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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 14 Smart Supervision: Reducing Prison Populations, Saving Money, and Creating Safer Communities"

Number of Award(s): 7
Total Amount Awarded: $4,558,858.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Alameda County Smart Supervision Initiative Alameda County Probation Department 2014-SM-BX-0006 $557,097 CA 2014
Smarter Supervision with Statewide Impact Washington State Department of Corrections 2014-SM-BX-0003 $750,000 WA 2014
Smart Thinking: Expanding Thinking for a Change Capacity through Collaboration Maricopa County Adult Probation Department 2014-SM-BX-0002 $749,998 AZ 2014
Pinellas SMART Re-Entry Probation Corrections, Florida Department of 2014-SM-BX-0005 $750,000 FL 2014
Enhancing Fidelity to Evidence-Based Models Maine Department of Corrections 2014-SM-BX-0001 $573,620 ME 2014
Noble County Probation Risk and Evidence Based Supervision Noble County Probation 2014-SM-BX-0004 $428,143 IN 2014
GDC Smart Supervision Project Georgia Department of Corrections 2014-SM-BX-0007 $750,000 GA 2014

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