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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 14 Second Chance Act Technology Career Training Program for Incarcerated Adults and Juveniles"

Number of Award(s): 6
Total Amount Awarded: $3,934,881.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Working I.T. Out New York City Department of Correction 2014-RV-BX-0005 $750,000 NY 2014
Los Angeles Believes in Opportunities & Recidivism Reduction City of Los Angeles 2014-RV-BX-0006 $750,000 CA 2014
Imperial Valley Second Chance Project Imperial Valley Regional Occupational Program (IVROP) 2014-RV-BX-0003 $525,900 CA 2014
Technology Career Training Apprenticeship Project San Diego County Superintendent of Schools 2014-RV-BX-0004 $748,343 CA 2014
You Only Live Once (YOLO) Youth Diversion - Tech Training St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment 2014-RV-BX-0001 $520,954 MO 2014
Commerce Technology Career Training Program for Women Along the Engineering Career Pathway Kansas Department of Commerce 2014-RV-BX-0002 $639,684 KS 2014

as of 07/12/2020