighborhood-Based Crime Prevention;Smart Policing: Automation of Charge Process City of Grand Rapids 2014-DJ-BX-0567 157,800 MI 2014
Partnership between Mental Health Care Professionals and Law Enforcement City of Lakewood 2014-DJ-BX-0200 53,861 WA 2014
St. Charles Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project St. Charles Parish Sheriff 2014-DJ-BX-1186 16,641 LA 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program LARAMIE COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-1060 50,758 WY 2014
Allegany County Officer Safety Initiative City of Cumberland 2014-DJ-BX-0338 14,729 MD 2014
Community Impact Project City of Salem Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0270 14,043 MA 2014
Equipment for Expansion of Women's Locker Room City of Grand Junction 2014-DJ-BX-0453 26,341 CO 2014
Tasers - Less-lethal Option Chesterfield County 2014-DJ-BX-0580 59,595 VA 2014
Lowell Police Department's Reorganization Enhancement Project City of Lowell, Massachusetts 2014-DJ-BX-1092 77,842 MA 2014
Crime Analysis Software Module York County 2014-DJ-BX-0885 11,318 VA 2014
2014 JAG Joint Grant Program City of Shelby 2014-DJ-BX-1071 13,269 NC 2014
Narcotics Task Force Support Project Nye County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0529 21,399 NV 2014
Santa Clarita Crime Prevention Program 2014 City of Santa Clarita 2014-DJ-BX-0319 26,749 CA 2014
2014 JAG Multi-Agency Drug Task Force and Equipment Projects Woodbury County 2014-DJ-BX-0206 43,410 IA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Conroe 2014-DJ-BX-0345 18,318 TX 2014
City of Erie Police Technology Improvements for Anti-crime Initiative City of Erie 2014-DJ-BX-0977 46,285 PA 2014
Haverhill Police Technology Upgrade Haverhill City 2014-DJ-BX-0211 34,054 MA 2014
Technology Enhancement and Mobile Armor Shield, Laser Forensic Light Source, Enhanced Drug Testing Program Charlotte County 2014-DJ-BX-0307 28,370 FL 2014
FY 2014 JAG Program City of New Brunswick 2014-DJ-BX-0160 96,070 NJ 2014
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant 2014 Local Solicitation City of Yonkers 2014-DJ-BX-1053 161,240 NY 2014
City of Buffallo 2014 JAG Project City of Buffalo 2014-DJ-BX-0484 306,302 NY 2014
Lancaster PD 2014 JAG Program City of Lancaster 2014-DJ-BX-0556 49,675 PA 2014
Keeping our Streets Safe Project City of St. Albans 2014-DJ-BX-0368 14,251 VT 2014
Livingston Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-1205 24,200 LA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Town of Colchester 2014-DJ-BX-0732 12,280 VT 2014
FY 14 Local JAG Equipment Upgrade Initative City of Watertown, New York 2014-DJ-BX-0737 10,430 NY 2014
Dauphin County 2014 Federal JAG Grant Application Dauphin County 2014-DJ-BX-1017 99,351 PA 2014
Westbrook PD Tough Tablet Program City of Westbrook 2014-DJ-BX-0249 12,550 ME 2014
Stamford's Crime Prevention Program City of Stamford 2014-DJ-BX-0153 47,628 CT 2014
Radio Communication System, Diagnostic Evaluation/Operational Continuity Assurance Project, and Mobile Data Terminals Connectivity Continuation Project Keene Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0331 14,657 NH 2014
FY14 JAG Program Equipment Purchase Town of Springfield 2014-DJ-BX-0340 12,735 VT 2014
City of New Castle FY14 JAG Vehicle Upgrade Project City of New Castle 2014-DJ-BX-0790 29,369 PA 2014
FY 14 JAG Project Jamestown City 2014-DJ-BX-0672 16,323 NY 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Vineland 2014-DJ-BX-0156 78,328 NJ 2014
2014 Gwinnett County JAG Gwinnett County 2014-DJ-BX-0931 149,118 GA 2014
West Columbia Police Department Technology Project 2014 City of West Columbia 2014-DJ-BX-0054 12,380 SC 2014
Technology Upgrades City of Dover 2014-DJ-BX-0721 51,549 DE 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Newton County 2014-DJ-BX-0933 29,443 GA 2014
Enhance Law Enforcement Capabilities City of Port St. Lucie 2014-DJ-BX-0314 29,154 FL 2014
Evidence Management and Training Project Williamsburg County 2014-DJ-BX-0001 11,720 SC 2014
Updated Speed Measuring Devices for Traffic Enforcement City of Greenville 2014-DJ-BX-0218 38,828 SC 2014
Thomasville Police Department Equipment Grant City of Thomasville 2014-DJ-BX-0402 13,107 NC 2014
Hattiesburg City & Forrest County Byrne FY14 JAG Project City of Hattiesburg 2014-DJ-BX-1178 16,598 MS 2014
On-Officer Body Cameras and Data Storage Athens Clarke County Unified Government 2014-DJ-BX-0936 38,987 GA 2014
Technology and Equipment Grant City of Frederick 2014-DJ-BX-0652 49,908 MD 2014
Officer Safety and Subject Location Enhancement City of Asheville 2014-DJ-BX-1086 56,677 NC 2014
City of Norfolk Law Enforcement Program. City of Norfolk - Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1021 198,227 VA 2014
Enforcement Enhancement and Interdiction Program CIty of Barre 2014-DJ-BX-0628 13,341 VT 2014
Henderson/Vance BJA JAG 2014 City of Henderson 2014-DJ-BX-0624 16,935 NC 2014
2014 JAG grant ROBESON COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-1083 53,401 NC 2014
County of Allegheny, McKeesport City, Penn Hills Township, City of Pittsburgh, Swissvale Borough, Wilkinsburg Borough County of Allegheny 2014-DJ-BX-0965 336,380 PA 2014
2014 Fleet Improvement Project City of Goldsboro 2014-DJ-BX-0451 48,891 NC 2014
Project Patrol Taser Johnston County 2014-DJ-BX-1095 12,004 NC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Clarendon County Govenment 2014-DJ-BX-0414 11,007 SC 2014
Technology Upgrade Project Shelby County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0014 15,261 AL 2014
Harford County Operations Improvement Initiative Harford County Maryland 2014-DJ-BX-1042 41,900 MD 2014
Police and Community Together (PACT) Crime Prevention Project City of North Miami Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0012 23,840 FL 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Waco 2014-DJ-BX-0290 75,837 TX 2014
Criminal Justice Projects Shelby County 2014-DJ-BX-0559 838,332 TN 2014
Increasing Efficiencies for Law Enforcement in Canyon County City of Nampa 2014-DJ-BX-0975 93,919 ID 2014
St. Peters JAG FY2014 Equipment Purchases Saint Peters, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0611 10,919 MO 2014
Sandy City Police Department Equipment Improvement Program Sandy City 2014-DJ-BX-0708 24,643 UT 2014
2014 JAG Uniform Patrol Thermal Printer Project City of Greenacres 2014-DJ-BX-0388 15,944 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Calvert County 2014-DJ-BX-0798 11,440 MD 2014
Lake Charles City FY14 JAG Project City of Lake Charles 2014-DJ-BX-0851 39,605 LA 2014
Contractual Services for Behavioral Health Court Project Highlands County 2014-DJ-BX-0182 13,742 FL 2014
Part I Crime Intervention and Interdiction Project City of Alexandria, VA 2014-DJ-BX-0551 36,114 VA 2014
Enhanced Communications Project Walton County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0040 11,996 FL 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of North Las Vegas Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0555 123,581 NV 2014
2014 JAG Omaha/Douglas County Projects City of Omaha 2014-DJ-BX-0891 408,905 NE 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Henry County Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0854 27,728 GA 2014
Electronic Evidence Capacity Improvement Project WINTER GARDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT 2014-DJ-BX-0026 13,514 FL 2014
Live Scan System Bedford County 2014-DJ-BX-0748 15,451 VA 2014
Mobile Remote Fingerprint ID System Pharr Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0631 21,435 TX 2014
Las Cruces Police Department Equipment Expansion Project FY14 City of Las Cruces 2014-DJ-BX-0844 39,134 NM 2014
FY 14 Local JAG CITY OF BENNETTSVILLE 2014-DJ-BX-0079 10,426 SC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant LEXINGTON COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-0896 42,919 SC 2014
Terrebonne Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Terrebonne Parish Sherif''s Office 2014-DJ-BX-0995 25,436 LA 2014
Equipment For Officer Safety City of Marysville 2014-DJ-BX-1122 12,424 WA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Visalia, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0852 43,935 CA 2014
City of Clovis & Curry County 2014 JAG City of Clovis 2014-DJ-BX-1209 18,833 NM 2014
Law Enforcement Enhancement City of Broken Arrow 2014-DJ-BX-0636 13,485 OK 2014
Police Officer In-Service Training Program Town of North Providence 2014-DJ-BX-0248 12,033 RI 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Los Banos 2014-DJ-BX-0194 12,268 CA 2014
Tactical Team Readiness Project City of Cleburne 2014-DJ-BX-0125 13,297 TX 2014
2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) for Lincoln City of Lincoln 2014-DJ-BX-1154 179,844 NE 2014
Glendale City FY14 JAG Project City of Glendale, California 2014-DJ-BX-0325 20,984 CA 2014
Operations Enhancements West Valley City 2014-DJ-BX-0657 102,077 UT 2014
Fort Bend County Equipment Grant Fort Bend County 2014-DJ-BX-0696 71,782 TX 2014
Bannock County Sheriff's Office and Pocatello Police Department JAG Program Bannock County 2014-DJ-BX-1015 28,031 ID 2014
Improved Evidence Documentation and Improved Documentation of Officer Contacts Project Bartlesville City 2014-DJ-BX-0339 10,739 OK 2014
Portable LED Information/Warning Signs Project Montgomery County, Texas 2014-DJ-BX-0531 56,030 TX 2014
2014 JAG Program City of Lubbock 2014-DJ-BX-0754 170,985 TX 2014
City of Pasadena Police Department Tactical Patrol Squad Project City of Pasadena 2014-DJ-BX-0703 49,629 TX 2014
Pierce County Criminal Justice Projects and City of Tacoma's Youth and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Projects City of Tacoma 2014-DJ-BX-0242 289,802 WA 2014
Lakewood City FY14 JAG Project City of Lakewood 2014-DJ-BX-0067 20,137 CA 2014
City of Salem Community Service Officer Program and Marion County Sheriff Security Enhancements City of Salem 2014-DJ-BX-0351 82,971 OR 2014
Body Cameras and Video Storage Project City of Palm Bay 2014-DJ-BX-0386 42,390 FL 2014
Equipment Upgrade City of Minot 2014-DJ-BX-0906 19,059 ND 2014
2014 JAG Equipment and Support Service for SLTPD City of South Lake Tahoe 2014-DJ-BX-0774 12,077 CA 2014
2014 JAG for Police Supplies City of Corona 2014-DJ-BX-0630 16,640 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Merced 2014-DJ-BX-1140 50,875 CA 2014
Tactical Safety and Communications Equipment for the Beaverton Police Department City of Beaverton 2014-DJ-BX-0354 25,015 OR 2014
Crime Prevention and Special Initiatives for a Better Life in our City City of Waterbury 2014-DJ-BX-0132 46,012 CT 2014
City of Santa Monica FY 14 JAG Project City of Santa Monica 2014-DJ-BX-0293 31,585 CA 2014
Brownsville City 2014 JAG Officer Safety City of Brownsville 2014-DJ-BX-0785 10,664 TN 2014
Jr. Deputy Academy, Equipment, and Training City of Vista 2014-DJ-BX-0300 34,345 CA 2014
Conducted Electronic Weapons Replacement Project City of Winter Haven 2014-DJ-BX-0136 20,018 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program CITY OF AZUSA 2014-DJ-BX-0277 18,716 CA 2014
Mobile Computer project City of Olympia 2014-DJ-BX-0203 15,566 WA 2014
4th of July Fireworks Enforcement and Youth Day Parade Activities Program City of Lawndale 2014-DJ-BX-0233 15,574 CA 2014
Hopewell Police Department 2014 JAG Grant City of Hopewell 2014-DJ-BX-0760 20,522 VA 2014
The 2014 City and County of Yakima JAG Project City of Yakima 2014-DJ-BX-0196 70,487 WA 2014
Integrated Public Safety System support City of Redding 2014-DJ-BX-0864 60,083 CA 2014
Forensic Mapping System County of Ottawa 2014-DJ-BX-0469 24,578 MI 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program Butler County 2014-DJ-BX-0811 98,898 OH 2014
Law Enforcement Town of Clarksville 2014-DJ-BX-0775 57,615 IN 2014
Local JAG Problem Solving Initiative Evansville City 2014-DJ-BX-0486 56,124 IN 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Chico 2014-DJ-BX-1176 31,804 CA 2014
2014 JAG Body Worn Cameras Project Burlington City 2014-DJ-BX-0207 22,375 IA 2014
City of Holland Department of Public Safety Police Services - FY 2014 JAG Grant - Parking Enforcement, Evidence City of Holland 2014-DJ-BX-1108 11,197 MI 2014
Marathon County/City of Wausau 2014 Equipment Initiative Marathon County Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-0431 14,028 WI 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Odessa 2014-DJ-BX-0229 81,934 TX 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Project City of Rockford 2014-DJ-BX-0073 196,685 IL 2014
Rapid ID and Printers Hernando County 2014-DJ-BX-0590 38,569 FL 2014
Project 25 Compliant City of Columbia 2014-DJ-BX-0377 95,843 SC 2014
Justice Assistance Grant 2014 City of Poughkeepsie 2014-DJ-BX-0487 30,798 NY 2014
Increasing Services for Mental Illness and Rape Prevention Activities City of Somerville 2014-DJ-BX-0704 23,895 MA 2014
In-Vehicle Video Cameras and Body Cameras City of Cleveland 2014-DJ-BX-0225 46,881 TN 2014
Traffic Radar Project Santa Rosa County 2014-DJ-BX-0396 16,096 FL 2014
Meriden Police Department Neighborhood Stabilization and Crime Prevention Projects City of Meriden 2014-DJ-BX-0104 22,285 CT 2014
Field Supplies for Natural Resources Rangers Hoopa Valley Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-0642 12,241 CA 2014
Keokuk Police Dept. Direct JAG Award 2014 City of Keokuk 2014-DJ-BX-0549 15,388 IA 2014
Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Formula Program City of Cambridge 2014-DJ-BX-0519 41,106 MA 2014
Midvale City Police equipment update Midvale City 2014-DJ-BX-0706 18,821 UT 2014
Longview Police School Resource Officer Program City of Longview 2014-DJ-BX-0241 26,748 WA 2014
Hillsborough County Criminal Justice Local Initiatives Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0385 187,731 FL 2014
Failure to Signal Campaign Initiative City of Waltham 2014-DJ-BX-0433 14,194 MA 2014
Police Readiness Enhancement Program City of Holyoke 2014-DJ-BX-0084 38,062 MA 2014
Delray Beach Police Department's Holiday Robbery Task Force City of Delray Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0309 40,770 FL 2014
2014 JAG Quad City Metropolitan Drug Task Force Project SCOTT COUNTY IOWA 2014-DJ-BX-0223 100,878 IA 2014
Enhancement of Cognitive Skills Groups in Community School Prevention Sites Clackamas County Juvenile Department 2014-DJ-BX-0348 29,550 OR 2014
FY2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Hudson County County of Hudson 2014-DJ-BX-1105 288,566 NJ 2014
See Me & Hear Me Project City of Sedalia 2014-DJ-BX-0361 11,646 MO 2014
Precise Performance West Jordan City 2014-DJ-BX-0757 38,491 UT 2014
Lynn FY 14 JAG Program City of Lynn 2014-DJ-BX-0439 70,006 MA 2014
JAG PD/SO Equipment Project 2014 City of Paris 2014-DJ-BX-0285 12,883 TX 2014
Laptop Computer Program City of Union City 2014-DJ-BX-0955 20,398 GA 2014
Forensic Capabilities Enhancement and Critical Equipment Program Barrow County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-1180 20,460 GA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Pike County 2014-DJ-BX-0407 11,757 MS 2014
Oconee County Law Enforcement Grant Oconee County 2014-DJ-BX-0726 22,515 SC 2014
Owensboro City & Daviess County FY14 JAG Project City of Owensboro 2014-DJ-BX-0614 20,215 KY 2014
Advancing Public Safety Arlington County 2014-DJ-BX-0572 44,802 VA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Mesa County 2014-DJ-BX-0945 19,792 CO 2014
2014 JAG- Police Vehicle Radar and Camera Equipment City of Wilson 2014-DJ-BX-0437 25,565 NC 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Santa Fe, New Mexico 2014-DJ-BX-1036 42,741 NM 2014
2014 Law Enforcement Equipment Purchase Program City of Murfreesboro 2014-DJ-BX-0226 67,090 TN 2014
Nassau County Firearm Enforcement Initiative Nassau County, New York 2014-DJ-BX-0289 133,158 NY 2014
Youth Accountability Board Project Covina Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0189 12,678 CA 2014
Interoperability Dual Band Portable Radios Project City of Coalinga 2014-DJ-BX-0045 11,639 CA 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of West Covina 2014-DJ-BX-0060 24,017 CA 2014
Bay County/City Law Enforcement 2014 County of Bay 2014-DJ-BX-1033 18,028 MI 2014
2014 JAG Equipment Program City of Danville 2014-DJ-BX-0091 28,949 IL 2014
Officer Safety/Comunication Initiative Laurens County Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-0192 11,540 GA 2014
Mobile forensic solution City of Danville, Virginia 2014-DJ-BX-0665 22,213 VA 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Aurora 2014-DJ-BX-0814 182,876 CO 2014
Digital Video Enhancement Project Greene County 2014-DJ-BX-0612 12,453 TN 2014
Project Safe Highways Cherokee County 2014-DJ-BX-0007 11,135 GA 2014
Sanger City FY14 JAG Project City of Sanger 2014-DJ-BX-1109 20,246 CA 2014
Statistical Crime Analysis Project City of San Luis Obispo 2014-DJ-BX-0849 10,355 CA 2014
Spotsylvania County's Request for FFY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program - Local Solicitation Spotsylvania County 2014-DJ-BX-0974 37,476 VA 2014
2014 Norfolk County JAG Program Quincy Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1040 74,918 MA 2014
Benton Township: Departmental Technological EnhancementsCity of Benton Harbor: Officer Safety and Security Enhancements. County of Berrien 2014-DJ-BX-0821 26,034 MI 2014
CCTJC 2014 JAG Award Chippewa Cree Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-1213 14,418 MT 2014
VSAT Communications and Surveillance Project City of Melbourne 2014-DJ-BX-0389 52,969 FL 2014
Northern Ocean County Enforcement Project Lakewood Township 2014-DJ-BX-0159 31,395 NJ 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Fort Collins 2014-DJ-BX-0943 58,642 CO 2014
Electric Police Motorcycle Project City of Ada 2014-DJ-BX-0432 14,370 OK 2014
Special Investigations Unit at the Northern Colorado Drug Task Force City of Loveland 2014-DJ-BX-0329 13,980 CO 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program CITY OF FLORENCE 2014-DJ-BX-0380 27,267 SC 2014
Enhancement of Evidence Based Programs and Practices City of Spokane Valley 2014-DJ-BX-0261 19,586 WA 2014
Mobile Forensic Equipment Project Watsonville City of 2014-DJ-BX-0294 23,498 CA 2014
Placer County Special Investigation Unit (SIU) Task Force - Anti-Drug Placer County 2014-DJ-BX-0609 23,962 CA 2014
Redmond Police Mobile Data Terminal Upgrade Project City of Redmond 2014-DJ-BX-0267 12,003 OR 2014
Nicholas County FY14 JAG Project Nicholas County Commission 2014-DJ-BX-0616 31,931 WV 2014
Investigative Equipment Purchase Mohave County 2014-DJ-BX-0292 12,441 AZ 2014
Ouachita Parish Sheriff & Monroe City FY14 JAG Project Ouachita Parish 2014-DJ-BX-0585 63,460 LA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Rancho Cordova 2014-DJ-BX-1075 30,164 CA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program CITY OF BAKERSFIELD 2014-DJ-BX-1171 161,177 CA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Shakopee 2014-DJ-BX-1098 10,912 MN 2014
Crime Prevention & Education Program Town of Cutler Bay 2014-DJ-BX-0106 13,261 FL 2014
1. Hendry County Sheriff's Office - "Enhancing Jail Security" 2. Hendry County School Board - "Truancy Court/Intervention" 3. Clewiston Police Department - "Mobile Wireless Computing" Hendry County 2014-DJ-BX-0393 16,096 FL 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Kentwood 2014-DJ-BX-0749 15,564 MI 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Yuma 2014-DJ-BX-1146 47,553 AZ 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Smith County 2014-DJ-BX-1076 65,492 TX 2014
City of Opa-locka Police Department New Police Radio Project The City of Opa-Locka 2014-DJ-BX-0521 32,647 FL 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Hall County 2014-DJ-BX-1170 16,468 GA 2014
Realistic Training to Improve Stress Related Performance City of Harrisonburg 2014-DJ-BX-0268 14,183 VA 2014
City of Huntington Park FY 14 JAG Project City of Huntington Park 2014-DJ-BX-0283 38,771 CA 2014
2014 JAG City of San Jose 2014-DJ-BX-0066 290,714 CA 2014
JAG Program Stark County 2014-DJ-BX-1195 77,610 OH 2014
HPD Community Assistance Partner Henderson Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0542 44,660 NV 2014
Hempstead Safety, Training and Technology Upgrades Incorporated Village of Hempstead 2014-DJ-BX-1177 39,147 NY 2014
First line equipment purchases City of New Bern 2014-DJ-BX-1027 15,540 NC 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Concord 2014-DJ-BX-1124 10,284 NC 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial JAG Grant City of Dallas 2014-DJ-BX-0908 951,372 TX 2014
Enhance and Upgrade Equipment and Technology Berkeley County 2014-DJ-BX-0561 40,781 SC 2014
2014 K9 and Equipment Enhancement Grant Walker County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0765 15,221 GA 2014
Bartow County District Attorney's Office Part-Time Investigator Bartow County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0763 24,765 GA 2014
Baltimore City's JAG Program, Round 10 City of Baltimore 2014-DJ-BX-0527 771,963 MD 2014
2014 JAG Officer Safety and Equipment Programs Bloomington, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0092 42,492 IL 2014
Hampshire County Law Enforcement Electronic Data Assistance Hampshire County Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-0637 14,237 WV 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians 2014-DJ-BX-0679 14,719 ND 2014
Community Police Liaison and G.R.E.A.T. Program City of Niagara Falls 2014-DJ-BX-0674 52,293 NY 2014
FY14 Justice Assistance Grant New York City Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice 2014-DJ-BX-0939 4,411,384 NY 2014
P25 Compliant Interoperability Radio Project City of Sandy Springs 2014-DJ-BX-0953 16,499 GA 2014
Investigative Fraud Project Brevard County 2014-DJ-BX-0117 70,684 FL 2014
2014 JAG Traffic and Security Upgrades City of Danbury 2014-DJ-BX-0171 16,998 CT 2014
Technology upgrades and replacements of the outdated patrol fleet Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) Norwich City 2014-DJ-BX-0725 16,430 CT 2014
Crime Prevention & Officer Safety Enhancement Program Town of Hamden 2014-DJ-BX-0505 31,942 CT 2014
Enforcement Equipment Improvement Program Lancaster County 2014-DJ-BX-0442 19,770 SC 2014
2014 Lucas County JAG Collaboration Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 2014-DJ-BX-0940 321,420 OH 2014
JAG Program County of Henrico, Virginia 2014-DJ-BX-0395 70,021 VA 2014
Positive Developments in Community Policing and Public Safety City of New Haven 2014-DJ-BX-0476 246,007 CT 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Ottumwa 2014-DJ-BX-0479 11,636 IA 2014
2014 JAG Equipment purchases City of Greenville 2014-DJ-BX-0868 15,366 TX 2014
Lima/Allen County 2014 Local JAG City of Lima 2014-DJ-BX-1084 42,719 OH 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Eau Claire 2014-DJ-BX-0587 15,776 WI 2014
Hot Springs City & Garland County FY14 JAG Project City of Hot Springs 2014-DJ-BX-1194 45,363 AR 2014
Ascension Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project Ascension Parish Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-0949 23,194 LA 2014
Replacement of patrol shotguns City of Southfield 2014-DJ-BX-1153 31,633 MI 2014
Equipment for Firearms and Less-Than-Lethal Equipment Acquisition City of Bismarck 2014-DJ-BX-0909 34,248 ND 2014
Justice Assistance Grant-Equipment city of east saint louis 2014-DJ-BX-1216 166,820 IL 2014
2014 JAG Radar and Lidar Units Ballistic Vests Replacement Award City of Iowa City 2014-DJ-BX-0239 25,790 IA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Clark County, Nevada 2014-DJ-BX-0554 1,004,322 NV 2014
2014 JAG Law Enforcement Project Junction City 2014-DJ-BX-0583 18,002 KS 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of San Angelo 2014-DJ-BX-0520 22,539 TX 2014
Sulphur City FY14 JAG Project City of Sulphur 2014-DJ-BX-1215 17,589 LA 2014
Emergency Situations and Community Safety Response Training Hualapai Indian Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-1116 10,752 AZ 2014
FY 14 City and County of Los Angeles CLEAR Program City of Los Angeles 2014-DJ-BX-0235 2,120,954 CA 2014
APD Technology Enhancement Project CITY OF ALAMO 2014-DJ-BX-0037 13,794 TX 2014
2014 BJA Local JAG Grant Projects WAYNE COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-0503 1,567,159 MI 2014
Equipment Assistance Grant City of College Station 2014-DJ-BX-0528 59,175 TX 2014
Muskogee City & Muskogee County FY2014 JAG Project City of Muskogee 2014-DJ-BX-0178 36,153 OK 2014
South Salt Lake Police Department Body Camera Project City of South Salt Lake 2014-DJ-BX-0707 33,460 UT 2014
San Juan Police Department Patrol Enhancement City of San Juan 2014-DJ-BX-0272 18,704 TX 2014
2014 East Point Police Department JAG Project City of East Point 2014-DJ-BX-0957 36,617 GA 2014
Maintaining Building and CJIS Security City of Altamonte Springs 2014-DJ-BX-0604 12,148 FL 2014
Sheriff's Special Response Team Enhancement Union County 2014-DJ-BX-1159 19,758 NC 2014
FY14 Cleveland Area Justice Assistance Grant City of Cleveland 2014-DJ-BX-0876 595,551 OH 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Carroll County Board of Commissioners 2014-DJ-BX-0937 18,121 GA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program St. Marys County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0810 20,593 MD 2014
City of Belle Glade Youth Empowerment Program City of Belle Glade 2014-DJ-BX-0010 26,548 FL 2014
Contraband Detector and Narcotic Kits City of Bessemer 2014-DJ-BX-0465 44,142 AL 2014
Enhance Officer Safety and Accountability Licking County 2014-DJ-BX-0806 31,419 OH 2014
Domestic Abuse Response Team Project City of Lakeland 2014-DJ-BX-0004 37,253 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Miami, Florida 2014-DJ-BX-0390 369,085 FL 2014
FY14 JAG Tactical & Non-tactical Training Project City of Wilkes-Barre 2014-DJ-BX-1008 30,275 PA 2014
2014 JAG Grant - Bulletproof Vests City of Pascagoula 2014-DJ-BX-0694 13,140 MS 2014
Miami-Dade Police Department 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program - Enhanced Police Operations Miami Dade County 2014-DJ-BX-0134 503,265 FL 2014
Operation Stand Up City of Chillicothe 2014-DJ-BX-0416 16,259 OH 2014
Community Mentoring Program Willingboro Township 2014-DJ-BX-0797 11,662 NJ 2014
Efficiency and Production Project City of Atlantic City 2014-DJ-BX-1065 109,723 NJ 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program RANDOLPH COUNTY 2014-DJ-BX-0346 10,771 NC 2014
Recreation Leader for City of Lake Worth's Youth Empowerment Centers City of Lake Worth 2014-DJ-BX-0313 33,102 FL 2014
Safe Communities Lorain County 2014-DJ-BX-1212 49,661 OH 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Bethlehem 2014-DJ-BX-0586 34,437 PA 2014
Overtime Funding for the Operation of the Street Level Apprehension Program City of Anderson, Inc. 2014-DJ-BX-0379 17,580 SC 2014
Blount County Sheriff 2014-15 Interoperable Radio Equipment Enhancement- JAG Local Solicitation. Blount County 2014-DJ-BX-1100 20,209 TN 2014
Additional X26P Tasers for Police Officers Project Town of Mount Pleasant 2014-DJ-BX-0119 12,380 SC 2014
Bomb Squad Upgrade (BSU) Project City of McAllen 2014-DJ-BX-0466 19,614 TX 2014
Lake County Sheriff's Office Special Operations Program Lake County 2014-DJ-BX-0715 40,720 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of DeLand 2014-DJ-BX-0677 10,629 FL 2014
Beckley City & Raleigh County FY14 JAG Project City of Beckley 2014-DJ-BX-0543 58,032 WV 2014
Patrol Officer Rapid Response to Critical Incidents City of Myrtle Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0426 37,139 SC 2014
Critical Equipment Project Horry County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0769 81,061 SC 2014
Corrections Security Response Team (SRT) Project St. Johns County Sheriff''s Office 2014-DJ-BX-0942 37,860 FL 2014
In-Car Video Project City of Riviera Beach 2014-DJ-BX-0003 39,125 FL 2014
Mansfield Police/Richland County Sheriff's Sworn Officer Retention Project CITY OF MANSFIELD 2014-DJ-BX-0418 17,994 OH 2014
Sheriff's Office Interoperability Communications Equipment Dorchester County Government 2014-DJ-BX-0121 28,903 SC 2014
2014 Cass-Fargo Collaborative Project Cass County 2014-DJ-BX-0904 63,452 ND 2014
Alameda County FY 14 JAG Project County of Alameda, California 2014-DJ-BX-0275 873,480 CA 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment Project city of dinuba 2014-DJ-BX-0051 14,044 CA 2014
Information Technology Software and Hardware Upgrade City of Culver City 2014-DJ-BX-0735 12,951 CA 2014
Talladega City / Talladega County JAG Program Talladega Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0833 10,349 AL 2014
FY14 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant- Physical Fitness Equipment City of Charlottesville 2014-DJ-BX-0921 27,050 VA 2014
2015 City of Bradenton Justice Assistance Grant-Local CITY OF BRADENTON 2014-DJ-BX-0317 27,484 FL 2014
JAG Program Lake County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0448 25,185 OH 2014
Tulare County School Safety Program County of Tulare 2014-DJ-BX-0506 45,793 CA 2014
Improve Crime and Enhance Law Enforcement Equipment Project Lake County Sheriff's Department 2014-DJ-BX-0682 181,168 IN 2014
Law Enforcement Resource Enhancement Project FY2014 City of Pueblo 2014-DJ-BX-0816 91,604 CO 2014
Escambia County Sheriff Crimes involving Firearms 2014 Escambia County 2014-DJ-BX-0596 143,494 FL 2014
Sheriff's Office Firearms Kitsap County 2014-DJ-BX-0881 51,668 WA 2014
Equipment Officer Safety Project City of Florence 2014-DJ-BX-0638 11,574 KY 2014
Will County-City of Joliet Joint JAG Initiative Will County Executive 2014-DJ-BX-1218 58,212 IL 2014
Technology Upgrades Middletown Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0733 12,903 DE 2014
Canine Purchase and Training Project Polk County Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-1029 10,775 WI 2014
Investigations Technology Upgrade Program Augusta County 2014-DJ-BX-0247 11,600 VA 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program (Local Solicitation) - San Mateo County County of San Mateo 2014-DJ-BX-0327 109,810 CA 2014
Ocala Police Department Active Shooter Program City of Ocala 2014-DJ-BX-0452 30,217 FL 2014
2014 Kenosha Police Department Equipment and 2014 Kenosha Sheriff's Department Equipment City of Kenosha 2014-DJ-BX-0915 33,463 WI 2014
Skagit Juvenile Victim Offender Meeting Program Skagit County, WA 2014-DJ-BX-0076 10,779 WA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Beaufort County 2014-DJ-BX-0724 53,636 SC 2014
2014 GIPD & HCSO JAG Grant City of Grand Island 2014-DJ-BX-0875 26,312 NE 2014
2014 Law Enforcement Enhancement Project Coeur D'Alene City of 2014-DJ-BX-0973 72,483 ID 2014
Taser Purchase/Drug Court Supplement City of Terre Haute 2014-DJ-BX-1129 17,739 IN 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Burbank 2014-DJ-BX-0535 17,896 CA 2014
Jacksonville City FY14 JAG Project City of Jacksonville 2014-DJ-BX-0859 21,742 AR 2014
Youngstown/Mahoning FY2014 JAG City of Youngstown 2014-DJ-BX-0449 70,809 OH 2014
Technology and Equipment Advancement and Improvement. City of Kingsport 2014-DJ-BX-0250 27,666 TN 2014
Town of Tonawanda Police Department Mental Health Officer Training Town of Tonawanda, NY 2014-DJ-BX-0337 10,141 NY 2014
Court Delay Reduction, Phase VII - Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant, FY 2014 Thurston County 2014-DJ-BX-0837 32,484 WA 2014
Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court Probation Assistance Program Standing Rock Sioux Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-1161 18,920 ND 2014
Sutter County & Yuba City FY14 JAG Project County of Sutter 2014-DJ-BX-0691 18,388 CA 2014
Casa Grande Community Policing Project City of Casa Grande 2014-DJ-BX-1059 21,288 AZ 2014
2014 La Crosse Area Justice Assistance Grant La Crosse Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-1151 19,395 WI 2014
Special Weapons and Tactical (S.W.A.T.) Program PRINCETON, CITY OF 2014-DJ-BX-0162 12,067 WV 2014
FY 2014 JAG Award Project Ponca City 2014-DJ-BX-0333 10,953 OK 2014
FY 14 JAG Program CITY OF EL MONTE 2014-DJ-BX-0571 38,689 CA 2014
Side-View In-Car Video Cameras City of Monterey 2014-DJ-BX-0063 13,525 CA 2014
Portable Radios City of Bend 2014-DJ-BX-0349 28,451 OR 2014
Purchase and acquisition of law enforcement equipment,technology and overtime expenses. City of Everett 2014-DJ-BX-0195 85,687 WA 2014
Police In-Car Video Systems Project City of Elk Grove 2014-DJ-BX-0603 42,733 CA 2014
Hidalgo County Auxiliary Court Hidalgo County 2014-DJ-BX-0263 46,650 TX 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Rosemead 2014-DJ-BX-0036 13,115 CA 2014
2014 Panola County JAG Application Panola County 2014-DJ-BX-0405 14,896 MS 2014
FY 14 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program: Local City of Round Rock 2014-DJ-BX-1222 10,262 TX 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Johnson County Kansas 2014-DJ-BX-0907 69,065 KS 2014
Baldwin County Sheriff's Office In-Car Digital Camera Upgrade Baldwin County 2014-DJ-BX-0435 11,903 AL 2014
Public Safety Department Mobile Digital Computers City of Norwalk 2014-DJ-BX-0320 34,235 CA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Bell Gardens 2014-DJ-BX-0186 13,798 CA 2014
Bellflower Sheriff Community Patrol Enhancement City of Bellflower 2014-DJ-BX-0039 27,459 CA 2014
District Attorney Child Abuser Prosecution Project County of Yuba 2014-DJ-BX-0335 15,902 CA 2014
City of Palatka Patrol Technology Program City of Palatka 2014-DJ-BX-0180 10,958 FL 2014
Infrared Camera Acquisition County of Knox, Illinois 2014-DJ-BX-0888 11,768 IL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Manteca 2014-DJ-BX-0017 19,454 CA 2014
2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Jackson County 2014-DJ-BX-0700 10,219 NC 2014
2014 Justice Assistance Grant County of San Bernardino 2014-DJ-BX-0716 659,953 CA 2014
Equipment, Technology, and Training to Enhance Law Enforcement City of Portland 2014-DJ-BX-0794 110,008 ME 2014
Rogers City FY14 JAG Project City of Rogers 2014-DJ-BX-0969 20,373 AR 2014
Police Community Relations Chula Vista City 2014-DJ-BX-0025 52,296 CA 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Broward Sheriff's Office 2014-DJ-BX-0394 613,834 FL 2014
Investigative Support and Risk Mitigation for Law Enforcement Agencies in El Paso County City of Colorado Springs 2014-DJ-BX-0817 277,791 CO 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program HERRIN, CITY OF 2014-DJ-BX-0420 14,345 IL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Dodge City 2014-DJ-BX-0050 13,568 KS 2014
Iberia Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project IBERIA PARISH SHERIFF DEPARTMENT 2014-DJ-BX-0717 25,234 LA 2014
2014 JAG Program City of Sparks Police Department 2014-DJ-BX-0533 25,094 NV 2014
FY 14 JAG Program Michael M. Machado 2014-DJ-BX-1145 30,301 CA 2014
Police Equipment and Overtime Projects for Community Crime Solutions City of Raleigh 2014-DJ-BX-0967 189,044 NC 2014
LiveScan Fingerprint Equipment Project Nez Perce County 2014-DJ-BX-0400 10,924 ID 2014
Marked Patrol Car Project City of Crossville 2014-DJ-BX-0899 11,211 TN 2014
Mobile Computer and Scanning Improvement Program County of Sonoma 2014-DJ-BX-0323 46,531 CA 2014
First Responder Active Shooter ballistic and response equipment City of Rome 2014-DJ-BX-0490 20,273 GA 2014
Staff Study and Community Survey City of Champaign 2014-DJ-BX-0983 74,791 IL 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project City of Lodi 2014-DJ-BX-1018 20,738 CA 2014
Enhanced Traffic Enforcement City of Palmdale 2014-DJ-BX-0274 66,367 CA 2014
WatchGuard Purchase City of Kalispell 2014-DJ-BX-0108 13,398 MT 2014
Photo Evidence Documentation Grant City of Desert Hot Springs 2014-DJ-BX-0981 28,744 CA 2014
2014 JAG Grant for Tasers City of Urbana 2014-DJ-BX-0570 14,832 IL 2014
Law Enforcement Equipment Aiken County of 2014-DJ-BX-0109 30,487 SC 2014
Capturing & Managing Digital Evidence in the Field City of Manassas 2014-DJ-BX-0796 19,067 VA 2014
Miami Gardens Focus on Public Safety Project City of Miami Gardens 2014-DJ-BX-0009 75,695 FL 2014
Opelousas City, Eunice City & St. Landry Parish Sheriff FY14 JAG Project City of Opelousas 2014-DJ-BX-1063 34,949 LA 2014
Gang Suppression and Education Program City of Parlier 2014-DJ-BX-0920 10,656 CA 2014
Reduction in Crime and Violence and Implementation of a Gang Injunction Restricting Gang Activity City of La Puente 2014-DJ-BX-0646 12,022 CA 2014
City of La Quinta Law Enforcement Productivity through Technology Initiative City of La Quinta 2014-DJ-BX-0302 12,978 CA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Orange County 2014-DJ-BX-0823 395,784 FL 2014
Canine Unit Support and Training Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Public Safety 2014-DJ-BX-0971 14,062 SD 2014
Victim Alarms, Encrypted Communications and Improved Coordination Deschutes, County of 2014-DJ-BX-0634 23,640 OR 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Program City Of Marion 2014-DJ-BX-0997 10,272 OH 2014
Replacing and enhancing interoperable communication equipment City of Bastrop 2014-DJ-BX-1062 19,145 TX 2014
Development of an Evidence Technician Unit City of West Des Moines 2014-DJ-BX-0264 15,198 IA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City Of Gallup 2014-DJ-BX-1207 35,846 NM 2014
Technology, Training and Officer Safety Improvements Sumter County 2014-DJ-BX-1190 46,984 SC 2014
Significant Incident Response Enhancements Okaloosa County BCC 2014-DJ-BX-0430 41,859 FL 2014
Enhancement of Law Enforcement Programs Minnesota Chippewa Tribe 2014-DJ-BX-1117 19,249 MN 2014
2014 JAG Grant Wilkes County 2014-DJ-BX-0830 12,523 NC 2014
FY 14 Justice Assistance Grant Macon-Bibb County 2014-DJ-BX-0935 78,254 GA 2014
Reduce Property and Violent Crime City of Titusville 2014-DJ-BX-0387 23,131 FL 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Naperville 2014-DJ-BX-0496 10,222 IL 2014
Digital Evidence Extraction and Analysis Equipment Program County of Pinal 2014-DJ-BX-1141 18,432 AZ 2014
FY 2014 Justice Assistance Grant Program Radio Replacement City of Brighton 2014-DJ-BX-0404 10,264 CO 2014
JAG Program City of Suffolk 2014-DJ-BX-0417 37,711 VA 2014
FY 14 JAG Program City of Fort Worth 2014-DJ-BX-0297 568,848 TX 2014
Information Technology Project Indian River County 2014-DJ-BX-0027 24,877 FL 2014
FY 2014 King County Joint JAG Program City of Seattle 2014-DJ-BX-1034 685,828 WA 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 JAG Project Fond du Lac, City of 2014-DJ-BX-0916 18,744 WI 2014
Expansion of Charleston Police Department Public Safety Technological Initiative City of Charleston, SC 2014-DJ-BX-0462 29,642 SC 2014
Push Bumpers (LPD vehicles) / Eticket Machines / Pantech 4G LTE Global USB Modem UML290 (Air Cards) / Pro Gard Vertical Gun Racks City of Lawrence 2014-DJ-BX-0744 11,959 IN 2014
FY 2014 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - St. Louis County St. Louis County 2014-DJ-BX-0517 91,308 MO 2014
2014 Gaston County Justice Assistance Grant Gaston County 2014-DJ-BX-0855 60,181 NC 2014

as of 03/25/2019