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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 18 Adult Reentry and Employment Strategic Planning Program"

Number of Award(s): 11
Total Amount Awarded: $2,045,837.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Connecticut Reentry and Employment Strategic Planning (RESP) Initiative State of Connecticut, Department of Correction 2018-RQ-BX-0008 $184,954 CT 2018
Delaware's Employment Planning Strategy and Training Project Executive Office of the Governor of Delaware 2018-RQ-BX-0002 $200,000 DE 2018
Iowa Reentry and Employment Training Project (IRETP) Iowa Department of Corrections 2018-RQ-BX-0011 $200,000 IA 2018
Adult Reentry and Employment Planning Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections 2018-RQ-BX-0003 $169,923 LA 2018
Mapping the Future: A Systems Based Approach to Refining Reentry Planning Texas Department of Criminal Justice 2018-RQ-BX-0007 $152,076 TX 2018
New Path Reentry Navajo Nation Judicial Branch 2018-RQ-BX-0010 $200,000 AZ 2018
The P.E.E.R.S Project Florida Department of Corrections 2018-RQ-BX-0001 $195,408 FL 2018
Minnesota Statewide Initiative to Reduce Recidivism - Employment Matters! Minnesota Deparment of Corrections 2018-RQ-BX-0005 $189,909 MN 2018
An Integrated Approach to Employing Reentering Offenders in Vermont Vermont Agency of Human Services 2018-RQ-BX-0006 $199,160 VT 2018
Integrated Reentry and Employment Strategies in South Central Wisconsin Wisconsin Department of Corrections 2018-RQ-BX-0004 $200,000 WI 2018
Nevada's Statewide Employment Strategic Planning Program for Returning Citizens Nevada Department of Corrections 2018-RQ-BX-0009 $154,407 NV 2018

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