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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 15 Smart Supervision: Reducing Prison Populations, Saving Money, and Creating Safer Communities"

Number of Award(s): 7
Total Amount Awarded: $4,771,344.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Multnomah County Smart Supervision Project Multnomah, County of 2015-SM-BX-0001 $746,536 OR 2015
NC ASSIST: Aligning Supervision Strategies for Individuals in need of Services and Treatment North Carolina Department of Public Safety 2015-SM-BX-0004 $679,349 NC 2015
Somerset County Day Reporting Center Somerset County Commissioners 2015-SM-BX-0006 $637,634 PA 2015
Allegheny County's Smart Accountability Project Allegheny County 2015-SM-BX-0002 $685,920 PA 2015
Assessing and Implementing Evidence-based Practices for Probationer Services in Salinas City of Salinas 2015-SM-BX-0005 $557,734 CA 2015
Positive Adolescent Community Supervision (Project PACS) New York City Departmen of Probation 2015-SM-BX-0003 $716,050 NY 2015
Youthful Sex Offender Treatment Program Eighth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services 2015-SM-BX-0007 $748,121 IA 2015

as of 07/12/2020