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    Awards Made for "BJA FY 2009 Second Chance Act Prisoner Reentry Initiative"

Number of Award(s): 15
Total Amount Awarded: $7,732,726.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Richmond Second Chance Reentry Model City of Richmond, Virginia 2009-CZ-BX-0052 $200,000 VA 2009
Wisconsin Second Chance Initiative Wisconsin Department of Corrections 2009-CZ-BX-0048 $750,000 WI 2009
Allegheny County Reentry Initiative Allegheny County, PA 2009-CZ-BX-0046 $608,339 PA 2009
Back on Track Reentry Program City of Memphis 2009-CZ-BX-0044 $394,500 TN 2009
South Dakota Department of Corrections Reentry Strategic Plan South Dakota Department of Corrections 2009-CZ-BX-0045 $749,749 SD 2009
New Hampshire Second Chance Act Reentry Demonstration Project New Hampshire Department of Justice 2009-CZ-BX-0053 $400,000 NH 2009
Kentucky's Reentry by Design Prisoner Reentry Initiative Kentucky Department of Corrections 2009-CZ-BX-0054 $750,000 KY 2009
"David's Place" County of Monroe, NY 2009-CZ-BX-0055 $275,659 NY 2009
Stark County Re-Entry Court Initiative Stark County Court of Common Pleas 2009-CY-BX-0056 $125,000 OH 2009
Secure Approaches For Effective Reentry-Oklahoma (SAFER Oklahoma) State of Oklahoma 2009-CZ-BX-0042 $750,000 OK 2009
Marion County Reentry Initiative Marion County 2009-CZ-BX-0043 $302,768 OR 2009
San Francisco Second Chance (SF Second Chance) San Francisco Department of Public Health 2009-CZ-BX-0049 $600,000 CA 2009
Harlem Parole Reentry Court New York City Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice 2009-CZ-BX-0051 $399,037 NY 2009
San Mateo County Second Chance Reentry Project County of San Mateo 2009-CZ-BX-0047 $677,674 CA 2009
Offenders About to Reenter Society (O.A.R.S) Florida Department of Corrections 2009-CZ-BX-0050 $750,000 FL 2009

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