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    Awards Made for "Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program"

Number of Award(s): 1572
Total Amount Awarded: $245,795,015.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Town of Brattleboro 2005-DJ-BX-0620 $19,598 VT 2005
FY05 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety 2005-DJ-BX-0108 $8,350,330 NJ 2005
Boston Police Department Justice Assistance Grant City of Boston 2005-DJ-BX-0809 $929,923 MA 2005
Communications Interoperability Town of Athol 2005-DJ-BX-0588 $16,889 MA 2005
Warren Domestic Violence and Drug Reduction Program Town of Warren, MA. 2005-DJ-BX-0606 $13,709 MA 2005
Overtime and Equipment for Community Policing County of Dorchester 2005-DJ-BX-0440 $15,609 MD 2005
Justice Assistance Project for the Enhancement of Initiatives in the City of Syracuse and County of Onondaga City of Syracuse 2005-DJ-BX-0409 $205,089 NY 2005
JAG: Victim/Witness Services Advocate Acquisition Initiative Dauphin County 2005-DJ-BX-1322 $103,230 PA 2005
City of Niagara Falls Community Prosecution Project Niagara County 2005-DJ-BX-1475 $60,177 NY 2005
Coordinated Community Justice Initiative Schenectady County 2005-DJ-BX-1480 $57,980 NY 2005
Gadsden County Sheriff's OfficeNarcotics Task Force County of Gadsden 2005-DJ-BX-1151 $13,612 FL 2005
Crime Prevention Education and Technology Enhancements City of Gainesville 2005-DJ-BX-0557 $88,076 FL 2005
Enhancement of Jurisdictional Response Marlboro County 2005-DJ-BX-0738 $22,884 SC 2005
In-Car Camera Systems City of Newnan 2005-DJ-BX-0191 $11,633 GA 2005
Upgrading Sheriffs Department Radio's Washington County 2005-DJ-BX-0884 $13,730 NY 2005
Upgrade Peach County Law Enforcement Center Peach County 2005-DJ-BX-1626 $18,500 GA 2005
800 mhz Emergency Communications Upgrade (phaseII) Anderson County 2005-DJ-BX-0800 $85,750 SC 2005
Replacement of expired tactical body armor worn by the Emergency Services Unit. City of Smyrna 2005-DJ-BX-0932 $25,603 GA 2005
Unity in Service - Working together to improve services Kinston, City of 2005-DJ-BX-0432 $54,385 NC 2005
Over-time Training for Law Enforcement Carroll County 2005-DJ-BX-1440 $43,419 GA 2005
Mobile Data Terminal Expansion Project County of Brunswick 2005-DJ-BX-1478 $15,283 NC 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Program - Crime Prevention and Control and Criminal Justice System Improvement Cobb County, Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-1137 $141,846 GA 2005
Overtime - Law Enforcement County of Pittsylvania 2005-DJ-BX-0857 $14,793 VA 2005
Child physical and/or sexual abuse interview room. Campbell County 2005-DJ-BX-1052 $13,086 VA 2005
Cary Police Department "In-Car" Video Camera Project Town of Cary 2005-DJ-BX-0141 $13,317 NC 2005
Court Customer Service (CCS) Program City of Roswell 2005-DJ-BX-0189 $19,007 GA 2005
City of Roanoke, Virginia, Police Department - Bicycle Patrol Program City of Roanoke 2005-DJ-BX-0886 $111,010 VA 2005
Cabell County West Virginia Byrne Grant - Equipment Cabell County 2005-DJ-BX-0427 $70,663 WV 2005
Martinsville Police Department Officer Safety Enhancement Program City of Martinsville 2005-DJ-BX-0415 $14,856 VA 2005
Courthouse Security County of Halifax 2005-DJ-BX-0870 $11,887 NC 2005
Interoperable Records Management System Project County of Prince George, Virginia 2005-DJ-BX-0855 $11,316 VA 2005
Law Enforcement Programs Cabarrus County 2005-DJ-BX-1230 $37,806 NC 2005
Purchase and installation of digital in-car cameras for the City Police Department. City of Paducah 2005-DJ-BX-0259 $31,430 KY 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment City of Winchester, Virginia 2005-DJ-BX-1247 $17,005 VA 2005
2005 Justice Assistance Grant Madison County 2005-DJ-BX-1762 $18,410 MS 2005
Mobile Data Terminal Replacement County of Surry 2005-DJ-BX-0136 $31,416 NC 2005
Tupelo/Lee County JAG Project City of Tupelo 2005-DJ-BX-0542 $49,309 MS 2005
Henderson Police Department Vehicle Equipment Upgrades and Crime Reduction and Maintenance Henderson City 2005-DJ-BX-1271 $64,222 KY 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Program County of Stafford 2005-DJ-BX-1756 $23,707 VA 2005
Law Enforcement City of Greenwood 2005-DJ-BX-0254 $23,032 MS 2005
FY 2005 City of Ridgeland JAG City of Ridgeland Mississippi 2005-DJ-BX-0247 $12,408 MS 2005
Systems Upgrades Fayette County Tennessee 2005-DJ-BX-1476 $11,819 TN 2005
Ohio's 2005 Edward J. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Federally Administered by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services 2005-DJ-BX-0874 $10,266,300 OH 2005
Equipment and Software upgrade City of Lawrenceburg 2005-DJ-BX-1164 $16,959 TN 2005
Franklin County Justice Assistance Program Franklin County, Ohio 2005-DJ-BX-1181 $1,082,762 OH 2005
Cookeville Police Department Technology Improvement Program City of Cookeville 2005-DJ-BX-1113 $13,020 TN 2005
Panola County P.E.P.( Prevention Education Programs) Panola County 2005-DJ-BX-0251 $21,167 MS 2005
Johnson City/Washington County Law Enforcement Partnership City of Johnson City 2005-DJ-BX-0258 $60,595 TN 2005
Evidence and Data Collection and Analysis City of Morristown 2005-DJ-BX-0912 $32,042 TN 2005
Law Enforcement JAG Project DeSoto County 2005-DJ-BX-1014 $13,882 FL 2005
Equipment for specialized teams.Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program.Bureau of Justice Assistance.Fiscal year July 1, 2005/June 30, 2005. Sullivan County 2005-DJ-BX-1033 $34,856 TN 2005
Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant Program FY 2005 Oct 04/ Sept 05 Purchase of portable programmable message boards City of Auburn 2005-DJ-BX-0237 $21,901 AL 2005
Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant City of Chattanooga 2005-DJ-BX-0280 $340,008 TN 2005
Officer Safety Program Lauderdale County 2005-DJ-BX-0238 $22,941 AL 2005
Knox County: Driver Training Program and JIMS Backup ProjectCity of Knoxville: Automatic Vehicle Locator Program Knox County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0234 $285,866 TN 2005
City of Pontiac - Community Policing Initiatives City of Southfield - Digital In-Car Video Camera ProjectCity of Southfield - Police Records Bureau Live Scan SystemCounty of Oakland - Laptop A Oakland County 2005-DJ-BX-0019 $307,854 MI 2005
Technological Improvement Program City of West Des Moines 2005-DJ-BX-0678 $14,886 IA 2005
Trotwood Training and Technology Program City of Trotwood 2005-DJ-BX-1418 $45,991 OH 2005
State of Alabama's FY2005 Edward J. Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program Alabama Department of Economic And Community Affairs 2005-DJ-BX-0366 $5,234,071 AL 2005
Floyd County Law Enforcement Crime Prevention and Control assistance grant. Floyd County 2005-DJ-BX-1212 $40,456 IN 2005
FY 2005 Indiana Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Indiana Criminal Justice Institute 2005-DJ-BX-0759 $6,034,252 IN 2005
A collaborative agreement with the Indianapolis Police Department, Marion County Sheriff and Prosecutor to promote law enforcement and public safety with enhancements of equipment, technology and pers City of Indianapolis 2005-DJ-BX-0215 $1,425,241 IN 2005
Purchase and equip police officer vehicles with mobile data terminals City of Hobart 2005-DJ-BX-1211 $11,706 IN 2005
City of St. Louis Justice Assistance Grant City of St. Louis 2005-DJ-BX-1154 $1,032,244 MO 2005
Police Vehicle Computers St. Clair County 2005-DJ-BX-0451 $21,902 MI 2005
Law Enforcement Programs City of St. Peters 2005-DJ-BX-0940 $15,722 MO 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Department of Public Safety 2005-DJ-BX-0334 $4,892,653 MN 2005
Interoperative Communications Technology Program City of Grand Forks 2005-DJ-BX-1201 $74,748 ND 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) Oglala Sioux Tribe 2005-DJ-BX-1648 $15,855 SD 2005
Law Enforcement equipment funding. Washington County 2005-DJ-BX-0861 $12,592 MN 2005
2005 Justice Assistance Grant City of Houston 2005-DJ-BX-0119 $3,341,531 TX 2005
Purchase of required equipment to be utilized by officers while in the performance of thier official duties within law enforcement. Glacier County 2005-DJ-BX-1001 $12,215 MT 2005
Purchase Equipment for the Sheriff's Department Henderson County 2005-DJ-BX-0283 $22,160 TX 2005
Partners in Preventing Crime City of Longview 2005-DJ-BX-0296 $62,312 TX 2005
Madison County's Jail & Correction Facility upgrade & Officer Safety Program Madison County Goverment 2005-DJ-BX-1607 $13,102 AR 2005
CITY OF LEWISVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT'S USE OF JAG PROGRAM AWARD OF $21,638The Lewisville Police Department proposes the funding be used to purchase long-gun locking racks and barrier shields for t Denton County 2005-DJ-BX-0605 $72,127 TX 2005
GIS and Communication Project Kaufman County 2005-DJ-BX-0459 $19,083 TX 2005
Woodward County Sheriff - Digital Telephone/Radio Recording System Woodward Police Department - Computer integrated GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system and vehicle laptop computer mounts Woodward County Oklahoma 2005-DJ-BX-1077 $14,444 OK 2005
Provide courtroom security Saline County 2005-DJ-BX-0369 $24,573 AR 2005
2005 Equipment Procurement Program City of Dumas 2005-DJ-BX-1222 $10,132 AR 2005
Countywide Drug Enforcement Intervention Operation Union County 2005-DJ-BX-1712 $55,378 AR 2005
Obtaining a new and fully equipped police unit. City of Belen 2005-DJ-BX-0185 $12,466 NM 2005
Youth Activities League Program City of Industry 2005-DJ-BX-1513 $16,101 CA 2005
Operation wireless communications Village of Los Lunas 2005-DJ-BX-0754 $29,563 NM 2005
This grant will be used to further advance the technology of the La Verne Collision investigation unit. City of La Verne 2005-DJ-BX-1486 $10,031 CA 2005
Tooele City Police Evidence Enhancement Project Tooele County Sheriff's Office Equipment Project Tooele City Corporation 2005-DJ-BX-1559 $16,857 UT 2005
Law Enforcement and Violent Crime Prosecution Project City of Tucson 2005-DJ-BX-1645 $644,227 AZ 2005
Equipment Purchase and Salary Overtime for select Law Enforcement Projects addressing Crime Prvention and Apprehension. City of Amarillo 2005-DJ-BX-1250 $168,087 TX 2005
Narcotics and Currency Interdiction Project Community Policing Project Jail Services Automation and Equipment Program City of Kingsville 2005-DJ-BX-1110 $18,460 TX 2005
Mescalero Apache Tribe Traffic Safety Program Mescalero Apache Tribe 2005-DJ-BX-1502 $16,607 NM 2005
Child Welfare Strategic Alliance Enhancement County of Bexar 2005-DJ-BX-0602 $1,117,297 TX 2005
Project 25 Compliant Mobile Radio System Campbell County 2005-DJ-BX-0170 $19,483 WY 2005
Criminal justice projects addressing drug enforcement, drug courts, substance abuse treatment, prosecution, technology, and equipment. State of Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0295 $22,740,822 TX 2005
New Technology Project. Purchase updated emergency communication computers and software so as to enhance communication between local, state, and governmental agencies. Bay City 2005-DJ-BX-0349 $11,761 TX 2005
Technology Upgrade to the Harlingen Police Department Computer Mugshot System City of Harlingen 2005-DJ-BX-0125 $35,830 TX 2005
FY 2005 JAG Program City of Kennewick 2005-DJ-BX-0572 $46,588 WA 2005
PROACT and Local Law Enforcement Programs County of Orange 2005-DJ-BX-1623 $849,986 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Program (Technology and Equipment) Snohomish County 2005-DJ-BX-1714 $93,343 WA 2005
Electronic perimeter-surveillance equipment purchase City of Bremerton 2005-DJ-BX-0716 $65,312 WA 2005
Mason County Sheriff's Office Emergency Response Team Mason County 2005-DJ-BX-0644 $18,947 WA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Program City of Walla Walla 2005-DJ-BX-0574 $24,966 WA 2005
Sacramento Police Department Public Safety Program Improvement Initiatives City of Sacramento 2005-DJ-BX-0628 $369,139 CA 2005
La Quinta Park Surveillance Equipment Project City of La Quinta 2005-DJ-BX-0160 $11,585 CA 2005
Bicycle Patrol Program Mariposa County 2005-DJ-BX-1426 $10,031 CA 2005
San Francisco Drug Elimination Team (DET) Program City and County of San Francisco 2005-DJ-BX-0456 $653,368 CA 2005
Gang Enforcment Training and Equipment Porgram City of Santa Rosa 2005-DJ-BX-1521 $61,209 CA 2005
Mini Grant Administration for Jackson County Jackson County Drug Free Council, Inc. 2006-DJ-BX-0007 $15,494 IN 2005
Inmate Vocational Training Enhancement 2 Iron Sharpening Iron 3 Manatee County 2005-DJ-BX-1174 $178,442 FL 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) Covington County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-1517 $10,543 MS 2005
Active Shooting Situations, These would include but not be limited to Schools and other public buildings. City of Fredericksburg 2005-DJ-BX-1751 $23,390 VA 2005
Wireless Communications 2005 Statesville City 2005-DJ-BX-0485 $28,824 NC 2005
JAG funds will enhance the City of Spartanburg with officers' overtime for special assignments and equipment. City of Spartanburg 2005-DJ-BX-0340 $96,455 SC 2005
Albemarle/Stanly County Wireless Network City of Albemarle 2005-DJ-BX-0140 $12,379 NC 2005
Surveillance Equipment Project Columbia County 2005-DJ-BX-0934 $10,626 GA 2005
Tasers and physical fitness equipment. City of Wilmington 2005-DJ-BX-0535 $136,433 NC 2005
Crime Reduction Efforts Orangeburg County 2005-DJ-BX-1224 $109,217 SC 2005
City of Jacksonville (Duval County) Crime Prevention Initiative Jacksonville City 2005-DJ-BX-0707 $762,760 FL 2005
City of Los Angeles JAG Law Enforcement Programs City of Los Angeles 2005-DJ-BX-0687 $6,665,488 CA 2005
Local Law Enforcement Initiative Coffee County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1232 $20,152 GA 2005
Joint Tactical/High Visibility Patrols Task Force Gloucester County 2005-DJ-BX-1344 $42,684 NJ 2005
2005 JAG Hennepin County 2005-DJ-BX-0333 $1,090,503 MN 2005
FY 2005 JAG Police Equipment City of Killeen 2005-DJ-BX-0096 $110,565 TX 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant City of Pico Rivera 2005-DJ-BX-1670 $48,858 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Project City of Chandler 2005-DJ-BX-0854 $58,107 AZ 2005
Burlington, Winooski, Colchester, Chittenden County Crime Prevention Project City of Burlington 2005-DJ-BX-0770 $125,583 VT 2005
Weber/Metro JAG Crime Reduction Programs Ogden City 2005-DJ-BX-0958 $142,489 UT 2005
FY 2005 JAG Project Contra Costa County 2005-DJ-BX-1618 $192,176 CA 2005
Purchase of in-car video cameras and surveillance equipment and the maintain of McGruff Educational Programs Johnson County 2005-DJ-BX-1370 $30,126 IN 2005
Ashland/Boyd technology upgrade program City of Ashland Kentucky 2005-DJ-BX-1554 $12,093 KY 2005
DPD Security Upgrade City of Dyersburg 2005-DJ-BX-0915 $20,786 TN 2005
Internal Affairs & Narcotics/Intelligence Software Project Town of Kernersville 2005-DJ-BX-0368 $12,155 NC 2005
Justice Assistance Grants Program Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance 2005-DJ-BX-0862 $4,949,087 WI 2005
Richmond Law Enforcement and Adult Drug Court Enhancement Program City of Richmond 2005-DJ-BX-1246 $502,010 VA 2005
JUSTICE ASSISTANCE GRANT City of Rochester 2005-DJ-BX-0524 $218,034 NY 2005
The Justice Assistance Grant will provide much needed services to address the overwhelming drug problem in Tazewell County. Tazewell County 2005-DJ-BX-1757 $42,798 VA 2005
Enhanced Traffic Enforcement City of Palmdale 2005-DJ-BX-1624 $112,633 CA 2005
Radio Replacement Shasta County 2005-DJ-BX-1419 $38,420 CA 2005
Plymouth County Community Enhancement Grant Plymouth County District Attorney Office 2005-DJ-BX-0446 $205,847 MA 2005
FY2005 BYRNE Crime Control Initiative Anne Arundel County, Maryland 2005-DJ-BX-0682 $336,183 MD 2005
Patrol Vehicle Mobile Data Cellular Link City of Lynnwood 2005-DJ-BX-0660 $18,669 WA 2005
Marion County Justice Assistancd Grant Marion County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0875 $60,013 OR 2005
Joint County Jurisdiction Coalition City of Victoria 2005-DJ-BX-1251 $52,965 TX 2005
Mobile Data Communications Equipment City of Great Falls 2005-DJ-BX-1654 $131,675 MT 2005
Suffolk County Criminal Justice System Improvement Project County of Suffolk 2005-DJ-BX-0812 $216,465 NY 2005
Sumter Police Department In car Video Project City of Sumter 2005-DJ-BX-0810 $63,090 SC 2005
2005 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Nebraska Commission Cn Law Enforcement And Criminal Justice 2005-DJ-BX-0178 $2,180,976 NE 2005
Technical Grant Town of West Springfield 2005-DJ-BX-1078 $16,158 MA 2005
RADKids Program (Resist Aggression Defensively) City of Leominster 2005-DJ-BX-1630 $10,228 MA 2005
STOP training for officers Town of Winchendon 2005-DJ-BX-0596 $13,279 MA 2005
Systems Improvement / Upgrade Project (MDT) Town of Greenfield 2005-DJ-BX-0905 $33,907 MA 2005
Detective Computer Case Management City of Woburn, MA 2005-DJ-BX-1399 $12,119 MA 2005
The Southbridge Police Department will use the funds for police overtime and any necessary supplies that will increase public safety and reduce crime in Southbridge. Town of Southbridge 2005-DJ-BX-0307 $21,358 MA 2005
Framingham Community Outreach and Preparedness Framingham Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-0262 $19,167 MA 2005
Systems Improvement / Upgrade Town of Montague 2005-DJ-BX-0393 $19,639 MA 2005
Mobile Data Computer Terminals for Cruisers Town of Amherst Massachusetts 2005-DJ-BX-0586 $10,056 MA 2005
Communications system upgrade & Trailer to transport Motorcycles and equipment.. City of Haverhill 2005-DJ-BX-0597 $35,239 MA 2005
Utilizing Information Technology to Combat Crime City of Lawrence, Massachusetts 2005-DJ-BX-1079 $76,022 MA 2005
Purchase of Community Policing/DARE laptop, black and white and color copier and supplies. City of Gardner 2005-DJ-BX-0590 $12,720 MA 2005
Worcester Massachusetts: Community Policing Initiatives and Equipment JAG program City of Worcester 2005-DJ-BX-0208 $183,157 MA 2005
Safe School Initiative and Prevention of Domestic Violence City of Westfield 2005-DJ-BX-0209 $30,168 MA 2005
Live Scan Fingerprint Collection City of North Adams MA 2005-DJ-BX-1260 $12,334 MA 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Plano 2005-DJ-BX-0302 $103,828 TX 2005
Purchase of police duty handguns and accessories. City of Chicopee 2005-DJ-BX-0062 $70,392 MA 2005
Taser and Digital Equipment Project. County of Sedgwick 2005-DJ-BX-0968 $407,776 KS 2005
JAG award for law enforcement program and and court program City of Hammond 2005-DJ-BX-0582 $35,719 LA 2005
Cruiser Camcorder Technology Upgrade City of South Portland 2005-DJ-BX-0494 $17,736 ME 2005
MDT Upgrade Project City of Warwick 2005-DJ-BX-0921 $45,637 RI 2005
Computer systems upgrade and crime prevention program City of Woonsocket 2005-DJ-BX-1551 $63,173 RI 2005
Purchase law enforcement equipment. City of San Jacinto 2005-DJ-BX-1739 $11,548 CA 2005
Conway Police Department 2005 JAG Grant Town of Conway 2005-DJ-BX-0704 $14,281 NH 2005
Navajo Nation Prosecution Justice Assistance Grant Program Navajo Nation 2005-DJ-BX-1526 $310,367 AZ 2005
Sullivan County Drug Enforcement Initiative Sullivan County 2005-DJ-BX-1193 $18,757 NH 2005
Ann Arbor 2005 Justice Assistance Grant Project: Police Department Patrol and Investigative Division Technology Improvements City of Ann Arbor 2005-DJ-BX-0788 $39,283 MI 2005
Enhance Law Enforcement Training Osceola County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1325 $58,863 FL 2005
Computer Enhancement Town of Coventry 2005-DJ-BX-1533 $14,261 RI 2005
Prosecution and Law Enforcement Enhancement Project Strafford County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1587 $83,768 NH 2005
Belknap/Laconia Fugitive Apprehension Program Belknap County 2005-DJ-BX-0852 $17,052 NH 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Concord 2005-DJ-BX-0073 $32,825 NH 2005
Rockingham County Law Enforcement JAG Program Rockingham County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-1313 $173,504 NH 2005
The Providence Police Department's Homeland Defense Initiative City of Providence 2005-DJ-BX-1439 $413,583 RI 2005
Assistance in crime control and improvement of the Criminal Justice Program Town of Brunswick 2005-DJ-BX-0497 $11,824 ME 2005
Old Orchard Beach Police Department Special Enforcement Team Town of Old Orchard Beach, ME 2005-DJ-BX-0729 $15,235 ME 2005
Drug and Illicit Substance Intervention Program Saco 2005-DJ-BX-0407 $10,687 ME 2005
Communications Upgrade Town of Sanford 2005-DJ-BX-1204 $14,780 ME 2005
2005 Cranston Police Department Patrol Response Improvement Initiative City of Cranston 2005-DJ-BX-1646 $47,538 RI 2005
City of Biddeford/County of York equipment project City of Biddeford 2005-DJ-BX-0272 $50,936 ME 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program State of New Hampshire 2005-DJ-BX-0216 $1,849,020 NH 2005
Newport Enhanced Telecommunications System City of Newport Rhode Island 2005-DJ-BX-1363 $48,700 RI 2005
Vehicle Acquistion City of Revere 2005-DJ-BX-0219 $38,462 MA 2005
Johnston Police Fire Arms Transition Training Program Town of Johnston 2005-DJ-BX-1547 $19,227 RI 2005
JAG 05 CHELSEA City of Chelsea 2005-DJ-BX-0218 $89,043 MA 2005
Upgrade Officer Firearms City of Everett 2005-DJ-BX-1398 $29,609 MA 2005
Collaborative Community Awareness Initiative Town of Salisbury 2005-DJ-BX-1341 $26,300 MA 2005
Improving Informational Technology Access in Support of Law Enforcement Efforts City of Somerville 2005-DJ-BX-0978 $32,188 MA 2005
Project expected to fund increased patrols in the downtown area affected by large numbers of tourists visiting the various historical attractions in the city during the year. City of Salem 2005-DJ-BX-0773 $11,732 MA 2005
Neptune/Long Branch/Freehold/Asbury Park JAG Grant Neptune Township 2005-DJ-BX-1392 $103,174 NJ 2005
2005 JAG Equipment Grant County of Union 2005-DJ-BX-1672 $303,877 NJ 2005
Mobile Data Improvement City of Cambridge 2005-DJ-BX-0904 $63,903 MA 2005
Emergency Services Unit Equipment City of Bridgeport 2005-DJ-BX-1614 $365,690 CT 2005
FY 2005 JAG - Technology & Equipment Upgrade Project Passaic City 2005-DJ-BX-0601 $355,820 NJ 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) FY 2005 City of Malden City of Malden 2005-DJ-BX-0814 $47,616 MA 2005
COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY IMPROVEMENT Town of Saugus 2005-DJ-BX-0595 $30,383 MA 2005
2005 Stratford Police Department Technology Improvement Program Town Of Stratford 2005-DJ-BX-0954 $21,723 CT 2005
Quality of Life IssuesEnforcement of laws and ordinances that will enhance shame. West Haven City 2005-DJ-BX-1523 $23,359 CT 2005
Executive Director Police Activities League Manchester Town 2005-DJ-BX-1658 $26,957 CT 2005
FY 2005 Multi-Jurisdiction JAG Borough of Paramus 2005-DJ-BX-1734 $61,916 NJ 2005
Jusstice/Police/Clergy/Community Partnership to Deter Youth Violence City of Norwalk 2005-DJ-BX-1373 $62,290 CT 2005
Enchancing Law Enforcement Capabilities City of Torrington 2005-DJ-BX-1524 $26,892 CT 2005
Urban Essex Justice Assistance Program City of Newark NJ 2005-DJ-BX-1364 $1,213,982 NJ 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program City of Calais 2005-DJ-BX-0269 $17,509 ME 2005
Enhance police operations overtime Town of Morristown 2005-DJ-BX-1726 $18,773 NJ 2005
Multijurisdictional Drug Task Force State of Maine 2005-DJ-BX-0173 $1,873,978 ME 2005
Justice Assistance Grant/Police Equipmnent & Software Town of East Hartford 2005-DJ-BX-1350 $50,774 CT 2005
Rutland Police Department FY06 Community Drug Investgation Program City of Rutland Vermont 2005-DJ-BX-0842 $36,618 VT 2005
Plainfield Police Technology Improvement Program Town of Plainfield 2005-DJ-BX-1608 $10,273 CT 2005
Communication Upgrade; JAG; U.S. Department of Justice; 1/1/2005-12/31/2005 County of Waldo 2005-DJ-BX-0728 $10,915 ME 2005
FY 2005 City of Hartford JAG City of Hartford 2005-DJ-BX-1649 $302,943 CT 2005
Penobscot County Disturbution Of JAG FY 2005 Funds. Penobscot County 2005-DJ-BX-0397 $46,615 ME 2005
Enfield Police Department Community Police staffing Town Of Enfield Police dept. 2005-DJ-BX-1594 $12,563 CT 2005
Police Sidearm Replacement Program Town of West Hartford 2005-DJ-BX-1653 $23,097 CT 2005
FY 2005 City of Wildwood JAG Wildwood City 2005-DJ-BX-1716 $19,231 NJ 2005
FY 2005 Multi-Jurisdiction JAG Township of Hamilton 2005-DJ-BX-1728 $149,827 NJ 2005
Equipment Acquisition Franklin Township 2005-DJ-BX-1327 $13,635 NJ 2005
Mercer County Gang and Gun Suppression Initiative County of Mercer 2005-DJ-BX-1721 $262,973 NJ 2005
Take Back our Streets City of Duquesne 2006-DJ-BX-0223 $18,134 PA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Monroeville Municipality 2005-DJ-BX-0097 $15,006 PA 2005
Computerized Voice Stress Anlyzer Program. This funding will be used to procure a new computerized voice stress analyzer and obtain training for Elmira Police Department and Chemung County Sheriff's D City of Elmira 2005-DJ-BX-0899 $14,162 NY 2005
New equipment City of Aliquippa 2005-DJ-BX-0796 $12,024 PA 2005
Initiation of dedicated patrol in the City of Troy business district to support other security, crime prevention and law enforcement efforts City of Troy 2005-DJ-BX-1488 $33,933 NY 2005
Town of Riverhead Security Initiative Town of Riverhead 2005-DJ-BX-0794 $13,456 NY 2005
Maximum Manning City of Long Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0752 $12,000 NY 2005
Police Protective Equipment Southampton Town Hall 2005-DJ-BX-0975 $12,043 NY 2005
Commercial Vehicle Regulation Enforcement Township of Bristol 2005-DJ-BX-0636 $51,713 PA 2005
Proactive Law Enforcement Program administered by the Scranton Police Department City Of Scranton 2005-DJ-BX-1578 $23,070 PA 2005
Security Enhancement for the City of Sunbury and County of Northumberland City of Sunbury 2005-DJ-BX-1573 $13,637 PA 2005
Street Sweep York City 2005-DJ-BX-0338 $35,339 PA 2005
Safety and Prevention City of Altoona 2005-DJ-BX-0227 $28,203 PA 2005
Crime Prevention and Homeland Security Awareness Project City of Uniontown 2005-DJ-BX-1678 $10,607 PA 2005
Surveillance Equipment Loudoun County 2005-DJ-BX-0970 $46,907 VA 2005
Digital Camera Upgrade Project Town of Smyrna 2005-DJ-BX-1444 $47,204 DE 2005
Targeting Neighborhood Crime and Quality of Life Issues City of Wilmington 2005-DJ-BX-1628 $213,333 DE 2005
Multi-Agency Community Policing Project Town of Georgetown 2005-DJ-BX-1707 $39,764 DE 2005
Part 1 Crimes Task Force City of Alexandria 2005-DJ-BX-0971 $72,131 VA 2005
Law Enforcement Technology Enhancement/Specialized Training Salisbury Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-0599 $75,289 MD 2005
Mobile 2-Way Radios Frederick County, Virginia 2005-DJ-BX-1337 $10,052 VA 2005
FY 2005 Elkon City and Cecil County JAG City of Elkton 2005-DJ-BX-1558 $12,851 MD 2005
Caroline County K-9 Patrol Commissioners of Caroline County 2005-DJ-BX-0313 $10,382 MD 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Program Year 1 Baltimore County Maryland 2005-DJ-BX-0301 $678,574 MD 2005
Homeland Security Emergency Repsonse Team City of Aberdeen 2005-DJ-BX-0389 $11,689 MD 2005
Enhanced Community Policing City of Annapolis 2005-DJ-BX-1080 $52,092 MD 2005
Electronic Fingerprints & Mug-shot Program for Juvenile Offenders Montgomery County 2005-DJ-BX-0304 $206,407 MD 2005
Radio Communications Enhancements HAVRE DE GRACE CITY 2005-DJ-BX-0589 $10,092 MD 2005
Security Upgrade for City of Morgantown Public Safety Bldg. Technical Upgrade for Monongalia County Seriff's Office Alcohol Compliance and DUI Enforcement Mon. Co. Seriff's Department City of Morgantown 2005-DJ-BX-1700 $41,478 WV 2005
Wireless Communications City of Lynchburg 2005-DJ-BX-0963 $56,833 VA 2005
Community Policing: Targeted Traffic Enforcement and Directed Patrols Howard County Maryland 2005-DJ-BX-0285 $52,419 MD 2005
Evidence Collection and Tracking Enhancement Program Ohio County Commission 2006-DJ-BX-0005 $15,386 WV 2005
The Children's Identification and Location Database (CHILD) Project Wood County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-1754 $27,044 WV 2005
Overtime Reimbursement for Sheriff's Department County of Franklin 2005-DJ-BX-1596 $11,758 VA 2005
Police Vehicle Mobile Computer Technology City of Hampton 2005-DJ-BX-1416 $107,470 VA 2005
Community Correction(Drug Treatment program) Mercer County 2005-DJ-BX-1598 $27,282 WV 2005
Post-Dispositional Program Coordinator City of Bristol 2005-DJ-BX-0816 $13,149 VA 2005
Community Services Unit Improvement Project James City County 2005-DJ-BX-1050 $12,643 VA 2005
In-car camera systems Onslow County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0780 $21,763 NC 2005
800 MHz Radio System Implementation Project City of Petersburg 2005-DJ-BX-1358 $61,827 VA 2005
Additional Taser Purchases County of Sampson 2005-DJ-BX-0400 $12,647 NC 2005
Several projects are funded out of this system. Through collaboration of the Criminal Justice Board these projects were selected. City of Virginia Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0887 $173,406 VA 2005
Chesapeake Police Department Laptop Computer Initiative City of Chesapeake 2005-DJ-BX-0833 $153,745 VA 2005
Connection to State and FBI databases and radio system. County of Cumberland 2005-DJ-BX-0433 $96,303 NC 2005
Technology, Equipment and Drug Court Initiatives for the Portsmouth Police Department City of Portsmouth 2005-DJ-BX-1664 $195,152 VA 2005
Technology Improvements City of Monroe 2005-DJ-BX-0396 $26,321 NC 2005
Enhanced Minority Recruitment and Officer Safety City of Greenville 2005-DJ-BX-0787 $104,168 NC 2005
Equipment and Software Upgrade 2005 City of Dunn 2005-DJ-BX-0403 $15,328 NC 2005
Rutherford County Sheriff's Dept. Law Enforcement Enhancement Project County of Rutherford 2005-DJ-BX-0399 $13,540 NC 2005
Catching UpPositive Patrol County of Richmond 2005-DJ-BX-0480 $13,272 NC 2005
Drug Interdiction Project County of Bladen 2005-DJ-BX-1114 $28,377 NC 2005
Vehicle Enhancement Robeson County 2005-DJ-BX-0534 $56,262 NC 2005
Law Enforcement Initiatives City of Charlotte 2005-DJ-BX-0868 $1,059,152 NC 2005
Jacksonville Police In Car Camera Accountability Program City of Jacksonville 2005-DJ-BX-0146 $26,008 NC 2005
Burlington/Alamance Surveillance City of Burlington 2005-DJ-BX-0426 $37,717 NC 2005
FY 2005 JAG Overtime and Equipment City of Oxford NC 2005-DJ-BX-0482 $14,524 NC 2005
H.E.A.T.A. - Heighten Enforcement Addressing Targeted Areas City of Roxboro 2005-DJ-BX-0782 $10,055 NC 2005
A program to provide better radio communications to the Law enforcement officers of Nicholas County. Nicholas County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-1701 $12,213 WV 2005
Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT) County of Randolph 2005-DJ-BX-0429 $11,485 NC 2005
In-Car Video Systems County of Chatham 2005-DJ-BX-0784 $10,368 NC 2005
Rocky Mount Police Department/Nash County Sheriff's Department Technology Improvement Grant City of Rocky Mount 2005-DJ-BX-0477 $75,344 NC 2005
Video Cameras for Vehicles City of Mount Airy 2005-DJ-BX-0142 $12,200 NC 2005
Replace outdated safety equipment and secure a trained Drug dog. City of Chester 2005-DJ-BX-1210 $18,363 SC 2005
2005 Law Enforcement Assistance Grant Rockdale County, Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-0928 $23,771 GA 2005
Equipment to Outfit Officers with necessary equipment for drug interdiction and counter terrism programs CHESTERFIELD COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0638 $21,203 SC 2005
DeKalb County Law Enforcement Justice Assiststance Project Dekalb County Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-0621 $310,348 GA 2005
The Lancaster Police Department will use this funding to procure equipment and technology that will support and enhance the functions of the agency. City of Lancaster 2005-DJ-BX-0554 $35,246 SC 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program Marietta Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-0927 $45,709 GA 2005
Improve Interoperability of Greer Police Communications City of Greer 2005-DJ-BX-0343 $12,482 SC 2005
The Pickens County Sheriff's Office will purchase night vision equipment which will be used during low light and night operations. Pickens County 2005-DJ-BX-0640 $21,203 SC 2005
Jasper County Mulitjurisdictional Mobile Data Project Jasper County 2005-DJ-BX-0802 $14,082 SC 2005
Sheriff's Assistance Grant Kershaw County 2005-DJ-BX-0822 $25,444 SC 2005
High-Liability Scenario Training Project Bartow County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0231 $10,168 GA 2005
Enhancing patrol car communications with laptop computers Douglas County Board of Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0164 $20,244 GA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Enhancement Paulding County Board of Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0476 $22,168 GA 2005
Purchase/Enhance Law Enforcement Equipment, Technology for Training County of York 2005-DJ-BX-0195 $65,770 SC 2005
JAG Project City of Douglasville 2005-DJ-BX-1186 $20,427 GA 2005
2005 Rock Hill Police Department Technology Improvement and Recruitment Program City of Rock Hill 2005-DJ-BX-0823 $48,128 SC 2005
Justice Center and Law Enforcement Improvements Forsyth County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0717 $34,626 GA 2005
Traffic Safety and Enforcement City of Hartsville 2005-DJ-BX-1209 $17,523 SC 2005
Photographic, Video and Digital Imaging Improvement Program FLORENCE COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0739 $60,810 SC 2005
place in-car video cameras in six patrol vehicles and three microcassette hand held recorders. This will supply deputies with needed equipment. Fairfield County 2005-DJ-BX-1225 $25,284 SC 2005
Laptop Computer Replacements TOWN OF SUMMERVILLE 2005-DJ-BX-0521 $17,163 SC 2005
SUPPLEMENTAL OVERTIME County of Newberry 2005-DJ-BX-1187 $10,682 SC 2005
Equipment to improve officer safety City of Clinton 2005-DJ-BX-0550 $12,002 SC 2005
The Justice Assistance Grant will help to meet the needs of law enforcement in North Charleston, SC by allowing the police department to purchase necessary supplies/equipment for the department. City of North Charleston 2005-DJ-BX-0641 $119,459 SC 2005
Technological Partnerships: Creating Stronger Enforcement and Prevention Georgetown County 2005-DJ-BX-1311 $30,885 SC 2005
Equipment Purchase City of Gaffney 2005-DJ-BX-0726 $12,042 SC 2005
Law Enforcment Lee County 2005-DJ-BX-0551 $15,002 SC 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant AlloucationCrime Prevention /Training Improvements City of Orangeburg 2005-DJ-BX-0645 $22,644 SC 2005
City of North Myrtle Beach Taser Acquisition Program City of North Myrtle Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0179 $10,722 SC 2005
purchase of police equipment Spartanburg County 2005-DJ-BX-0727 $122,059 SC 2005
Valdosta/Lowndes County Law Enforcement Service Improvement Plan City of Valdosta 2005-DJ-BX-0172 $45,114 GA 2005
Richland County Law Enforcement Initiatives Richland County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0883 $174,428 SC 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Projects(1) Enhanced Pretrial/Probation GPS Tracking(2) Juvenile Assessment Center(3) Law Enforcement Equipment City of Tallahassee 2005-DJ-BX-0994 $232,723 FL 2005
Funding for Improvements in Law Enforcement Programs, Prosecution and Court Programs, and Prevention and Education Programs Columbus Consolidated Government 2005-DJ-BX-0711 $132,686 GA 2005
Title: Glynn County Police Equipment Project Glynn County 2005-DJ-BX-1092 $48,549 GA 2005
Brooks COunty Sheriff's Office Criminal Apprehension Enhancement Project Brooks County Board of Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0713 $10,534 GA 2005
Equipment Procurement/Training Laurens City 2005-DJ-BX-1389 $16,363 SC 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment CITY OF UNION 2005-DJ-BX-1460 $15,362 SC 2005
New Smyrna Beach Police Athletic League City of New Smyrna Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1673 $11,388 FL 2005
Ormond Beach Police DepartmentTechnology Improvement Program City of Ormond Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0703 $11,254 FL 2005
Daytona Beach Crime Crime Reduction Team Program City of Daytona Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0795 $107,483 FL 2005
Implementation of computer technology to increase proficiciency of traffic officers to correctly document DUI and other traffic related violations City of Jacksonville Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1595 $19,307 FL 2005
Drug Court Whitfield County Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-1473 $42,412 GA 2005
Law enforcement improvement. Troup County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-1625 $18,504 GA 2005
Equipment for City of Hinesville Police Department and Liberty County Sheriff's Department City of Hinesville 2005-DJ-BX-0188 $25,694 GA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Project College Park 2005-DJ-BX-1324 $32,198 GA 2005
2005 Equipment Purchase Houston, County of 2005-DJ-BX-1237 $45,710 GA 2005
JAG Project City Of Doraville 2005-DJ-BX-1592 $11,496 GA 2005
communication enhancement program city of lake city 2005-DJ-BX-1528 $19,037 FL 2005
Police Department Mobile Data Project City of Chamblee 2005-DJ-BX-0513 $11,908 GA 2005
Communications Project County of Columbia 2005-DJ-BX-1016 $29,987 FL 2005
Law Enforcement Improvements CITY OF HAPEVILLE 2005-DJ-BX-0474 $13,511 GA 2005
Sheriff's Technology Enhancement Program St Johns County 2005-DJ-BX-1278 $43,364 FL 2005
Atlanta/Fulton Criminal Justice System Improvement Program City of Atlanta 2005-DJ-BX-0228 $1,603,404 GA 2005
JAG Project Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-1083 $14,107 GA 2005
Equipment Upgrade Project Suwannee County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0910 $11,894 FL 2005
JAG Project City of Macon 2005-DJ-BX-1236 $114,777 GA 2005
Community Education City of Riverdale 2005-DJ-BX-0608 $18,778 GA 2005
Community Reinvestment Project West Palm Beach City of 2005-DJ-BX-1280 $118,703 FL 2005
Cordele Police/Crisp County 2005 JAG Application City of Cordele Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-1621 $20,336 GA 2005
Monroe County Juvenile Drug Court Monroe County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0850 $31,369 FL 2005
Public Safety Building Security Upgrade City of Gainesville 2005-DJ-BX-0631 $27,939 GA 2005
JAG Project DODGE COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-1580 $10,763 GA 2005
Purchase Patrol Vehicle City of Florida City 2005-DJ-BX-1409 $25,708 FL 2005
Morrow, digital cameras for patrol cars. The City of Morrow 2005-DJ-BX-0311 $10,076 GA 2005
purchase new law enforcement equipment Burke County 2005-DJ-BX-1723 $26,519 GA 2005
Law Enforcement Improvement Projects City of Miami 2005-DJ-BX-0650 $751,877 FL 2005
Technology Improvements City of Quincy 2005-DJ-BX-1676 $14,320 FL 2005
In Car Camera's Catch Criminals City of Altamonte Springs 2005-DJ-BX-0764 $16,443 FL 2005
Mobile-Vision In-Car Video Recording Indian River County 2005-DJ-BX-0908 $30,459 FL 2005
Broward County, and nineteen jurisdictions within the borders of the county, agreed to establish sub-grants. Memorandum of Understanding with detailed Interlocal Agency Agreements will be established Broward County 2005-DJ-BX-1692 $939,183 FL 2005
Criminal Justice Commission Iniatives Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1112 $330,435 FL 2005
Law Enforcement Event Weeks Overtime County of Volusia 2005-DJ-BX-0556 $129,620 FL 2005
Enhanced Community Policing City of Fort Walton Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1277 $10,040 FL 2005
Surveillance Equipment City of Longwood 2005-DJ-BX-1355 $22,811 FL 2005
Traditional Police Equipment and or overtime to augment the department's Community Policing efforts. City of Sanford 2005-DJ-BX-1694 $48,249 FL 2005
Bay County (FL) Sheriff's Office Courthouse Security Enhancement Project Bay County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-1382 $50,136 FL 2005
Mobile Laptop Computer Upgrade City of Apopka 2005-DJ-BX-1498 $29,044 FL 2005
Law Enforcement Safety and Traffic Upgrades Lake County 2005-DJ-BX-1098 $88,210 FL 2005
Focus Unit Alachua County 2005-DJ-BX-0807 $90,973 FL 2005
Laptop Replacement Program City of Casselberry 2005-DJ-BX-1099 $13,713 FL 2005
PCPD SWAT Team Response Vehicle City of Panama City 2005-DJ-BX-1012 $30,998 FL 2005
2005 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant City of Orlando 2005-DJ-BX-1102 $378,381 FL 2005
Street level drug enforcement project City of DeFuniak Springs 2005-DJ-BX-1063 $12,467 FL 2005
FY2005 Street Crimes Initiative City of Montgomery 2005-DJ-BX-0245 $238,677 AL 2005
Project HT1250 - Replace Police Portable Radios City of Hoover 2005-DJ-BX-0979 $17,838 AL 2005
Funding of Law Enforcement Officers City of Kissimmee 2005-DJ-BX-1329 $47,643 FL 2005
Patrol Coverage City of Leesburg 2005-DJ-BX-0882 $30,425 FL 2005
FY 2005 City of Jasper JAG City of Jasper 2005-DJ-BX-1515 $11,842 AL 2005
FY 2005 City of Tuscaloosa and County of Tuscaloosa JAG Technology Project City of Tuscaloosa 2005-DJ-BX-0799 $158,656 AL 2005
Miramar Corridor Crime Control City of Cape Coral 2005-DJ-BX-1349 $31,942 FL 2005
Officer Safety and Liablity City of Prattville 2005-DJ-BX-0244 $20,315 AL 2005
Ocoee Motorcycle Traffic Unit City of Ocoee 2005-DJ-BX-0926 $19,745 FL 2005
Remote Access Technology Program Chilton County 2005-DJ-BX-0982 $26,310 AL 2005
Community Service Aides and Combined Law Enforcement Against Narcotics Task Force County of Lee 2005-DJ-BX-1017 $139,357 FL 2005
Crime Scene and Safety Equipment (C.S.S.E 05)Purchase 2005 City of New Port Richey 2005-DJ-BX-0949 $16,746 FL 2005
FY 2005 City of Decatur and City of Morgan JAG City of Decatur 2005-DJ-BX-0469 $38,351 AL 2005
Purchase Replacement Weapons City of Pinellas Park 2005-DJ-BX-0489 $26,685 FL 2005
Radio Replacement Project City of Palmetto 2005-DJ-BX-1490 $15,263 FL 2005
Technology Upgrade of Lake Worth Police Department's Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)/Records Management System (RMS) City of Lake Worth 2005-DJ-BX-1405 $43,499 FL 2005
Improving the Law Enforcement Programs of the Lake Wales Police Department administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance for the 2005/2006 fiscal year City of Lake Wales 2005-DJ-BX-0805 $10,378 FL 2005
Video Camera for Traffic Enforcement City of Sebring 2005-DJ-BX-1527 $10,816 FL 2005
Jupiter Police Department Mobile Computers Town of Jupiter 2005-DJ-BX-0762 $15,129 FL 2005
Collier County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Equipment Iniative Project Collier County 2005-DJ-BX-0753 $131,069 FL 2005
Marion County Byrne Program Marion County 2005-DJ-BX-0876 $134,068 FL 2005
Equipment Purchase for Traffic Enforcement Village of Wellington 2005-DJ-BX-0180 $12,096 FL 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant 2005 COUNTY OF POLK 2005-DJ-BX-0909 $158,091 FL 2005
Law Enforcement Program City of Jackson 2005-DJ-BX-1130 $106,482 TN 2005
Mobile Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) Solution for Motorcycle Patrol City of Sarasota 2005-DJ-BX-1570 $64,220 FL 2005
Technology and Law Enforcement Equipment Improvement Project Cocke County 2005-DJ-BX-0920 $12,907 TN 2005
Cities of Southaven and Olive Branch, Mississippi Coordinated Public Safety Program City of Southaven 2005-DJ-BX-0250 $35,359 MS 2005
Automobile Video Cameras Roane County 2005-DJ-BX-0914 $10,618 TN 2005
Security Upgrade and purchase of GPS Equipment Hardeman County 2005-DJ-BX-1234 $12,869 TN 2005
Upgrade of MDT Units, Phase 1 - SCSO Sarasota County 2005-DJ-BX-0692 $83,055 FL 2005
FY 2005 County of Coahoma and City of Clarksdale JAG COAHOMA COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-1270 $24,168 MS 2005
Technology Upgrade City of Gallatin 2005-DJ-BX-1143 $35,231 TN 2005
Department Enhancement Program City of Enterprise 2005-DJ-BX-0690 $11,892 AL 2005
Clarksville and Montgomery County (TN) Law Enforcement Program City of Clarksville 2005-DJ-BX-0919 $78,117 TN 2005
TRAINING SUPPLEMENT Marion County Sheriff's Department 2005-DJ-BX-1030 $13,958 TN 2005
FY 2005 Russell County and Phenix City JAG County of Russell 2005-DJ-BX-1724 $20,662 AL 2005
Crime Scene Investigative Skills Enhancement (City of Columbia) & Purchase of Duty Rifles (Maury COunty) City of Columbia 2005-DJ-BX-1115 $57,519 TN 2005
JAG 2005 Neighborhood Watch City of East Ridge 2005-DJ-BX-1127 $11,294 TN 2005
TOPCON GPT 3007 Total Station with accessory package City of Red Bank 2005-DJ-BX-1170 $10,581 TN 2005
Mobile Data Terminal Program Bradley County, TN 2005-DJ-BX-1134 $23,413 TN 2005
DIRECT PATROL HIGH CRIME AREA'S City of Humboldt 2005-DJ-BX-1038 $12,982 TN 2005
Equipment to enhance crime prevention and prosecution. City of Franklin, Tennessee 2005-DJ-BX-1239 $11,331 TN 2005
Improve Security/Increase Child Abuse Prosecutions City of Anniston 2005-DJ-BX-0236 $99,544 AL 2005
Mobile Data Terminals City of Lebanon 2005-DJ-BX-1671 $36,507 TN 2005
Program of preventive services sponsored by four local non-profit corporations in Frankfort/Franklin County. Franklin County 2005-DJ-BX-1705 $28,761 KY 2005
FY 2005 County of Perry and City of Marion JAG County of Perry 2005-DJ-BX-1571 $10,603 AL 2005
Mobile Data/Information Technology Project City of Goodlettsville 2005-DJ-BX-1037 $12,269 TN 2005
Dallas County Sheriffs Department - COMBAT CRIMESelma Police Department - BULL'S EYE Dallas County 2005-DJ-BX-0526 $69,616 AL 2005
Technology and Equipment Procurement City of Danville 2005-DJ-BX-1668 $14,217 KY 2005
Somerset/Pulaski County JAG Grant Program City of Somerset 2005-DJ-BX-0371 $12,910 KY 2005
Spanish Language Training Program City of LaVergne 2005-DJ-BX-1133 $12,682 TN 2005
Project Eye on Crime Madison County 2005-DJ-BX-0151 $31,539 KY 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Upgrade Christian County Fiscal Court 2005-DJ-BX-1665 $42,379 KY 2005
Equipment Enhancement (Traffic Enforcement, Police Tactical Response, Investigative Follow-Up) City of Newport 2005-DJ-BX-1699 $36,550 KY 2005
An immersion program to send 4 officers total, over 4 years, for 5 weeks to Mexico and to cover their shifts with necessary overtime to keep patrol at acceptable levels. City of Jeffersontown 2005-DJ-BX-1666 $27,726 KY 2005
Joint application with the Georgetown Police Department for Crime Supression Scott Fiscal Court 2005-DJ-BX-0737 $25,275 KY 2005
FY 2005 City of Jackson and County of Hinds JAG City of Jackson 2005-DJ-BX-0981 $474,356 MS 2005
FY 2005 County of Adams and City of Natchez JAG County Of Adams 2005-DJ-BX-1454 $14,355 MS 2005
Pearl Police Department Community Policing City of Pearl 2005-DJ-BX-1540 $24,654 MS 2005
Moss Point Police Department Learning Organization City of Moss Point 2005-DJ-BX-1730 $39,820 MS 2005
Equipment/Technology Grant LCSO Leflore County 2005-DJ-BX-1272 $47,930 MS 2005
City of Grenada JAG City of Grenada 2005-DJ-BX-1516 $20,518 MS 2005
Biloxi, Gulfport, Harrison County Juvenile Drug Abuse and Violence Prevention and Crime Reduction Program City of Gulfport 2005-DJ-BX-0253 $157,415 MS 2005
2005 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government 2005-DJ-BX-1430 $526,249 KY 2005
FY 2005 City of McComb and County of Pike JAG City of McComb 2005-DJ-BX-0863 $17,437 MS 2005
FY 2005 Vicksburg-Warren County Justice Assistance Grant Program The Mayor And Aldermen of The City of Vicksburg 2005-DJ-BX-0252 $72,504 MS 2005
Overtime Compensation for Law Enforcement Officers - City of Corinth and Alcorn County Alcorn County 2005-DJ-BX-0688 $11,597 MS 2005
Sandusky Area Technology Update City of Sandusky 2005-DJ-BX-1530 $28,075 OH 2005
Portable Communications Upgrade Preble County 2005-DJ-BX-0988 $10,597 OH 2005
Special Response Team Initiative Fairfield Township 2005-DJ-BX-1330 $13,601 OH 2005
Investigative/Staff Vest Procurement Project City of Huber Heights 2005-DJ-BX-0181 $13,055 OH 2005
Computer Aided Reporting and Management City of Barberton 2005-DJ-BX-1003 $14,365 OH 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Purchas and Upgrades City of Warren 2005-DJ-BX-1424 $74,449 OH 2005
1. Reduction of injurious and fatal accidents within Springfield Township.2. Reduction of language barrier issues involving members of the Hispanic community.3. Replacement of expired departmental Springfield Township 2005-DJ-BX-1218 $17,260 OH 2005
Sexual Assault Advocate, Police Visibility Overtime, Enhancing Adjudication City of Cincinnati 2005-DJ-BX-1383 $654,530 OH 2005
Analysis of Crime Patterns and Trends in the City of Massillon City of Massillon Ohio 2005-DJ-BX-0058 $23,050 OH 2005
Technology Improvement City of Middletown 2005-DJ-BX-1461 $23,214 OH 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Upgrade Program Portage County 2005-DJ-BX-1393 $11,471 OH 2005
New Patrol Vehicle City of Greenfield 2005-DJ-BX-0952 $17,206 OH 2005
Mobile Data Terminals for Patrol Units City of Alliance 2005-DJ-BX-0956 $24,361 OH 2005
Youth Violence Task Force City of Whitehall 2005-DJ-BX-1525 $20,101 OH 2005
Dayton/Montgomery County Law Enforcement Initiative City of Dayton 2005-DJ-BX-1240 $370,553 OH 2005
Annual contribution to multi-town gun range and supplies. Town of Highland 2005-DJ-BX-0374 $10,272 IN 2005
Digital Mobile Video Recorders City of Bloomington 2005-DJ-BX-0885 $19,740 IN 2005
Radar equipment purchase Jeffersonville City 2005-DJ-BX-1176 $18,592 IN 2005
Replacement of Obsolete Mobile Radios County of Monroe 2005-DJ-BX-0622 $13,944 IN 2005
OVWI Drug Court Client Services Warrick County 2005-DJ-BX-1617 $16,986 IN 2005
Purchase and training of CISCO photogragh system for storage and dissemnation of police mug shots. City of Michigan City 2005-DJ-BX-1371 $23,240 IN 2005
2005 Overtime Funding for Problem Areas City of Muncie 2005-DJ-BX-1158 $37,127 IN 2005
Equipment Grant - Wayne Co SD/Richmond PD Wayne County Government 2005-DJ-BX-1310 $26,339 IN 2005
Justice Assistance GrantLocal Law Enforcement Equipment City of Fort Wayne 2005-DJ-BX-0226 $172,266 IN 2005
Project Cornerstone II Muskegon County 2005-DJ-BX-0962 $92,167 MI 2005
Portage City/Porter County Indiana Joint JAG Project County of Porter 2005-DJ-BX-1162 $10,100 IN 2005
Teen Driving Hamilton County 2005-DJ-BX-1216 $11,764 IN 2005
Communications Enhancement Grand Traverse County 2005-DJ-BX-0413 $11,053 MI 2005
Equipment purchases to aid in joint Accident Investigation Team made up of members from both Adrian PD and Lenawee County Sheriff Department. City of Adrian 2005-DJ-BX-0326 $12,779 MI 2005
Kalamazoo Radio Communications Interoperability Project Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) U.S. Department of Justice FY 2005-2006 City of Kalamazoo 2005-DJ-BX-0103 $123,026 MI 2005
Calhoun County AFIS/Livescan and Technology Project City of Battle Creek 2005-DJ-BX-0666 $122,656 MI 2005
Information and Emergency Prepardness City of Kentwood 2005-DJ-BX-0414 $15,245 MI 2005
Justice Assistance (JAG) Grant Saginaw County 2005-DJ-BX-0329 $178,746 MI 2005
Operation Interdiction County of Monroe 2005-DJ-BX-0007 $30,284 MI 2005
Genesee County FY 2005 JAG Initiative Charter Township of Flint 2005-DJ-BX-0793 $313,853 MI 2005
Digital electronic fingerprint equipment Royal Oak City 2005-DJ-BX-0105 $15,286 MI 2005
In Car Video Systems City of Farmington Hills 2005-DJ-BX-0009 $21,655 MI 2005
Wausau Police Canine Revitilization Project City of Wausau 2005-DJ-BX-0457 $23,390 WI 2005
Electronic Citations; TraCS application software Barron County, Wisconsin 2005-DJ-BX-0332 $13,839 WI 2005
Town of Madison Tactical Team formation Madison Township 2005-DJ-BX-1141 $14,515 WI 2005
Crime Prevention and Education Saginaw Charter Township 2005-DJ-BX-0685 $10,519 MI 2005
Installation of In-Car Video Recording System City of Eastpointe 2005-DJ-BX-0008 $20,874 MI 2005
Webster County & Fort Dodge, Iowa Joint Agreement Webster County 2005-DJ-BX-1346 $40,859 IA 2005
2005 Linn Sheriff/CRPD Equipment grant Linn County 2005-DJ-BX-0345 $92,340 IA 2005
Crime Prevention and Drug Enforcement City of Waukesha 2005-DJ-BX-1227 $16,621 WI 2005
Fingerprint Scanning/Archive/Transmittal Network for the Law Enforcement Sheboygan County 2005-DJ-BX-0723 $18,953 WI 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program STEARNS COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-1268 $34,715 MN 2005
Red Lake Prosecutor's Assistance Project Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians 2005-DJ-BX-1334 $10,018 MN 2005
City of Dubuque and Dubuque County Law Enforcement and Prevention Project City of Dubuque 2005-DJ-BX-0577 $40,704 IA 2005
Law Enforcement Support Personnel Training, Law Enforcement Equipment and Drug Court Funding. City of Duluth 2005-DJ-BX-0447 $81,744 MN 2005
Southwest Iowa Narcotics Task ForceEquipment Purchase for Council Bluffs Police and Pottwattamie County Sheriff's Department City of Council Bluffs 2005-DJ-BX-0450 $114,127 IA 2005
Fond du Lac County Comprehensive Law Enforcement Systems Information Recovery Program and Victim Witness Notification Fond du Lac County 2005-DJ-BX-0404 $13,538 WI 2005
Mobile Data Computer Supplemental Equipment Purchases Crow Wing County 2005-DJ-BX-0458 $12,731 MN 2005
Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate Criminal Justice Initiative Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of theLake Reservation 2005-DJ-BX-1342 $37,324 SD 2005
Community Corrections Program Coordinator andInternet Crimes Against Children Detective Minnehaha County 2005-DJ-BX-1066 $110,396 SD 2005
Moorhead Police Department/Clay County Sheriffs Department Crime Reduction and Community Policing Program City of Moorhead 2005-DJ-BX-0467 $14,053 MN 2005
New Foundations Program Kandiyohi County 2005-DJ-BX-1366 $13,844 MN 2005
Collaborate with the County of Ramsey, City of Roseville, City of Saint Paul and City of Maplewood to target crime in the county through various means. City of Saint Paul 2005-DJ-BX-0335 $514,397 MN 2005
2005 Justice Administration Grant to enhance Automated External Defibrillator device program City Of Naperville 2005-DJ-BX-0836 $11,037 IL 2005
Outagamie County Neighborhood DA Project Outagamie County 2005-DJ-BX-1146 $28,279 WI 2005
Livescan purchase DuPage County 2005-DJ-BX-1758 $13,136 IL 2005
Extended Supervision of High-Risk Juvenile Offenders Rice County, Minnesota 2005-DJ-BX-0626 $13,149 MN 2005
Support of Missoula County Investigation Division (1/2 time position) and support of High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force City of Missoula 2005-DJ-BX-0563 $75,879 MT 2005
Mobile Data Terminals, Panasonic Toughbooks City of North Chicago 2005-DJ-BX-1455 $28,243 IL 2005
Mobile Data Computer project City of Zion 2005-DJ-BX-1178 $11,415 IL 2005
2005 Lake County Initiative to Re-equip the Sheriff's Office Lake County 2005-DJ-BX-0610 $14,182 MT 2005
Interoperable Communications Project City of Waukegan 2005-DJ-BX-1489 $81,961 IL 2005
Equipment Purchases City of Devils Lake 2005-DJ-BX-1205 $17,249 ND 2005
The Children's Identification & Location Database (CHILD) Project County of Kane 2005-DJ-BX-1484 $162,116 IL 2005
In car video systems for patrol vehicles ROSEBUD COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0600 $10,869 MT 2005
Continue partial funding of task force positions, purchase equipment, and provide for overtime. City of Minot 2005-DJ-BX-1567 $38,558 ND 2005
To provide technology and needed equipment to the Billings Police Department and Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office. CITY OF BILLINGS 2005-DJ-BX-1020 $91,924 MT 2005
Rapid City Police Department/Pennington County Sheriff's Office Technology Upgrade. City of Rapid City 2005-DJ-BX-1009 $87,844 SD 2005
Law Enforcment Equipment to Enhance and Assist Law Enforcement Duties City of Jamestown 2005-DJ-BX-1568 $18,941 ND 2005
Law enforcement technology, purchase of tasers and cartridges for patrol officers. Community policing use for hireback on an overrtime basis for gang suppression, bikes, traffic enforcementand other s City of Decatur 2005-DJ-BX-1296 $87,248 IL 2005
Enhanced Rural Drug Interdiction and Prevention Marion County 2005-DJ-BX-1456 $11,415 IL 2005
Jackson County & City of Carbondale, Illinois JAG Grant City of Carbondale 2005-DJ-BX-1006 $19,221 IL 2005
Motorola 4 site voting Radio Network including 1 Repeater, 4 Voting Comparators and 3 Receivers to be mounted on cellular towers in the north section of town. City of Granite City 2005-DJ-BX-1023 $12,548 IL 2005
Security/Computer Information Equipment City of Jacksonville 2005-DJ-BX-0751 $12,506 IL 2005
Cooperative Laboratory Project/Law Enforcement Equipment Program City of Alton 2005-DJ-BX-0768 $40,917 IL 2005
Finger and Palm Print Identification System City of Champaign 2005-DJ-BX-0815 $95,810 IL 2005
Addressing Neighborhood Quality of Life Issues, Officer Safety and Equipment Upgrades City of Peoria 2005-DJ-BX-0881 $121,032 IL 2005
Communications Auxillary Power / Criminal Justice & Judicial interface City of Havre 2005-DJ-BX-0834 $49,274 MT 2005
Joint Justice Assistance Grant (FY2005) for the City of Springfield, Springfield Police Department/Sangamon County Sheriff's Office. City of Springfield 2005-DJ-BX-0708 $156,451 IL 2005
Equipement/Technology Inhancements and Crime Prevention Franklin County 2005-DJ-BX-0735 $27,781 MO 2005
Rock Island Police Officer Personnel Project; Rock Island Co. Courthouse/County Building Security Project; Moline Mobile Data Computer Replacement Project. City of Moline 2005-DJ-BX-0765 $63,579 IL 2005
Public Safety and Communications Transcription Enhancement Project Stephenson County 2005-DJ-BX-1332 $14,353 IL 2005
Jefferson County Community Crime Reduction Project County of Jefferson, Missouri 2005-DJ-BX-0583 $52,660 MO 2005
Upgrade In-car Camera Project City of Manhattan 2005-DJ-BX-1385 $24,278 KS 2005
Crime Analysis and Technology Services Unified Government of Wyandotte County/ Kansas City 2005-DJ-BX-0953 $422,672 KS 2005
Law enforcement programs, prosecution and court programs. County of Stone 2005-DJ-BX-1266 $20,903 MO 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment City of Springfield 2005-DJ-BX-0314 $142,614 MO 2005
Public Safety Training Equipment Project City of Salina 2005-DJ-BX-1372 $25,870 KS 2005
21st Judicial District Teen Court Riley County 2005-DJ-BX-1352 $33,034 KS 2005
Taser Purchase Program City of Lebanon 2005-DJ-BX-1275 $12,283 MO 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment for the Boone County Sheriff's Department and the Columbia Police Department. Boone County 2005-DJ-BX-1118 $54,625 MO 2005
Purchase of Laptop Computers for Detectives and Staff City of Saint Charles 2005-DJ-BX-1026 $16,213 MO 2005
St. Charles County Sheriff's Department Computer Forensic Unit Upgrade St. Charles County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0742 $27,111 MO 2005
Officer Safety Enhancement Program City of Excelsior Springs 2005-DJ-BX-1376 $14,784 MO 2005
2005 Byrne Justice Assistance Program City of St. Joseph 2005-DJ-BX-1119 $26,397 MO 2005
Joplin PD & Jasper County Cooperative Grant City of Joplin 2005-DJ-BX-1075 $27,871 MO 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Jackson County 2005-DJ-BX-0693 $1,032,422 MO 2005
Computer-Aided Dispatch Service City of Berkeley, MO 2005-DJ-BX-0725 $15,365 MO 2005
2005 Technology Improvement Program & Law Enforcement Equipment CITY OF JENNINGS 2005-DJ-BX-1144 $19,563 MO 2005
Prevent and control crime and administer justice, and assist crime victims. Butler County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0779 $24,476 MO 2005
Purchase of equipment for local law enforcement agencies-Jefferson City Police Department and Cole County Sheriff Office City of Jefferson 2005-DJ-BX-0992 $36,089 MO 2005
Crisis Response Team and Martine East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0849 $389,866 LA 2005
Purchase of equipment Iberville Parish Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-0177 $17,292 LA 2005
Security, Crime Scenes & Identification City of Bogalusa 2005-DJ-BX-0438 $21,666 LA 2005
Terrebonne Sheriff's Office Narcotics Disruption Unit Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Office 2005-DJ-BX-0410 $44,547 LA 2005
Thibodaux Narcotics Bureau Street Disruption Program City of Thibodaux 2005-DJ-BX-0347 $10,367 LA 2005
Criminal Activity Reduction Jefferson Davis Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0922 $22,597 LA 2005
Project Data Share Ascension Parish Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-1045 $37,460 LA 2005
Tangipahoa Parish Justice Assistance Program Tangipahoa Parish Sheriffs Department 2005-DJ-BX-0710 $78,605 LA 2005
The Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office proposes to purchase Crisis Negotiators (Hostage, Barricaded Suspects, Terrorist Incidents)Euipment: DL-007-TRU (Crisis Response System With Tactical Remote)&DL-0 Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Department 2005-DJ-BX-1442 $115,660 LA 2005
Electronic Equipment - Radio Communications City Of Covington 2005-DJ-BX-0070 $10,529 LA 2005
FY 2005 City of Hutchinson and County of Reno JAG City of Hutchinson 2005-DJ-BX-0955 $20,298 KS 2005
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office-JAG-Controling Crime and Improving the Criminal Justice System Jefferson Parish sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0088 $294,496 LA 2005
Master Control Upgrade ProjectDigital In-Car Camera Upgrade Project Garden City, City of 2005-DJ-BX-1354 $30,191 KS 2005
Firearms Range Improvement Project City of Great Bend 2005-DJ-BX-0865 $14,442 KS 2005
Drug Interdiction Program (Law enforcement program) West Barton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0523 $11,825 LA 2005
Crime prevention/education programs for youths. City of Kenner 2005-DJ-BX-0510 $43,292 LA 2005
Expansion and Up-Grade to mobile Data system allowing further interoperability withsurrounding law enforcement agencies City of Gretna 2005-DJ-BX-0454 $21,707 LA 2005
Computer Aided Dispatch, Mobile Data and Security Camera Systems Upgrade City of Fort Smith 2005-DJ-BX-0445 $112,910 AR 2005
Fayetteville, Springdale Washington County Law Enforcement Enhancement Project City of Fayetteville 2005-DJ-BX-1249 $84,435 AR 2005
Buffalo County Kearney City joint direct award 2005 Justice Assistance Grant City of Kearney 2005-DJ-BX-1305 $16,921 NE 2005
Year 2005 Edward Byrne Project Equipment Purchase City of Lawton 2005-DJ-BX-1189 $97,870 OK 2005
Law EnforcementTechnology and Equipment Upgrade City of Enid 2005-DJ-BX-1584 $33,912 OK 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Program (JAG) City of Ardmore 2005-DJ-BX-0837 $37,342 OK 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of El reno 2005-DJ-BX-1065 $11,352 OK 2005
Law Enforcement Overtime Crawford County 2005-DJ-BX-1192 $13,684 AR 2005
Proposal to create better communications between Pope County 911 Dispatch and the Russellville Police Department. City of Russellville 2005-DJ-BX-0798 $27,834 AR 2005
FY 2005 City of Oklahoma City JAG City of Oklahoma City 2005-DJ-BX-1088 $646,546 OK 2005
JAG Overtime Enforcement Project CITY OF BOSSIER CITY 2005-DJ-BX-0336 $61,272 LA 2005
Rapides Parish Metro Narcotics Task Force Rapides Parish Sheriff 2005-DJ-BX-1198 $118,860 LA 2005
Lap top computers and radio hardware to be installed into patrol units. City of West Monroe 2005-DJ-BX-0080 $13,162 LA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Overtime Initiative City of Shreveport 2005-DJ-BX-0063 $258,778 LA 2005
Technology improvement program City of Magnolia Arkansas 2005-DJ-BX-0372 $24,573 AR 2005
The PBPD/JCSO JAG Project will: reduce crime as well as improve public and officer safety in the City of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County Arkansas. City of Pine Bluff 2005-DJ-BX-0435 $156,583 AR 2005
Law Enforcement Proactive Inforcement City of Hope 2005-DJ-BX-1458 $10,307 AR 2005
Crime scene equipment technology improvement program City of Euless 2005-DJ-BX-0694 $12,969 TX 2005
Upgrade Computer Technology City of Jacksonville 2005-DJ-BX-0463 $10,632 TX 2005
Rusk County Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement and Technology Improvement Rusk County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0464 $19,044 TX 2005
Law Enforcement Project City of Brownwood 2005-DJ-BX-1519 $25,937 TX 2005
Homeland Security Training and Equipment City of Bedford 2005-DJ-BX-0352 $12,696 TX 2005
Equipment Acquisition to further the law enforcement function. City of Wichita Falls, Tx 2005-DJ-BX-0287 $95,610 TX 2005
Law Enforcement Technology Update City of Texarkana Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0278 $52,225 TX 2005
Officer Hand Held Radio Communication Upgrade 2005 - A1 Patrol Rifle Sighting Enhancement Upgrade 2005-A2 City of Idabel 2005-DJ-BX-1147 $10,289 OK 2005
Special Events Security Program & Body Armor Purchase Initiative City of Weslaco 2005-DJ-BX-0461 $16,006 TX 2005
JAG Grant Local Law Enforcement Bastrop County 2005-DJ-BX-0132 $14,215 TX 2005
Purchase and install video system cameras for police patrol units. City of Sallisaw 2005-DJ-BX-0797 $18,453 OK 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Program (JAG) ADAIR COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0709 $14,057 OK 2005
Harrison County Crime and PreventionCity of Marshall Crime Scene Investigation Equipment CITY OF MARSHALL, TEXAS 2005-DJ-BX-0117 $13,748 TX 2005
Inkless Fingerprint Technologies City of Terrell 2005-DJ-BX-0113 $25,042 TX 2005
2005 Technology Update Ellis County, Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0743 $14,916 TX 2005
Code Enforcement Program City of Pharr 2005-DJ-BX-0360 $31,701 TX 2005
Purchase equipment and hire personnel to enhance law enforcement efforts and improve the criminal justice system. City of Corpus Christi 2005-DJ-BX-0412 $258,284 TX 2005
FY 2005 JAG Police Equipment Comal County, TX 2005-DJ-BX-0106 $43,930 TX 2005
FY 2005 County of Williamson JAG Williamson County 2005-DJ-BX-1122 $25,509 TX 2005
Provide a safe environment by promoting a high-quality, cost-efficient public safety program with the purchase of capital items not currently budgeted through the normal budget process for FY 2004-05. Round Rock Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-1253 $13,241 TX 2005
Outreach Clearance City of Alice, Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0673 $19,823 TX 2005
Patrol Unit Mobile Laptops CITY OF EDINBURG 2005-DJ-BX-0126 $35,440 TX 2005
Summer Burglary and Vandalism Prevention Blitz City of Mercedes 2005-DJ-BX-0411 $10,165 TX 2005
Walker County/Huntsville JAG Walker County 2005-DJ-BX-0538 $27,457 TX 2005
FY 2005 City of Lakewood JAG City of Lakewood 2005-DJ-BX-1019 $112,478 CO 2005
Galveston County Law Enforcement Technology Improvement Program Galveston County 2005-DJ-BX-0122 $129,064 TX 2005
Firearms Training and Directed Neighborhood Overtime Project City of Baytown 2005-DJ-BX-1288 $27,651 TX 2005
Community Outreach ProjectTechnology Enhancement Project City of College Station 2005-DJ-BX-0351 $69,167 TX 2005
Personal protective equipment for police officers. This equipment will be used by first responders to haz-mat situations. City of La Porte, Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0358 $10,437 TX 2005
Computer Grant City of Orange 2005-DJ-BX-0279 $20,602 TX 2005
Support of North Metro Drug Task Force and Metro Gang Task Force; purchase of mid-range weapons Adams County 2005-DJ-BX-1140 $83,651 CO 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program (JAG) City of Evans 2005-DJ-BX-0133 $11,896 CO 2005
Multi-jurisdictional Task Force Operations and Law Enforcement Equipment City of Thornton 2005-DJ-BX-0677 $84,154 CO 2005
City of Wheat Ridge Police Department equipment for School Resource and Crime Prevention Programs. City of Wheat Ridge 2005-DJ-BX-0531 $30,968 CO 2005
Support law enforcement initiatives City of Abilene 2005-DJ-BX-1255 $47,941 TX 2005
Police Equipment and temporary employee project City of Arvada 2005-DJ-BX-0042 $30,212 CO 2005
Law Enforcement Technology and Operation Improvement City and County of Denver 2005-DJ-BX-0609 $570,448 CO 2005
Canyon-Nampa-Caldwell Cooperative Program City of Caldwell 2005-DJ-BX-0674 $151,370 ID 2005
Local Methamphetamine Initiative City of Riverton, Wyoming 2005-DJ-BX-0961 $11,690 WY 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Purchase - Patrol Rifles for Patrol Vehicles City of Post Falls 2005-DJ-BX-0679 $11,374 ID 2005
CALEA Recognition Cheyenne City 2005-DJ-BX-0933 $36,704 WY 2005
Bonner County Sheriff Patrol/Enforcement Enhancement Program County of Bonner 2005-DJ-BX-1686 $16,476 ID 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Program. Layton City 2005-DJ-BX-1562 $61,559 UT 2005
Kootenai County in car video project Kootenai County 2005-DJ-BX-0648 $40,181 ID 2005
In Car Video Recording Program Murray, City of 2005-DJ-BX-1394 $42,933 UT 2005
Interoperable 700MHz Radio Enhancement Project Ada County 2005-DJ-BX-0204 $249,696 ID 2005
Twin Falls City: Gang prevention,School Resource Officer expansion programs.Twin Falls County Law enforcement overtime and technology improvements. Twin Falls County 2005-DJ-BX-1129 $54,957 ID 2005
Investigative equipment purchase Town of Jackson 2005-DJ-BX-0671 $11,000 WY 2005
Encrypted Interoperable Communications Bonneville County 2005-DJ-BX-0840 $58,889 ID 2005
Law Enforcment Equipment for Adjudication Assistance Valencia County 2005-DJ-BX-0479 $22,395 NM 2005
Training, equipment and overtime for Police Department City of Casper 2005-DJ-BX-0370 $59,958 WY 2005
Law enforcement equipment purchase City of Gillette 2005-DJ-BX-0545 $19,986 WY 2005
Portable radio acquisition with encryption capability. City of Lewiston 2005-DJ-BX-1546 $16,583 ID 2005
City of Flagstaff and County of Coconino JAG City of Flagstaff 2005-DJ-BX-0828 $60,963 AZ 2005
Prosecution Programs Mohave County 2005-DJ-BX-1285 $16,747 AZ 2005
Fiscal Year 2005 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant City of Albuquerque 2005-DJ-BX-0380 $801,453 NM 2005
Cochise County Technology Improvement Program Cochise County 2005-DJ-BX-1348 $43,121 AZ 2005
Washington County Drug Task Force City of St. George 2005-DJ-BX-1180 $30,826 UT 2005
Washington County Drug Task Force St. George City 2005-DJ-BX-1124 $21,047 UT 2005
Firearms Simulator (FATS) Procurement and Operation Project Town of Gilbert 2005-DJ-BX-1145 $17,060 AZ 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Enhancement Project City of Eloy 2005-DJ-BX-0819 $11,230 AZ 2005
Public Safety Equipment Project City of Peoria 2005-DJ-BX-1289 $34,708 AZ 2005
Edward Byrne MemorialJustice Assistance Grant (JAG), Bureau of Justice Assistance, 7/01/2005-6/30/2006, "Home for Good - JAG" Santa Fe County 2005-DJ-BX-0263 $88,066 NM 2005
Technology Enhancement ProjectThe project proposed by the TorC Police Department is to enhance the technology and equipment used by Law Enforcement in Sierra County in records keeping and crime prev City of Truth or Consequences 2005-DJ-BX-0733 $10,503 NM 2005
Communty Policing/Crime Prevention/Drug prevention program City of Alamogordo 2005-DJ-BX-1073 $13,490 NM 2005
Technology Upgrade City of Socorro 2005-DJ-BX-1655 $24,354 NM 2005
Law Enforcement Software and Hardware Village of Ruidoso 2005-DJ-BX-1132 $16,206 NM 2005
TOPCATTraining, Operational Programs, Crime and Technology Taos County 2005-DJ-BX-1184 $10,775 NM 2005
Teaming for Equipment Preparedness: Dona Ana County Law Enforcement City of Las Cruces 2005-DJ-BX-0777 $77,514 NM 2005
Eddy County collorabortive law enforcement effort by the Eddy County Sheriff's Department, Carlsbad Police Department, and the Artesia Police Department Eddy County 2005-DJ-BX-1257 $29,296 NM 2005
Digital In-car camera project - San Juan County Sheriff Evidence Storage units - Farmington Police Department San Juan County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-1294 $85,573 NM 2005
De Baca County JAG Project De Baca County 2005-DJ-BX-1252 $14,158 NM 2005
Purchase of Less than Lethal Force Weaponry. City of Rio Rancho 2005-DJ-BX-1590 $23,107 NM 2005
Police Safety Equipment Project City of South Tucson 2005-DJ-BX-1764 $13,539 AZ 2005
Improvement of Courts of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, for Jicarilla Youth Jicarilla Apache Nation 2005-DJ-BX-1663 $18,432 NM 2005
Safety and Crime Interdiction Technologies Project Mckinley County 2005-DJ-BX-1022 $67,764 NM 2005
Santa Barbara Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team (SBRNET) County of Santa Barbara 2005-DJ-BX-1254 $87,501 CA 2005
Violent Offender Apprehension City of Brawley 2005-DJ-BX-1060 $13,325 CA 2005
Law Enforcement - Graffiti Vandalism Suppression Program City of Cathedral City 2005-DJ-BX-1652 $28,019 CA 2005
Program would provide additional officers to work specific enforcement shifts. City of Coachella 2005-DJ-BX-1637 $19,728 CA 2005
Police Cadet Program City of Desert Hot Springs 2005-DJ-BX-0803 $28,871 CA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Law Enforcement Block Grant City of Riverside 2005-DJ-BX-1093 $229,153 CA 2005
Continuation of the departments Gang/Graffiti Eradication Program and Special Response Team City of Santa Paula 2005-DJ-BX-1556 $12,104 CA 2005
Crime Prevention and Traffic Safety Program City of Moreno Valley 2005-DJ-BX-0846 $132,361 CA 2005
Mobile Alarm System City of Simi Valley 2005-DJ-BX-1688 $15,731 CA 2005
Cooperative City/County application for personnel and equipment funds. Primarily targeting primarily gangs and probationers. City of San Diego 2005-DJ-BX-1175 $957,751 CA 2005
Equipment and information systems updates for law enforcement and prevention/education programs. City of San Marcos 2005-DJ-BX-1228 $23,578 CA 2005
Planning, Evaluation and Technology Improvements to the Security Systems for City Facilities City of Santee 2005-DJ-BX-1582 $19,691 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Technology Improvement Programs City of Redondo Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0841 $21,838 CA 2005
Gardena Law Enforcement Assistance Project City of Gardena 2005-DJ-BX-0847 $71,067 CA 2005
Neighborhood and Community Preservation City of Downey 2005-DJ-BX-1501 $44,787 CA 2005
Equipment & Supplies Funding for the Special Weapons & Tactics Team and the Narcotics Unit. South Gate, City of 2005-DJ-BX-1194 $67,994 CA 2005
Long Beach JAG Grant City of Long Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1190 $379,577 CA 2005
Technology Enhancements City of San Gabriel 2005-DJ-BX-1123 $20,839 CA 2005
Paramount's Comprehensive Crime Prevention Program City of Paramount 2005-DJ-BX-1729 $51,005 CA 2005
JAG Youth Program San Joaquin County 2005-DJ-BX-1053 $461,822 CA 2005
Network enabled wireless CCTV system for criminal activity surveillance--Phase I City of National City 2005-DJ-BX-0005 $54,003 CA 2005
Provide the Taser X26 for patrol officers and a negotiation phone for the negotiation team. City of Hollister 2005-DJ-BX-1638 $23,282 CA 2005
Purchase of PlateScan, the automatic license plate recognition product based on a proprietary neural network recognition engine. City of Cerritos 2005-DJ-BX-1690 $21,209 CA 2005
Park Security Program City of West Hollywood 2005-DJ-BX-0056 $43,343 CA 2005
Compton Youth Gang Intervention and Prevention Program City of Compton 2005-DJ-BX-0037 $195,840 CA 2005
El Cajon Police Department Records Management Enhancement Project (Photo Imaging Storage Component). City of El Cajon 2005-DJ-BX-0422 $66,255 CA 2005
Park Patrol Project City of Bell 2005-DJ-BX-1581 $26,724 CA 2005
Whittier Police Department Windows Operating System for Personal Computers Upgrade City of Whittier 2005-DJ-BX-0214 $32,757 CA 2005
J.A.G. 2005 Award: Crime Prevention, Analysis, and Report Review City of Oceanside 2005-DJ-BX-1300 $112,411 CA 2005
City and County of Napa CAD/RMS Project City of Napa 2005-DJ-BX-0744 $25,651 CA 2005
Technology Acquisition - Mobile Data Computers City of Ceres 2005-DJ-BX-1504 $21,357 CA 2005
FY2005 JAG Grant City of Pleasant Hill 2005-DJ-BX-1420 $15,283 CA 2005
Enhance officer and public's safety with purchase of additional less lethal weapons and augment building security and employee safety through enhancement of Video Surveillance cameras. City of El Cerrito 2005-DJ-BX-1477 $13,547 CA 2005
Education of the Community through Crime Prevention City of Pinole 2005-DJ-BX-1427 $13,510 CA 2005
Tactical Technology Improvement Program City of Pittsburg 2005-DJ-BX-1269 $25,466 CA 2005
JAG Marin County 2005-DJ-BX-1731 $19,025 CA 2005
Sheriff's Substation Support Project County of Calaveras 2005-DJ-BX-1733 $13,917 CA 2005
Solano Narcotics Enforcement Team and Law Enforcement Enhancement Solano County 2005-DJ-BX-1414 $235,408 CA 2005
Front Line Local Law Enforcement Equipment SANTA CRUZ COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-1169 $83,151 CA 2005
Joint Application for the Justice Assistance Grant Program (2005) County of Santa Clara 2005-DJ-BX-1720 $750,048 CA 2005
Covert Unattended Video Surveillance System City of Rohnert Park 2005-DJ-BX-1451 $10,475 CA 2005
School Resource Officer City of Porterville 2005-DJ-BX-0889 $19,580 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Effort Augmentation Program through acquisition of critical officer safety, investigation and crime fighting equipment. City of Fresno 2005-DJ-BX-0077 $556,910 CA 2005
Santa Barbara Regional Narcotics Enforcement Team (SBRNET) Lompoc Police Department Participation City of Lompoc 2005-DJ-BX-1365 $17,582 CA 2005
FY05 Justice Assistance Grant Program County of San Luis Obispo 2005-DJ-BX-1055 $22,912 CA 2005
City of Salinas/County of Monterey JAG 2005-FB41-CA-DJ City of Salinas 2005-DJ-BX-1500 $163,657 CA 2005
FY05 Justice Assistance Grant Program. City of Marysville 2005-DJ-BX-1318 $10,845 CA 2005
District Attorney Investigator Equipment Project County of Yuba 2005-DJ-BX-0942 $27,353 CA 2005
High-Tech Crime Unit Global Positioning System (GPS) to apprehend suspects. City of Clovis 2005-DJ-BX-0406 $12,141 CA 2005
County of Kauai, Kauai Police and Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Computer Enhancement and Multipurpose Training Program County of Kauai 2005-DJ-BX-1465 $45,370 HI 2005
Law Enforcement Tehama County 2005-DJ-BX-1697 $14,732 CA 2005
Yolo Narcotics Enforcement Team Yolo County 2005-DJ-BX-1125 $86,613 CA 2005
Violence Against Women Vertical Prosecution Program County of Nevada 2005-DJ-BX-1659 $12,955 CA 2005
Technology Improvement and Training Project Hawaii County 2005-DJ-BX-1725 $115,645 HI 2005
Fiscal Year 2005 Justice Assistance Grant Program Merced County 2005-DJ-BX-1121 $53,485 CA 2005
Boating Safety and Enforcement County of Lake 2005-DJ-BX-0844 $15,157 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Technology and Communications County of Mendocino 2005-DJ-BX-1503 $26,317 CA 2005
Juvenile Court Violent Offender Unit Sacramento County 2005-DJ-BX-1435 $442,130 CA 2005
FY 2005 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Merced 2005-DJ-BX-1404 $47,859 CA 2005
Vehicle Mobile Data Terminals City of Dixon 2005-DJ-BX-0200 $10,179 CA 2005
WiFi Project City of Federal Way 2005-DJ-BX-0573 $51,269 WA 2005
Whatcom Community Drug Treatment Court Whatcom County 2005-DJ-BX-1759 $24,297 WA 2005
Surveillance and Investigative Equipment Grant City of Kent 2005-DJ-BX-0720 $48,260 WA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant 2005 City of Portland 2005-DJ-BX-0064 $1,030,701 OR 2005
Domestic Violence Offender Accountability Project City of Des Moines 2005-DJ-BX-1387 $15,158 WA 2005
Benton County Traffic Safety Program Benton County 2005-DJ-BX-0069 $11,116 OR 2005
Lincoln County will purchase law enforcement equipment Lincoln County, Oregon 2005-DJ-BX-1139 $16,064 OR 2005
National Incident Based Reporting RMS Conversion City of Bellingham 2005-DJ-BX-0571 $24,241 WA 2005
Law Enforcement Support Lane County 2005-DJ-BX-0330 $136,797 OR 2005
Electronic Ticketing Program Development Server Program County of Washington 2005-DJ-BX-0581 $37,139 OR 2005
Springfield Justice Projects Initiative Springfield, City of, OR 2005-DJ-BX-0578 $25,123 OR 2005
Correctional Facility and Transportation Enhancement Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon 2005-DJ-BX-0911 $34,890 OR 2005
Computer forensics City of Redmond 2005-DJ-BX-1610 $15,102 WA 2005
Law Enforcement Mobile Technology Project CITY OF HILLSBORO 2005-DJ-BX-0066 $29,236 OR 2005
1) Control Speeding and Increase Pedestrian Safety; and, 2) Patrol Divsion Command and Control Improvements City of Tukwila 2005-DJ-BX-1715 $23,740 WA 2005
Purchase of SWAT Handguns for City of Bellevue SWAT Team Video Production and Streaming of Critical Task Training City of Bellevue 2005-DJ-BX-0569 $24,576 WA 2005
Public safety technology and efficiency improvements City of SeaTac 2005-DJ-BX-1642 $24,130 WA 2005
City of Fairbanks Byrne Drug Investigator for Assignment to the State of Alaska's Bureau of Alcohol and Drug Enforcement (ABADE) Local Task-Force City of Fairbanks Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-0944 $34,545 AK 2005
Youth / Gang violence Supression Operation Involving Schools and Neighborhoods City of Medford 2005-DJ-BX-1400 $12,978 MA 2005
Target Area, Crime Suppression and Community Policing Town of Windham CT 2005-DJ-BX-1564 $12,105 CT 2005
Proactive Law Enforcement City Of Parkersburg 2005-DJ-BX-1443 $15,465 WV 2005
Police facility security enhancements City of Kelso 2005-DJ-BX-1643 $13,040 WA 2005
UP Code Enforcement/Public Safety Liaison Officer City of University Place 2005-DJ-BX-0654 $19,226 WA 2005
Domestic Violence Response Unit City of Pasco 2005-DJ-BX-1713 $22,068 WA 2005
Neighborhood patrol services, crime prevention, and juvenile crime suppression and prevention activities. City of Lakewood 2005-DJ-BX-1609 $83,981 WA 2005
Worcester County & Town of Ocean CityJustice Assistance Grant Program Town of Ocean City 2005-DJ-BX-0391 $27,153 MD 2005
Mobile Command Post Interoperable Communications and Technology & Technological Program Completion Project Municipality of Anchorage 2005-DJ-BX-0496 $245,002 AK 2005
Law Enforcement, education, crime prevention, technology update, programs City of New Britain 2005-DJ-BX-1539 $67,066 CT 2005
Law and Justice Technology Upgrades and Yakima Police Athletic League administrative and equipment funding Yakima, City of 2005-DJ-BX-0661 $78,464 WA 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Utica 2005-DJ-BX-0985 $50,057 NY 2005
Traffic Safety Grant County 2005-DJ-BX-0646 $16,105 WA 2005
Police Overtime City of Bainbridge, Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-1223 $10,534 GA 2005
Supporting More Community Policing Albemarle County 2005-DJ-BX-0891 $26,235 VA 2005
In-car video camera system City of Pensacola 2005-DJ-BX-1172 $47,744 FL 2005
Equipment Upgrade County of Cherokee 2005-DJ-BX-0653 $28,725 SC 2005
Drug Interdiction/ Identification/ Training Initiative City of Beaufort 2005-DJ-BX-0267 $14,162 SC 2005
Computer Technology and Operating Systems City of Lebanon 2005-DJ-BX-1446 $27,469 PA 2005
Floyd/Rome Joint FY 2005 JAG Floyd County 2005-DJ-BX-0194 $67,740 GA 2005
The Quality of Service Improvement Project City of St. Augustine, FL 2005-DJ-BX-0806 $14,017 FL 2005
Police, Volunteer, and Citizen Initiative in the Prevention of Crime. Town of Herndon 2005-DJ-BX-1315 $11,316 VA 2005
Mobile Public Access Web Clay County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0957 $52,461 FL 2005
JAG Project City of Brunswick 2005-DJ-BX-1207 $37,374 GA 2005
Continuing getting Law Enforcement involved with the community through additional community projects and to form a Special Operation Team that can response to the communities needs in times of crisis. Laurens County 2005-DJ-BX-0637 $42,007 SC 2005
Law Enforcement Programs Support County of Roanoke 2005-DJ-BX-1579 $35,022 VA 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Swainsboro 2005-DJ-BX-1264 $24,000 GA 2005
Purchase of two-way radios and communications equipment for the Harnett County Sheriff's Office County of Harnett 2005-DJ-BX-0530 $51,034 NC 2005
Iredell County Sheriff's Crime Laboratory and Identification Unit Iredell County 2005-DJ-BX-0869 $22,255 NC 2005
Mobile Data Terminal Upgrade/Replacement Project City of Cocoa 2005-DJ-BX-1034 $36,861 FL 2005
Less Lethal Weapon Systems - TASAR Rockingham County 2005-DJ-BX-0144 $14,836 NC 2005
Drug Enforcement Program for Greater Charleston/Kanawha County City of Charleston 2005-DJ-BX-1748 $169,083 WV 2005
Modernization Iniative City of Darlington 2005-DJ-BX-1058 $13,162 SC 2005
To purchase supplies for methamphetamine lab processing, furthering drug investigation, training and equipment. Putnam County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-1755 $27,202 WV 2005
FY 2005 Allentown City and Lehigh County JAG City of Allentown 2005-DJ-BX-1543 $93,894 PA 2005
Courtroom and Public Use area Security Enhancement City of Americus 2005-DJ-BX-1215 $20,977 GA 2005
JAG Project City of Tifton 2005-DJ-BX-1544 $17,588 GA 2005
Quality of Life Improvement Program Village of Freeport 2005-DJ-BX-0434 $23,577 NY 2005
Technical Advances Borough of Wilkinsburg 2005-DJ-BX-1378 $25,710 PA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Funding City Of Albany 2005-DJ-BX-1171 $72,915 GA 2005
The purpose of the JAG Program is to provide units of local government funds to underwrite projects to reduce crime and improve public safety. Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1085 $174,365 GA 2005
Equipment for the specific use of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (SERT). Fauquier County 2005-DJ-BX-1576 $14,161 VA 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Flagler County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1474 $12,265 FL 2005
Upgrade technology hardware/software City of Forest Park 2005-DJ-BX-1084 $26,656 GA 2005
Complete the purchase and acquisition of much needed equipment and supplies for the Garner Police Department Special Response Team. Town of Garner 2005-DJ-BX-0448 $10,189 NC 2005
Boone County Sheriff Law Enforcement Equipment Project Boone County Fiscal Court 2005-DJ-BX-0584 $18,956 KY 2005
Public Safety Vehicle Equipment Greene County 2005-DJ-BX-0848 $12,181 OH 2005
Largo Law Enforcement Initiative City of Largo 2005-DJ-BX-1035 $29,987 FL 2005
Homeland Security Interoperable COmmunications and Data Operation City of Springfield 2005-DJ-BX-0918 $21,311 TN 2005
Purchase of Digital Cameras and Accessories City of Troy 2005-DJ-BX-0888 $11,875 MI 2005
County of Jones and City of Laurel JAG County of Jones, State of Mississippi 2005-DJ-BX-1545 $42,578 MS 2005
Bowling Green Law Enforcement/Warren County Prosecution Project City of Bowling Green 2005-DJ-BX-0152 $52,020 KY 2005
Emergency Reponse Team High Risk Incident Vehicle City of Madisonville 2005-DJ-BX-1703 $14,762 KY 2005
LiveScan Fingerprint Booking Data Identification Collection Jefferson County 2005-DJ-BX-0964 $19,554 OH 2005
2005 JAG Equipment Purchase Program Lee County Alabama 2005-DJ-BX-0859 $101,328 AL 2005
Operation P.E.A.C.E.(Police, Eye's, Againt, Criminal, Engagement) Terrebonne Parish Consolidated Government 2005-DJ-BX-0705 $50,743 LA 2005
FY2005 County of Jackson JAG Jackson County Board of Supervisors 2005-DJ-BX-1438 $39,820 MS 2005
Gang Awareness and Substance/Alcohol Abuse Reduction Education Hernando County Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-1040 $76,822 FL 2005
FY 2005 City of Etowah and City of Gadsden JAG Etowah County 2005-DJ-BX-0239 $114,012 AL 2005
Public Safety and the Community City of Fort Myers 2005-DJ-BX-0561 $114,694 FL 2005
Crime Prevention and Drug Reduction City of Fremont 2005-DJ-BX-1188 $11,471 OH 2005
MAKING LICKING COUNTY SAFE Licking County 2005-DJ-BX-1163 $15,840 OH 2005
2005 JAG Program City of Port Huron 2005-DJ-BX-0701 $21,902 MI 2005
2005 Kenton County Public Safety Improvement Project Kenton County Fiscal Court 2005-DJ-BX-0629 $129,860 KY 2005
Rochester/Olmsted Crime Prevention Program City of Rochester 2005-DJ-BX-0624 $51,551 MN 2005
The Lincoln County Enhnaced Training and Specialized Equipment Program County of Lincoln 2005-DJ-BX-0437 $11,111 MS 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Boca Raton 2005-DJ-BX-1347 $20,587 FL 2005
Equipment Purchase St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0078 $24,420 LA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant for Law Enforcement Lexington Fayette Urban County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0225 $266,910 KY 2005
Improvement of Public Safety and Prosecution Through the Use of Tehnology City of Muscatine 2005-DJ-BX-0013 $45,744 IA 2005
MCT Field Reporting Upgrade City of Ypsilanti 2005-DJ-BX-1206 $25,148 MI 2005
Communication System Upgrade for Jackson County City of Jackson 2005-DJ-BX-0111 $66,896 MI 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Beaumont 2005-DJ-BX-1109 $174,747 TX 2005
Nacogdoches Personnel and Equipment Enhancement Program City of Nacogdoches 2005-DJ-BX-0421 $22,705 TX 2005
Ballistic Vest Replacement Liberty County Sheriff's Department 2005-DJ-BX-1108 $12,969 TX 2005
Purchase of IWIN computers for City of Joliet and Will County City of Joliet 2005-DJ-BX-0763 $112,596 IL 2005
City of Laredo Justice Assistance Grant City of Laredo 2005-DJ-BX-0288 $124,624 TX 2005
Drug Enforcement OvertimeMobile Data Computers Ravalli County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0835 $37,474 MT 2005
The training and updating of the Hunt County Sheriff's tactical unit and the updating of in car cameras for the Greenville Police Department. County Of Hunt 2005-DJ-BX-0639 $33,142 TX 2005
This grant will enable Flathead County Sheriff's Office Civil Division to interact and update the NIBRS compliant criminal data system more proficiently. The current system is an outdated DOS computer Flathead County 2005-DJ-BX-0615 $27,536 MT 2005
Navarro County Justice Assistance Grant County of Navarro 2005-DJ-BX-0603 $10,009 TX 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Program (JAG) City of Moore 2005-DJ-BX-1717 $56,616 OK 2005
Drug Prosecution Project Yavapai County 2005-DJ-BX-1674 $39,169 AZ 2005
Los Angeles County Probation Department Gang Alternative Prevention Program (contract with City of Commerce) City of Commerce 2005-DJ-BX-1750 $19,728 CA 2005
Public Safety Equipment Project County of Pinal 2005-DJ-BX-1286 $73,603 AZ 2005
City of Shoreline, WA Elementary and Middle School School Resource Officer (SRO) Program City of Shoreline 2005-DJ-BX-0722 $20,006 WA 2005
Crisis and Critical Incident Management City of Jonesboro, Arkansas 2005-DJ-BX-1375 $41,810 AR 2005
Crime Scene & Investigation Equipment City of Prescott 2005-DJ-BX-1293 $15,300 AZ 2005
Interoperative Voice and Data Communications Eureka Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-1379 $21,949 CA 2005
Tactical Equipment Acquisition City of Athens 2005-DJ-BX-0282 $13,903 TX 2005
Substance Abuse Counseling Services portion of the Juvenile Drug Court "Pilot" Program Benton County 2005-DJ-BX-0379 $10,715 AR 2005
Security enhancement to existing crimial justice system City of West Memphis 2005-DJ-BX-1384 $73,022 AR 2005
Box Elder Narcotics Strike Force Box Elder Narcotics Strike Force 2005-DJ-BX-1560 $10,896 UT 2005
Austin and Travis County Justice Assistance Grant Programs City of Austin 2005-DJ-BX-0130 $409,703 TX 2005
JAG Altus County 2005-DJ-BX-1369 $10,193 OK 2005
Cherokee County Sheriff's Department Overtime Assistance Project CHEROKEE COUNTY SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT 2005-DJ-BX-0131 $13,202 TX 2005
Reno Police Department, Washoe County Sheriff's Officce and Sparks Police Department - Justice Assistance Grant Funds City of Reno 2005-DJ-BX-1070 $261,036 NV 2005
Records Storage Capacity Expansion Project City of Coolidge 2005-DJ-BX-1299 $10,213 AZ 2005
Overtime pay for extra duty at school functions, Overtime pay for extra patrol for high crime related events Cassia County 2005-DJ-BX-0684 $19,453 ID 2005
The City of Selma will utilize funds for overtime for special enforcement activities. City of Selma 2005-DJ-BX-1632 $13,473 CA 2005
Less than lethal equipment and training project. City of Sierra Vista 2005-DJ-BX-1157 $12,091 AZ 2005
Garden City Police Department Justice Assistance Grant City of Garden City 2005-DJ-BX-0676 $19,559 ID 2005
Local crime prevention funded by JAG. Monrovia City 2005-DJ-BX-1156 $16,804 CA 2005
Information Technology Improvement City of Espanola 2005-DJ-BX-0936 $39,269 NM 2005
Police Equipment Procurement Project City of Roswell 2005-DJ-BX-1428 $75,600 NM 2005
FY 2005 City of Lebanon JAG Lebanon City 2005-DJ-BX-0416 $26,644 NH 2005
FY 2005 Multi-Jurisdiction JAG Township of Woodbridge 2005-DJ-BX-1736 $222,681 NJ 2005
BRISTOL COUNTY DISPA Bristol County 2005-DJ-BX-0858 $317,752 MA 2005
FY2005 JAG Joint Application Clark County and Vancouver, WA Clark County 2005-DJ-BX-0643 $149,682 WA 2005
Crime prevention and detection thru technology City of Huntington Park 2005-DJ-BX-1362 $57,853 CA 2005
Grant funds will be used towards the annual maintenance agreement for the West Covina CAD system. City of Maywood 2005-DJ-BX-1566 $14,806 CA 2005
West Warwick Police Terrorism Improvement Grant Town of West Warwick 2005-DJ-BX-1548 $19,649 RI 2005
Community/School Resource Officer City of San Pablo 2005-DJ-BX-1074 $40,271 CA 2005
Digital Photo and Imaging System City of Escondido 2005-DJ-BX-1512 $68,587 CA 2005
Police Department Technology Enhancements City of Montebello 2005-DJ-BX-1497 $36,903 CA 2005
To fund police overtime. City of Perris 2005-DJ-BX-0789 $36,792 CA 2005
Regional Communication and Records Management Collaboration City of Lewiston 2005-DJ-BX-1197 $94,367 ME 2005
Implementation of Gang Enforcement Team to reduce gang related crimes. City of Hawthorne 2005-DJ-BX-1696 $108,673 CA 2005
Fugitive Apprehension Detail County of Riverside 2005-DJ-BX-0176 $253,859 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Support Project Inglewood City of 2005-DJ-BX-1071 $134,138 CA 2005
National Night Out D.A.R.E. Patrol Equipment Detention Computer Hardware CrimeView Analysis System City of Carson City 2005-DJ-BX-0663 $41,485 NV 2005
Enhance City and Establish County Ordinance Enforcement Crook County 2005-DJ-BX-0174 $14,907 OR 2005
Public Inebriant Program City of Dillingham 2005-DJ-BX-0769 $13,641 AK 2005
Law Enforcement Technical Assistance City of Lodi 2005-DJ-BX-1492 $46,045 CA 2005
Colville Correctional Cultural Outreach Services Colville Tribe 2005-DJ-BX-0719 $12,706 WA 2005
Equipment for Police Ancillary Building City of Torrance 2005-DJ-BX-0002 $50,265 CA 2005
Kennebec County Byrne Fund Disparate Sharing Kennebec County 2005-DJ-BX-0567 $48,888 ME 2005
Upgrade of the Police Department computer hardware and software. Palm Springs City 2005-DJ-BX-0893 $48,229 CA 2005
Funding requested for training, certain equipment and overtime costs relative to law enforcement issues within the City of Fitchburg, Massachusetts City of Fitchburg 2005-DJ-BX-0394 $40,654 MA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program BUTLER COUNTY OHIO 2005-DJ-BX-1359 $141,633 OH 2005
Enrollment into CLEMIS City of Monroe 2005-DJ-BX-0511 $10,232 MI 2005
Prisoner Transportation Project City of Cocoa Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0698 $12,804 FL 2005
Enrich the Community Webster Town of 2005-DJ-BX-0902 $10,056 MA 2005
Shively Police Technology update City of Shively 2005-DJ-BX-1541 $14,925 KY 2005
As part of a 'disparate' group designated by the U.S. Department of Justice, the County of Macomb, City of Warren, City of Sterling Heights and the Township of Clinton are jointly applying for $219,42 Macomb County 2005-DJ-BX-0098 $219,426 MI 2005
Joint Application for Funding of Law Enforcement Equipment and Training County of Rock 2005-DJ-BX-0579 $63,101 WI 2005
Enhanced Law Enforcement Programs City of North Miami 2005-DJ-BX-0559 $86,020 FL 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program The City of Akron 2005-DJ-BX-0974 $170,910 OH 2005
JAG Project City of Union City, Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-0516 $12,824 GA 2005
Family Services-Youth Initiatives Titusville City 2005-DJ-BX-0560 $36,760 FL 2005
TAKING BACK THE STREETS 2005 City of Guntersville 2005-DJ-BX-0507 $13,973 AL 2005
Radio Interoperablity City of Roseville 2005-DJ-BX-0702 $20,135 MI 2005
Law enforcement Equipment Levy County 2005-DJ-BX-1005 $19,879 FL 2005
New computers and software for patrol officers laptops in cruisers. City Of Central Falls 2005-DJ-BX-1549 $38,242 RI 2005
Law Enforcement and Technology Project Tallapoosa County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-0540 $13,626 AL 2005
Purchase and implementation of equipment related to a Computer Voice Stress Annalyzer (CVSA) City of Dade City 2005-DJ-BX-1693 $10,041 FL 2005
Project "Safe". County of Eaton 2005-DJ-BX-0543 $16,560 MI 2005
Technology Update City of Ozark 2005-DJ-BX-0470 $11,248 AL 2005
Regional Law Enforcement JAG Application for Norfolk County Town of Brookline 2005-DJ-BX-0305 $106,791 MA 2005
Fort Pierce Police Department in-vehicle technology and other hardware stabilization project.St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office - AFIS Fingerprint Expansion Project. St Lucie County 2005-DJ-BX-0951 $124,600 FL 2005
1.) Audio and Video Surveillance Equipment 2.) Purchasing and Maintenance of Information Technology Equipment Martin County 2005-DJ-BX-1276 $42,825 FL 2005
Officer Overtime and Office equipment. City of Vidalia 2005-DJ-BX-0843 $10,901 GA 2005
Purchase of Less-Lethal Tasers and improvement of Mobile Technology Capabilities Medford City 2005-DJ-BX-0031 $42,408 OR 2005
Seminole County Sheriff's Office Latent Station Seminole County Sheriffs' Office 2005-DJ-BX-0585 $75,171 FL 2005
Live Scan Fingerprint machines for the Green Bay Police Department and Brown County Sheriffs Department City of Green Bay 2005-DJ-BX-1367 $73,179 WI 2005
Joint application between the Chambers County Sheriff's Department and the City of Lanett Police Department -Technology Enhancement for Investigations Chambers County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0471 $11,347 AL 2005
City of Lancaster Patrol Equipment Fairfield County Patrol Equipment City of Lancaster 2005-DJ-BX-1221 $10,487 OH 2005
Pasco Sheriff's Office Justice Assistance Grant Program Pasco County 2005-DJ-BX-0232 $142,356 FL 2005
Interoperability with law enforcement agencies within our geographic region. The St. Clair Shores Police Department plans to purchase approximately eight (8) Motorola 800Mh portable radios. City of St. Clair Shores 2005-DJ-BX-0053 $20,094 MI 2005
Courthouse Security Upgrades Lincoln County 2005-DJ-BX-0488 $11,753 NC 2005
Law Enforcement Technology City of New London 2005-DJ-BX-0941 $35,725 CT 2005
Harrison County (WV) 21st Century Prosecution and Prevention Harrison County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-0257 $11,896 WV 2005
Evacuation Center and Automated Fingerprint Identification System City of Fayetteville 2005-DJ-BX-0487 $119,094 NC 2005
Technology and Equipment Upgrades City of Huntsville 2005-DJ-BX-0243 $188,633 AL 2005
Equipment Purchases 2005 City of Radcliff 2005-DJ-BX-1153 $32,847 KY 2005
FY 2005 West Chester Borough and Coatesville City JAG Borough of West Chester 2005-DJ-BX-0342 $30,256 PA 2005
Tactical Vehicle refurbishment and Computer and associated equipment purchases Ross County 2005-DJ-BX-1244 $10,214 OH 2005
Operacion Apoyo Hispano (Operation Hispanic Outreach) City of Clearwater, Florida 2005-DJ-BX-0950 $101,553 FL 2005
Mobile Video Cameras City of Greenbelt 2005-DJ-BX-0297 $18,840 MD 2005
Bluefield Safe Community Project City of Bluefield 2005-DJ-BX-1745 $12,372 WV 2005
The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and the St. Petersburg Police Department's Justice Assistance Project Pinellas County 2005-DJ-BX-1386 $562,181 FL 2005
Gang Suppression Initiative Harford County, Maryland 2005-DJ-BX-0260 $37,789 MD 2005
Camden County's Justice Assistance Grant Program City of Camden 2005-DJ-BX-1722 $377,136 NJ 2005
Crime Reduction Through Improved Technology City of Tampa 2005-DJ-BX-1013 $649,818 FL 2005
Community Based Correctional Alternatives Chesterfield County 2005-DJ-BX-0832 $105,700 VA 2005
FY 2005 City of Newark JAG City of Newark 2005-DJ-BX-1718 $30,615 DE 2005
Officer Safety Initiative City of Dublin 2005-DJ-BX-0995 $13,740 GA 2005
Firearms and Use of Force Training Improvement Program. City of Bristol 2005-DJ-BX-0916 $14,145 TN 2005
Mapping Software for Compliance of FCC Phase 2 of Emergency Communications Center City of Savannah 2005-DJ-BX-0483 $222,364 GA 2005
Video Surveillance System City of Williamsport 2005-DJ-BX-0473 $13,441 PA 2005
Community Services Durham County 2005-DJ-BX-0363 $258,476 NC 2005
Philadelphia Police Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant City of Philadelphia 2005-DJ-BX-0907 $3,141,530 PA 2005
Law Enforcement Strategies to Protect and Serve New Castle County 2005-DJ-BX-0892 $188,633 DE 2005
Law Enforcement Information Technology andTechnology Assistance Program for Law Enforcement City of Portsmouth Oh 2005-DJ-BX-1111 $29,496 OH 2005
Interoperable Communications Upgrade - JAG1 County of Dilllon 2005-DJ-BX-0634 $19,163 SC 2005
Mobile Wireless Data Communications for Law Enforcement Road Patrol Officers Citrus County 2005-DJ-BX-0662 $30,695 FL 2005
Mobile Data and Automated Incident Report System Darlington County 2005-DJ-BX-1627 $35,446 SC 2005
1)National Night Out Crime Prevention Program 2)Enhanced Law Enforcement in High Crime Areas County of Henry 2005-DJ-BX-1047 $39,448 VA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Program County of Greenville 2005-DJ-BX-0197 $224,115 SC 2005
County Facility Security Coordinator Rowan County 2005-DJ-BX-0361 $22,970 NC 2005
Imaging System Upgrade City of Danville 2005-DJ-BX-1051 $54,051 VA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Advanced Law Enforcement Training and Equipment City of Tucumcari 2005-DJ-BX-1302 $19,679 NM 2005
City of Midland - Automatic Vehicle Locator ProjectMidland County - Tactical Team Equipment and Supplies City of Midland 2005-DJ-BX-0115 $53,082 TX 2005
1. Security Access Control for the Blacksburg Poilce Department2. Crime Prevention and Patrol Support for the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Montgomery County 2005-DJ-BX-1603 $12,960 VA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Supply Purchase City of Cody 2005-DJ-BX-1167 $10,433 WY 2005
FY 2005 County and the City of Salem JAG County of Salem 2005-DJ-BX-1706 $11,294 NJ 2005
Operation K-9 enforcement City of Laurinburg 2005-DJ-BX-0532 $15,105 NC 2005
Colleton County Sheriff's Office Radar (Speed Detection Device) Program Colleton County 2005-DJ-BX-0165 $38,806 SC 2005
Law Enforcment Programs to Include Training, Equipment and Information Systems for Criminal Justice Purpose. County of Greenwood 2005-DJ-BX-0895 $85,573 SC 2005
Bi-Directional Antenna/Amplifier and North Metro Task Force support City of Commerce City 2005-DJ-BX-0667 $31,219 CO 2005
Delaware County Justice Assistance Grant County of Delaware 2005-DJ-BX-0522 $217,751 PA 2005
FY 2005 City of Washington's JAG Washington, City of, Police Dept. 2005-DJ-BX-1737 $12,610 PA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment, Bullet proof vest, Tasers, Duty Weapons etc. County of Hoke 2005-DJ-BX-0867 $13,764 NC 2005
Crash Reduction Program Stroud Township 2005-DJ-BX-1422 $16,863 PA 2005
Project#1~Enhancement to Neighborhood Watch program. Project#2~Participation in F.A.S.T. (regional helicopter patrol program). City of Alhambra 2005-DJ-BX-1220 $27,427 CA 2005
Court for Juvenile Justice Linn County 2005-DJ-BX-0060 $15,871 OR 2005
Law Enforcement Overtime City of Hawaiian Gardens 2005-DJ-BX-1744 $14,806 CA 2005
Records Management and Interoperability Upgrade Natchitoches Parish Sheriff 2005-DJ-BX-1636 $25,554 LA 2005
JAG Projects for the Honolulu Police Department and the Department of Prosecuting Attorney City And County of Honolulu 2005-DJ-BX-0570 $796,522 HI 2005
FY2005 Justice Assistance Grant Program Ventura County 2005-DJ-BX-1574 $147,760 CA 2005
FY 2005 City of Westminster JAG City of Westminster 2005-DJ-BX-1149 $30,527 CO 2005
Law Enforcement City of Kotzebue 2005-DJ-BX-1039 $10,942 AK 2005
JAG funds will be used to fund the existing Communications System Equipment Lease. City of Monterey Park 2005-DJ-BX-1660 $21,061 CA 2005
Non Lethal Equipment Project City of Apache Junction 2005-DJ-BX-1600 $11,074 AZ 2005
Law Enforcement Program - Improving Four Police Agencies City of Boulder 2005-DJ-BX-0475 $106,876 CO 2005
Sheriff's Overtime for Park and Party Enforcement City of La Mirada 2005-DJ-BX-1086 $16,800 CA 2005
Moble Computer Intergration Project County of Del Norte 2005-DJ-BX-1432 $10,290 CA 2005
Sonoma County Sheriff's Department 2005 JAG Program Sonoma County 2005-DJ-BX-0405 $48,229 CA 2005
Domestic/Family Violence Program City of Concord 2005-DJ-BX-0775 $51,745 CA 2005
JAG Funding for Law Enforcement Overtime in FY 2006 City of Norco 2005-DJ-BX-1483 $10,327 CA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program City of Marshalltown 2005-DJ-BX-0741 $51,869 IA 2005
FY 2005- Local Law Enforcement Block Grant City of Lake Elsinore 2005-DJ-BX-1457 $27,797 CA 2005
800 MHz Radio Support City of Encinitas 2005-DJ-BX-1522 $18,729 CA 2005
Joint Dispatcher Position and Equipment City of Laramie 2005-DJ-BX-0675 $40,475 WY 2005
Security System Brazoria County 2005-DJ-BX-1096 $22,510 TX 2005
Los Banos Officer Safety Equipment Upgrade Los Banos City 2005-DJ-BX-1431 $11,881 CA 2005
Computer and Video Enhancement Program City of Bullhead City 2005-DJ-BX-1138 $22,226 AZ 2005
Digital Radio Project City of Corvallis 2005-DJ-BX-0048 $14,329 OR 2005
Establish a functional off-site Emergency Operations Center City of Hemet 2005-DJ-BX-0196 $31,795 CA 2005
Tohono O'odham Police DepartmentCommunity-Oriented Policing Project Tohono O Odham Nation 2005-DJ-BX-1635 $18,195 AZ 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Chickasha 2005-DJ-BX-0039 $30,917 OK 2005
Technology Upgrade and Development City of Reedley 2005-DJ-BX-1301 $16,286 CA 2005
Empowering the Street Officer Williams county 2005-DJ-BX-1599 $12,514 ND 2005
Criminal Crackdown City of Denham Springs 2005-DJ-BX-1291 $20,816 LA 2005
Computer Equipment Replacement City of Conway 2005-DJ-BX-0381 $14,674 AR 2005
Enforcer Radars City of Bell Mead 2005-DJ-BX-1258 $11,138 TX 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Central Nebraska Drug Court City of Grand Island 2005-DJ-BX-1091 $34,581 NE 2005
City/County Joint JAG Application Tulsa County 2005-DJ-BX-0697 $676,303 OK 2005
MRDTF Byrne Drug Task Force City of Helena, Montana 2005-DJ-BX-1195 $58,591 MT 2005
In-Car Imaging Project Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 2005-DJ-BX-0766 $11,346 SD 2005
Replacement of mobile data computers CITY OF BRIDGETON 2005-DJ-BX-1410 $13,042 MO 2005
Community-Based Policing and Tactical Team Enhancement Project City of Lufkin 2005-DJ-BX-1284 $23,250 TX 2005
Computer Aided Dispatch Infrastructure Project City of Lawrence 2005-DJ-BX-1468 $21,378 KS 2005
First Responder Remote Controlled Robotic Response City of Quincy Illinois 2005-DJ-BX-0337 $14,478 IL 2005
BiDirectional Amplifier System Cape Girardeau County 2005-DJ-BX-0790 $11,345 MO 2005
Victim Response Unit WEBSTER COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-1068 $17,196 MO 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program CITY OF DES MOINES 2005-DJ-BX-0566 $211,816 IA 2005
Training and Office Facilities Update Providing Better Enviroment for Law Enforcement Training Orange County 2005-DJ-BX-0099 $19,979 TX 2005
Cameron County/City of Brownsville Equipment & Training Project County of Cameron 2005-DJ-BX-0291 $124,897 TX 2005
2005 JAG Law Enforcement Technology and Equipment City of Little Rock 2005-DJ-BX-0384 $482,967 AR 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Overtime County of Wood 2005-DJ-BX-1259 $10,359 TX 2005
Technology Improvement, Purchase Two In Car Video Systems.Hardware, software and installation City Of Branson 2005-DJ-BX-1076 $11,970 MO 2005
Criminal Justice Technology Improvement Project City of Forest Hill 2005-DJ-BX-1261 $11,528 TX 2005
Funding for part-time police detective working Economic Crimes, $14,600.Funding for three Police Cadet positions, $11,828. City of Covina 2005-DJ-BX-1463 $26,428 CA 2005
FY 05 JAG Grant Guadalupe County 2005-DJ-BX-0120 $11,528 TX 2005
Funding for law enforcement use in City of Cairo, Illinois. Monies will be used for personnel overtime hours for special duties in heavy drug trafficking areas, manpower to cover shifts for officers City of Cairo 2005-DJ-BX-1298 $17,122 IL 2005
Police Shooting Range stark county 2005-DJ-BX-1506 $11,500 ND 2005
JAG Application Scott County 2005-DJ-BX-1165 $16,839 MO 2005
JAG program Waterloo City 2005-DJ-BX-0046 $102,419 IA 2005
Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement Department Local Law Enforcement Support Project City and County of Butte-Silver Bow 2005-DJ-BX-0564 $50,103 MT 2005
Community-Policing and Problem Solving City of Wyoming 2005-DJ-BX-0444 $38,338 MI 2005
We are going to be upgrading our technology and equipment to enhance criminal investigations and to promote officer safety. La Crosse County 2005-DJ-BX-0519 $23,390 WI 2005
JAG Program Arkansas County 2005-DJ-BX-0808 $11,297 AR 2005
Lafourch Parish Sheriff's Office Drug Task Force Lafourche Parish Sheriff 2005-DJ-BX-0084 $19,722 LA 2005
Communcations Enhancement and Equipment Project City of Oshkosh 2005-DJ-BX-0518 $30,986 WI 2005
Crime Prevention and Education Project Baldwin County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-0242 $11,594 AL 2005
JAG PROGRAM City of Texarkana Arkansas 2005-DJ-BX-0213 $49,438 AR 2005
Columbiana County Drug Task Force Columbiana County 2005-DJ-BX-0986 $12,727 OH 2005
GIS Mapping for Athens Emergency Services City of Athens 2005-DJ-BX-0872 $19,661 TN 2005
Update communications center with new dispatch consoles and associated equipment. City of Hazel Park 2005-DJ-BX-0324 $13,026 MI 2005
Project # 1 ' Mobile data computer infrastructure upgrade. This project will involve placing transmitters throughout the City, which will be connected to a dedicated network for the Police Department. City of Springfield 2005-DJ-BX-0199 $401,424 MA 2005
1. Forensic Video System 2. Data Management and Employee Testing Software City of Anderson 2005-DJ-BX-1203 $46,997 IN 2005
FY 2005 City of Demopolis and County Marengo JAG City of Demopolis 2005-DJ-BX-0505 $15,856 AL 2005
Communication and surrveillance equipment enhancement City of Lafayette 2005-DJ-BX-1535 $30,012 IN 2005
Elkhart County Law Enforcement initiative is to improve and expand its capacity to prevent and control crime, administer justice, and assist crime victims while maintaining officer and public safety County of Elkhart 2005-DJ-BX-0879 $103,405 IN 2005
Justice Assistance Grant - Law Enforcement Salt Lake City 2005-DJ-BX-1116 $528,048 UT 2005
Police safety equipment program. City of La Mesa 2005-DJ-BX-1402 $23,282 CA 2005
Mental Health Intensive Treatment Probation and Drug Unit Officers Clermont County 2005-DJ-BX-1185 $14,966 OH 2005
Madera Regional Byrne 2005 Madera County 2005-DJ-BX-1611 $77,914 CA 2005
Records and Photo Imaging Technology Enhancement Washtenaw County 2005-DJ-BX-0346 $45,200 MI 2005
Interview Room Equipment/Spike strips City of Carlsbad 2005-DJ-BX-1557 $21,690 CA 2005
Mobile Command Post Equipment City of Rosenberg 2005-DJ-BX-1262 $15,228 TX 2005
Digital System for In-Car Cameras (Hobbs Police Depart.) Crime Scene Equipment for New Crime Scene Van (Lea County) City of Hobbs 2005-DJ-BX-0987 $41,005 NM 2005
School Safety, Homeland Security and Court Initiative City of Racine 2005-DJ-BX-1388 $116,800 WI 2005
Police Vehicle Purchase City of Hialeah 2005-DJ-BX-1396 $159,641 FL 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Il. Kankakee Il 2005-DJ-BX-1179 $92,704 IL 2005
The Children's Identification & Location Database (CHILD) Project Jefferson County 2005-DJ-BX-0913 $12,344 TN 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Tarpon Springs 2005-DJ-BX-0948 $15,735 FL 2005
Elizabeth City / Pasquotank County Police Athletic League City of Elizabeth City 2005-DJ-BX-0418 $18,858 NC 2005
2005 City of Berlin Police Department JAG Grant City of Berlin 2005-DJ-BX-1602 $13,215 NH 2005
Community Services Prevention and Outreach City of Danbury 2005-DJ-BX-1597 $28,070 CT 2005
Digital Recording Cameras in Patrol Cars City of Puyallup 2005-DJ-BX-1605 $13,765 WA 2005
Maui Prosecutors Byrne Justice Assistance Program County of Maui 2005-DJ-BX-1466 $89,116 HI 2005
Parks and Substation Program City of Binghamton 2005-DJ-BX-0756 $22,400 NY 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Town of Barnstable 2005-DJ-BX-1361 $101,033 MA 2005
Youth and Family Services City of Pasadena 2005-DJ-BX-0235 $76,434 CA 2005
2005 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance (JAG) Grant on behalf of the City of Chicago (lead applicant), Cook County and eighteen municipalities within Cook County City of Chicago 2005-DJ-BX-1256 $6,293,215 IL 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Cherokee County 2005-DJ-BX-1766 $16,424 OK 2005
Digital In-Car Video System York County 2005-DJ-BX-1248 $23,074 VA 2005
Enhancing Force Options for Gulfport Police City of Gulfport 2005-DJ-BX-0804 $10,074 FL 2005
Purchase of moblie Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system City of Beverly Hills 2005-DJ-BX-0778 $14,398 CA 2005
Nashua JAG Application City of Nashua 2005-DJ-BX-1634 $235,744 NH 2005
Interoperable Communications Project City of Thomasville 2005-DJ-BX-0714 $11,771 GA 2005
Drug interdiction and Community Policing City of Pawtucket 2005-DJ-BX-1479 $98,246 RI 2005
Technology Project County of Okeechobee 2005-DJ-BX-0075 $20,924 FL 2005
CPD CERT Tactical Protective Equipment City of Cumberland 2005-DJ-BX-0591 $18,695 MD 2005
Holly Hill Police Department Law Enforcement Equipment Program City of Holly Hill, Florida 2005-DJ-BX-1103 $11,960 FL 2005
Traffic Mitigation Through Purchase of Variable Message Sign (VMS) and Purchase of SWAT Anti-Mob/Barricaded Subject fog ejectors. Douglas County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0983 $20,205 CO 2005
Law enforcement and prevention activities within the County. Participation in Tri-State Drug Task Force multi-agency collaboration Woodbury County 2005-DJ-BX-0436 $125,911 IA 2005
Purchase of Law Enforcement equipment that is not budgeted. Looking at purchasing new motorola digital in car video equipment to gather evidence at vehicle stops. Mount Vernon City 2005-DJ-BX-1448 $16,913 IL 2005
Acquisition of Evidence Drying Cabinet for Crime Lab and Video Camera Systems for In-Car Use City of Takoma Park 2005-DJ-BX-0976 $19,457 MD 2005
Law and Justice Center Security Upgrades County of McLean 2005-DJ-BX-1450 $34,035 IL 2005
Upgrade of Existing Departmental Equipment and Training Programs City of Conway 2005-DJ-BX-0552 $21,843 SC 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Grant City of Lake City 2005-DJ-BX-0898 $15,562 SC 2005
Local Law Enforcement Equipment Acqusition Program City of Fairmont 2005-DJ-BX-1591 $11,103 WV 2005
Patrol Vehicle Video Systems City of Festus 2005-DJ-BX-0316 $10,184 MO 2005
Youth trouble prevention program City of Salisbury 2005-DJ-BX-1469 $26,634 NC 2005
Mobile Technology St. James Parish Sheriff Office 2005-DJ-BX-0206 $40,052 LA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Program City of Grand Rapids 2005-DJ-BX-0417 $299,430 MI 2005
BYRNE Justice assistant grant program (JAG) Pontotoc County 2005-DJ-BX-1487 $15,507 OK 2005
Electronic Police Reporting System Enhancement St. Charles Parish Sheriff 2005-DJ-BX-0322 $42,887 LA 2005
Technology Improvement City of Grand Junction 2005-DJ-BX-0894 $42,990 CO 2005
Centralia Police Computer Network Upgrade City of Centralia 2005-DJ-BX-0658 $14,935 WA 2005
Facilities Security and Neighborhood Watch Operational Aid City of Erie 2005-DJ-BX-0801 $68,576 PA 2005
Lowell Police Department JAG Program City of Lowell 2005-DJ-BX-0211 $107,737 MA 2005
Maricopa County JAG Project Maricopa County 2005-DJ-BX-1072 $1,845,696 AZ 2005
Putnam County Emergency Response Team (ERT) Putnam County Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-1631 $27,143 IN 2005
EFPSO Empowerment Initiative East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-1495 $29,280 LA 2005
SERT Team Negotiator's Phone Kit (City of Hannibal) In-Car Digital Audio/Video System (City of Hannibal) Traffic Equipment Purchase (Marion County) City of Hannibal 2005-DJ-BX-1183 $15,454 MO 2005
Charlotte County Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program Charlotte County 2005-DJ-BX-1437 $35,378 FL 2005
A multi-jurisdictional JAG funding application for the Shelby Police Department, Cleveland County Sheriff's Office, and the Kings Mountain Police Department. City of Shelby 2005-DJ-BX-0137 $48,576 NC 2005
Proactive Community Policing Overtime City of Albany 2005-DJ-BX-0943 $150,000 NY 2005
Menominee Justice Assistance Grant Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin DUNS 030175194 2005-DJ-BX-0533 $14,891 WI 2005
Multijurisdictional radio network for Mobil Data Terminals City of Westbrook 2005-DJ-BX-0268 $20,692 ME 2005
In support of our Multi jurisdictional Narcotics Task Force, a Highway Enforcement Apprehension Team (HEAT) for quarterly highway interdiction efforts targeted on "high travel" dates. Nye County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0161 $16,473 NV 2005
The 2005 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program will represent a continuation of the 2003 and 2004 Byrne Memorial and Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Programs. American Samoa 2005-DJ-BX-0669 $1,238,750 AS 2005
Community Interaction Team City of Santa Clarita 2005-DJ-BX-1381 $35,348 CA 2005
Camera Surveillaance System Town of Adams 2005-DJ-BX-0266 $10,701 MA 2005
Computer Technology and Software UpdateFunds for School Corridor & Safe Streets Task Force Programs Clark, County of 2005-DJ-BX-1494 $105,911 OH 2005
County/City Safety EquipmentProgram County of Imperial 2005-DJ-BX-1087 $53,226 CA 2005
Technology Enhancement Project City of Methuen 2005-DJ-BX-1082 $11,259 MA 2005
Upgrade Technology CITY OF PEABODY 2005-DJ-BX-0210 $16,459 MA 2005
Automatic Vehicle Locator City of Conroe 2005-DJ-BX-1265 $37,504 TX 2005
In Car Video Camera System Town of Leesburg 2005-DJ-BX-1746 $14,983 VA 2005
Traffic Division Technology Advancements City of Middletown 2005-DJ-BX-0873 $10,731 CT 2005
Berkeley County Equipment & Training Berkeley County 2005-DJ-BX-0651 $89,494 SC 2005
Crime Prevention Initiavites City of Norfolk - Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-0890 $292,001 VA 2005
Police Technology Enhancement and Drug Court Support. City of Newport News 2005-DJ-BX-1042 $254,703 VA 2005
FY 2005 Town of Groton JAG Town of Groton 2005-DJ-BX-1656 $16,423 CT 2005
Crime Reduction & Prevention City of Lancaster 2005-DJ-BX-1555 $77,911 PA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant (Formerly LLEBG) City of Bethlehem 2005-DJ-BX-0134 $61,782 PA 2005
Technology Improvement Program County of Somerset 2005-DJ-BX-0110 $11,369 ME 2005
Jail Diversion Program City of Stamford 2005-DJ-BX-0930 $54,831 CT 2005
Countywide Special Operations Task Force Jamestown City 2005-DJ-BX-0901 $15,848 NY 2005
Directed Enforcement Initiatives Prince George's County 2005-DJ-BX-0594 $767,511 MD 2005
Computer Technology Updates Town of East Haven 2005-DJ-BX-1685 $12,759 CT 2005
Operation Nightlight County of Mercer 2005-DJ-BX-0792 $13,099 PA 2005
Mobile Data Terminal System Upgrade City of Norwich 2005-DJ-BX-1662 $28,986 CT 2005
Interagency Communications and Dispatch Project Bennington County 2005-DJ-BX-1763 $14,690 VT 2005
Mobile Command Equipment Town of Hamden 2005-DJ-BX-1447 $16,030 CT 2005
Grant Money will be used to lease in car video cameras for our patrol division. Municipality of Penn Hills 2005-DJ-BX-1333 $17,156 PA 2005
Undercover Drug Interdiction and Technology Improvements City of New Kensington 2005-DJ-BX-1417 $21,507 PA 2005
Live Scan Fingerprint Capture Williamsburg County 2005-DJ-BX-1650 $23,764 SC 2005
FY 2005 City of Hattiesburg and County of Forrest JAG City of Hattiesburg 2005-DJ-BX-0555 $43,956 MS 2005
The City of Buffalo, serving as the lead applicant, along with the County of Erie, and 3 suburban police departments (Amherst, Cheektowaga, West Seneca), will utilize "JAG" funding that will support a City of Buffalo 2005-DJ-BX-0408 $479,927 NY 2005
Providing Justice for Charleston County Charleston County 2005-DJ-BX-1059 $95,255 SC 2005
Justice Assistance Grant 2005 City of Yonkers 2005-DJ-BX-1449 $226,665 NY 2005
Crime prevention, detection and investigation enhancements. CIty of Barre 2005-DJ-BX-1507 $13,151 VT 2005
Reading/Berks Technology Improvement Project City of Reading 2005-DJ-BX-0466 $144,679 PA 2005
Traffic Enforement Project City of Georgetown 2005-DJ-BX-0203 $13,642 SC 2005
Allegheny-McKeesport-Pittsburgh 2005 JAG Project County of Allegheny 2005-DJ-BX-0076 $568,548 PA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Project City of Thomaston 2005-DJ-BX-1328 $11,175 GA 2005
Communications Improvement Project City of Goldsboro 2005-DJ-BX-0145 $68,238 NC 2005
Emergency Notification System City of Port St. Lucie 2005-DJ-BX-0183 $24,967 FL 2005
Police Vehicle Emergency Lighting Replacement City of Roanoke Rapids 2005-DJ-BX-0323 $12,602 NC 2005
Supplement funds for the purchase of equipment to complete the SMART COPS system Highlands County 2005-DJ-BX-1429 $20,856 FL 2005
West Columbia Police Department's Training and TechnologyEnhancement Project City of West Columbia 2005-DJ-BX-0652 $32,045 SC 2005
Memphis/Shelby County Justice Assistance Program Shelby County 2005-DJ-BX-1160 $1,207,212 TN 2005
"Improvements to Montgomery County and its municipalities criminal justice systems." Plymouth Township 2005-DJ-BX-0100 $108,607 PA 2005
Updating Mobil Data Units by equipping them with mobile printing capababilities for VA uniform summonses. Adding an additional Mobile Data Unit to the fleet. Bedford County 2005-DJ-BX-1360 $10,873 VA 2005
JAG Project Newton County 2005-DJ-BX-1711 $10,397 GA 2005
To patrol and elimate drug use City of Homerville 2005-DJ-BX-1710 $14,382 GA 2005
Meth Lab Equipment Haywood County 2005-DJ-BX-0367 $11,306 NC 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Improvements City of Thomasville 2005-DJ-BX-0871 $35,929 NC 2005
FY 05 JAG - Support of programs to prevent and control crime in affected area City of Vineland 2005-DJ-BX-1120 $147,639 NJ 2005
Taser Technology Town of Smithfield 2005-DJ-BX-0783 $20,869 NC 2005
Mobile Data Terminals in Patrol Vehicles City of Greenville 2005-DJ-BX-1464 $86,054 SC 2005
Obtain equipment to enhance the ability to interdict and prevent drug use in our jurisdiction. City of Frederick 2005-DJ-BX-0665 $83,601 MD 2005
Police And Citizens Together (P.A.C.T.) City of Live Oak 2005-DJ-BX-1314 $11,186 FL 2005
Henderson Police Department Victim/Witness Coordinator Program - Vance County Sheriff's Office Equipment Update Program City of Henderson 2005-DJ-BX-1032 $41,471 NC 2005
Crime Analysis Program and Technology Improvement Purpose Areas Athens Clarke County Unified Government 2005-DJ-BX-0094 $59,999 GA 2005
Community Policing Crime Prevention Program Sheriff's Justice Assistance Project City of Birmingham 2005-DJ-BX-0246 $526,755 AL 2005
Technological upgrade Johnston County 2005-DJ-BX-0537 $24,221 NC 2005
Undercover Survellience Project Clarendon County Govenment 2005-DJ-BX-1283 $18,803 SC 2005
Improving Police Equipment in the area of Crowd Control and Officer Safety City of Asheville 2005-DJ-BX-0508 $99,967 NC 2005
Lexington County Centralized Record Incident Management System LEXINGTON COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0633 $72,611 SC 2005
Criminal intelligence gathering and narcotics crime suppression (overtime & equipment). Tift County 2005-DJ-BX-1593 $23,038 GA 2005
Law Enforcement Improvement City of Waycross 2005-DJ-BX-0223 $12,962 GA 2005
MDT Project City of Greenacres 2005-DJ-BX-0818 $15,061 FL 2005
Technology Upgrades Bartlesville City 2005-DJ-BX-1000 $20,676 OK 2005
Mobile Video Camera Equipment DESOTO PARISH 2005-DJ-BX-0192 $15,591 LA 2005
Mobile Access Technology Initiative City of Northport 2005-DJ-BX-0689 $11,793 AL 2005
Criminal Justice Equipment and Training Program Calvert County 2005-DJ-BX-0306 $24,450 MD 2005
2005 Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant City of Waynesboro 2005-DJ-BX-0972 $22,000 VA 2005
Digital capable handheld radios City of Sherman 2005-DJ-BX-0604 $24,419 TX 2005
Law enforcement: training, overtime & equipment City of Broken Arrow 2005-DJ-BX-0040 $23,091 OK 2005
A.C.E. = Aggressive Criminal Enforcement prgram Henry County , Georgia 2005-DJ-BX-0616 $27,572 GA 2005
Upgrade of Law Enforcement Computer System City of Palm Desert 2005-DJ-BX-1536 $18,248 CA 2005
JAG Project City of Alpharetta 2005-DJ-BX-0925 $16,488 GA 2005
Digital In-Car Camera Purchase City of Emporia 2005-DJ-BX-0829 $13,276 VA 2005
Project "Officer Safety". Coweta County Sheriff Office 2005-DJ-BX-0993 $12,046 GA 2005
Planning Evaluation and Technology Improvement Program WINTER GARDEN POLICE DEPARTMENT 2005-DJ-BX-1695 $11,422 FL 2005
Omaha/Douglas County Criminal Justice Assistance Initiative to support law enforcement and the criminal justice system. City of Omaha 2005-DJ-BX-1057 $750,675 NE 2005
City of Clovis - Police Technology ImprovementsCurry County - Courthouse Video Surveillance City of Clovis 2005-DJ-BX-1029 $36,687 NM 2005
Purchase of Tasers City of Palm Beach Gardens 2005-DJ-BX-1015 $11,018 FL 2005
The chester county sheriff's Office wishes to upgrade old equipment and also to purchase new equipment when necessary. Chester County 2005-DJ-BX-0724 $20,363 SC 2005
Tactical Medical Team City of Laurel 2005-DJ-BX-0668 $13,286 MD 2005
Equipment for the City of Conyers Police Department that will enhance law enforcement operations City of Conyers 2005-DJ-BX-0166 $13,878 GA 2005
Computer Assisted Policing Strategy Sandy City 2005-DJ-BX-0945 $43,864 UT 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Police Cadet Program for the City of Waco. Law Enforcement Cellular Phone Service and Jail Diversion/Referral Program McLennan County. City of Waco 2005-DJ-BX-0128 $119,211 TX 2005
Records Management System Upgrade West Valley City 2005-DJ-BX-1496 $127,216 UT 2005
Criminal Justice Tools Fort Bend County 2005-DJ-BX-0356 $58,612 TX 2005
Technology Improvement Program. St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-0193 $12,230 LA 2005
FY2005 City of Troy and County of Pike JAG. City of Troy, Alabama 2005-DJ-BX-1434 $15,261 AL 2005
Law Enforcement Support - Equipment & Training City of North Las Vegas Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-0502 $194,236 NV 2005
Firearms Training Simulator Upgrades St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0627 $34,706 LA 2005
The Pasadena Police Department respectfully requests that funding be allotted for the purposes of further funding for the Pasadena Police Department Tactical Patrol Squad. City of Pasadena 2005-DJ-BX-0107 $74,969 TX 2005
Bannock County Sheriff's Office Digital Photography Project, Pocatello Police Department, Will be purchasing a Indentix Computerized Fingerprint Unit. (Please refer to attachments) Bannock County 2005-DJ-BX-0838 $66,649 ID 2005
Patrol Vehicle Enhancement Program Phase 1-2005 McCurtain County 2005-DJ-BX-1295 $17,342 OK 2005
Chelan County/City of Wenatchee 2005 JAG Program Chelan County 2005-DJ-BX-1604 $18,836 WA 2005
JAG FY05 Local Solicitaion Grant Montgomery County, Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0294 $88,561 TX 2005
Tacoma/Pierce County crime reduction initiatives City of Tacoma 2005-DJ-BX-1472 $539,716 WA 2005
Community Service Officer (CSO)Support Program City of Salem 2005-DJ-BX-0028 $65,154 OR 2005
FY2005JAG Lubbock County Joint Enforcement Intitiative City of Lubbock 2005-DJ-BX-1279 $291,738 TX 2005
Implementation of Voice Recognition Technology For Use in Report Writing by Police Officers City of Walnut Creek 2005-DJ-BX-0344 $14,620 CA 2005
Traffic Safety Enforcement Program. Lyon County Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-0044 $12,531 NV 2005
Juvenile Accountability Butte County 2005-DJ-BX-0747 $21,912 CA 2005
Automated Field Enforcement Data System City of Glendale, California 2007-DJ-BX-0001 $61,554 CA 2005
"Deployment by Analysis" City of Tulare 2005-DJ-BX-1743 $48,155 CA 2005
Maintenance Program for IMC Technology improvement programsto prevent and control Crime. Town of North Providence 2005-DJ-BX-1436 $19,332 RI 2005
Purchase of Two Mobile Computers, Software & Installation CITY OF AZUSA 2005-DJ-BX-1281 $18,951 CA 2005
Lincoln/Lancaster County Investigative Narcotics Cooperative City of Lincoln 2005-DJ-BX-1406 $310,324 NE 2005
Hand Held Radio Project County of Waukesha 2005-DJ-BX-0520 $11,281 WI 2005
Public Safety Technology Enhancement & AED (Automatic External Defibrillators) Patrol Enhancement Project. City of Tigard 2005-DJ-BX-0965 $19,662 OR 2005
Effective Firearms Training City of Cleburne 2005-DJ-BX-0419 $13,670 TX 2005
Electronic Ticket Books City of Plaquemine 2005-DJ-BX-0499 $19,520 LA 2005
Rural Long-Term Surveillance Sequoyah County 2005-DJ-BX-1061 $21,593 OK 2005
FY 2005 Equipment and Supplies City of Hopewell 2005-DJ-BX-0969 $33,126 VA 2005
Cache County and Logan City Mobile Communication and Critical Incident Command Center equipment City of Logan 2005-DJ-BX-1316 $10,058 UT 2005
Early Intervention Drug Education Program (D.A.R.E.) POINSETT COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0501 $21,487 AR 2005
FY2005 Justice Assistance Grant Program City of San Fernando, CA 2005-DJ-BX-1577 $17,508 CA 2005
Continued Support of Community Police Officers Time and Purchase of Equipment to Support Police. City of Burien, Washington 2005-DJ-BX-0659 $34,997 WA 2005
Integrated Public Safety System Project City of Redding 2005-DJ-BX-1304 $44,454 CA 2005
Police Equipment Enhancements and Efficiencies City of Palm Bay 2005-DJ-BX-0706 $71,768 FL 2005
Crime Public Nuisance and Property Abatement Team City of Lakewood 2005-DJ-BX-0997 $39,272 CA 2005
Supplemental OSV Law Enforcement personnel costs County of Tuolumne 2005-DJ-BX-1351 $13,288 CA 2005
Project Traffic Enforcement/Less Lethal Force City of Waterbury 2005-DJ-BX-1669 $109,596 CT 2005
Funding of motorcycle officer for use in traffic safety and pedestrian safety programs City of La Puente 2005-DJ-BX-1740 $25,918 CA 2005
DNA and Forensic Evidence Testing City of Santa Monica 2005-DJ-BX-0271 $72,362 CA 2005
Enhancing Officer Efficiency/Officer Safety/Enhancing Adjudication - (continuation) City of Brownsville 2005-DJ-BX-0917 $22,437 TN 2005
Community Oriented Policing Evansville City 2005-DJ-BX-1069 $140,878 IN 2005
Criminal Justice Involving Senior Citizens City of Beaverton 2005-DJ-BX-0175 $34,440 OR 2005
Auto Theft Apprehension and Prevention Project City of Winter Haven 2005-DJ-BX-1011 $18,835 FL 2005
Personnel support City of Vista 2005-DJ-BX-1243 $43,195 CA 2005
2005 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant City of East Lansing 2005-DJ-BX-0453 $21,860 MI 2005
School Resource Officer program City of Duarte 2005-DJ-BX-1421 $12,141 CA 2005
JAG Hostage Negotiation Phone System and Scheduling Software City of Turlock 2005-DJ-BX-1508 $33,386 CA 2005
Community Based Policing City of Lawndale 2005-DJ-BX-1532 $32,276 CA 2005
Manpower and Equipment City of Kokomo 2005-DJ-BX-1166 $43,153 IN 2005
1. Handheld FLIR 2. Surveillance Equipment 3. Digital Scanner 4. Entry Tool System City of Ferndale 2005-DJ-BX-0050 $10,273 MI 2005
Various law enforcement and crime prevention projects in multiple agencies in Rockford and Winnebago County City of Rockford 2005-DJ-BX-1219 $165,726 IL 2005
FY '05 Justice Assistance Grant Program Stanislaus County 2005-DJ-BX-1542 $123,737 CA 2005
Emergency Communications Center Enhancement City of Santa Maria 2005-DJ-BX-1741 $34,090 CA 2005
Purchase of new LiveScan fingerprint equipment. City of Olympia 2005-DJ-BX-0568 $22,848 WA 2005
LLEBG Funding for Diamond Bar, California Special Problems Unit/High Impact Team Deputy. City of Diamond Bar 2005-DJ-BX-1100 $13,436 CA 2005
The City of Madison and Dane County have developed several initiatives to reduce crime and improve public safety. City of Madison 2005-DJ-BX-0498 $199,681 WI 2005
Matanuska-Susitna Drug Task Force City of Wasilla 2005-DJ-BX-0776 $12,464 AK 2005
Blackfeet City Police Department Blackfeet Tribe 2005-DJ-BX-1687 $17,495 MT 2005
Law Enforcemnt Equipment Enhancement Program City of Leavenworth 2005-DJ-BX-0939 $34,000 KS 2005
An Initiative to Enhance and Expedite Crime Scene Processing and Evidence Analysis in Anoka County, Minnesota Anoka County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0625 $75,970 MN 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Lowndes County 2005-DJ-BX-0255 $22,951 MS 2005
Communications Repeater County of Burke 2005-DJ-BX-0398 $10,144 NC 2005
2005 JAG Community Policing Overtime Grant City of Auburn 2005-DJ-BX-0730 $40,402 WA 2005
Digital Video System City of South Lake Tahoe 2005-DJ-BX-1481 $25,540 CA 2005
Burlington JAG Project Burlington City 2005-DJ-BX-0452 $35,432 IA 2005
The Children's Identification & Location Database (CHILD) Project Clackamas County 2005-DJ-BX-1056 $56,000 OR 2005
Provide training and technological resources for investigations involving computer technology. City of Holland 2005-DJ-BX-0010 $15,163 MI 2005
Safe Communities Partnering to Protect Cass County 2005-DJ-BX-1292 $18,227 MN 2005
Motor Vehicle Anti-Theft Initiative. Town of Agawam 2005-DJ-BX-0587 $15,729 MA 2005
Mobile computing systems. City of Sedalia 2005-DJ-BX-1177 $23,896 MO 2005
Personnel Computers for Road Patrol Waterford Charter Township 2005-DJ-BX-0012 $16,683 MI 2005
Increased safety and efficiency through technology. West Jordan City 2005-DJ-BX-1411 $44,423 UT 2005
School Officer Program & Community Specialist City of Longview 2005-DJ-BX-1657 $43,690 WA 2005
Domestic Violence Investigative Team City of San Marcos, Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0101 $17,642 TX 2005
Project 1. Purchase of equipment and training for Austin/Mower Law Enforcement Reserves and Explorers. Project 2. Funding for community education on drug awareness with a focus on Methamphetamine. City of Austin, Minnesota 2005-DJ-BX-1338 $16,975 MN 2005
Equipment City of Odessa 2005-DJ-BX-0129 $76,060 TX 2005
Equipment Purchases Kansas Attorney General 2005-DJ-BX-1433 $210,142 KS 2005
Crawford County Sheriff's Office & Pittsburg Police Department 2005 Equipment Project Crawford County 2005-DJ-BX-1345 $14,896 KS 2005
Simulator Range 2000 Upgrade Project & Automatic External Defibulator Project. County of Ottawa 2005-DJ-BX-0528 $32,133 MI 2005
Patrol Equipment Boxes City of Tracy 2005-DJ-BX-0791 $14,435 CA 2005
Upgrade of Emergency Response Equipment County of Gray 2005-DJ-BX-0350 $11,450 TX 2005
Purchase of digital cameras for police department patrol cars Bartholomew County 2005-DJ-BX-1622 $13,313 IN 2005
Technology Capacity Program- Improving Police Technology as an alternative to increase police patrol capacity in order to better serve and protect the residents of the community. Village of Bolingbrook 2005-DJ-BX-0825 $13,513 IL 2005
Evidence Collection Automation City of Kettering 2005-DJ-BX-0973 $13,710 OH 2005
Drug Interdiction and Criminal Apprehension County of Cass 2005-DJ-BX-1552 $141,716 ND 2005
Tactical operation implimentation and equipment update. City of Norwood 2005-DJ-BX-0967 $16,059 OH 2005
Chico Police Department Equipment Acquisition Project City of Chico 2005-DJ-BX-1760 $25,391 CA 2005
Information Sharing through THINKSTREAM Pointe Coupee Parish Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-0613 $11,339 LA 2005
Aberdeen Police Department - Taser Program Brown County Sheriff's Department - Law Enforcement Equipment Program City of Aberdeen 2005-DJ-BX-0998 $11,030 SD 2005
Dual-agency Equipment Fulfillment Graves County Fiscal Court 2005-DJ-BX-1667 $15,524 KY 2005
Impaired Driving Initiative Collaborative and Juvenile Drug Intervention Program Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-0558 $472,084 FL 2005
HPD Capital Outlay Program 2006 City of Harrisonburg 2005-DJ-BX-1403 $24,781 VA 2005
Hudson County Justice Assistance Grant County of Hudson 2005-DJ-BX-1708 $601,750 NJ 2005
City of Raleigh Criminal Nuisance Abatement Project Overtime and Wake County Law Enforcement Equipment County of Wake 2005-DJ-BX-0428 $305,846 NC 2005
Task Force Support and Technology Updates SCOTT COUNTY IOWA 2005-DJ-BX-0442 $384,479 IA 2005
Multi Agency Cooperative Program to Make Lynn a Safer and Better Community. City of Lynn 2005-DJ-BX-0390 $122,133 MA 2005
CM-CCTV Program: (Community Mediation and Enhancement of CCTV Anti-Crime Program within the City) City of Holyoke 2005-DJ-BX-1081 $65,708 MA 2005
Project 1: Holiday Task ForceProject 2: Volunteer Programs City of Delray Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1067 $61,592 FL 2005
Local Law Enforcement Assistance Putnam County 2005-DJ-BX-0500 $54,820 FL 2005
Strategic Planning Pittsfield City 2005-DJ-BX-0207 $16,760 MA 2005
Up-grading of commuications and traffic enforcement equipment City of Cartersville 2005-DJ-BX-0492 $11,221 GA 2005
2005 Justice Assistance Grant City of Paris 2005-DJ-BX-0102 $50,317 TX 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant ProgramFY 2005 Local Solicitation City of Columbia 2005-DJ-BX-1633 $148,784 SC 2005
In Car Digital Video City of Cleveland 2005-DJ-BX-0960 $25,926 TN 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) Creek County, Oklahoma 2005-DJ-BX-1425 $15,555 OK 2005
Edward Byrne JAG 2005 City of Poughkeepsie 2005-DJ-BX-0387 $40,092 NY 2005
2005 Mobile Area Law Enforcement Initiative Mobile County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-0527 $338,321 AL 2005
Fighting crime with advanced technology Arlington County 2005-DJ-BX-1747 $63,786 VA 2005
Neighborhood Stabilization and Gang Suppression Project City of Meriden 2005-DJ-BX-1493 $21,461 CT 2005
Assistance to Lee County Narcotics Task Force City of Keokuk 2005-DJ-BX-0014 $30,780 IA 2005
Critical Response Group County of Wilkes 2005-DJ-BX-0509 $15,596 NC 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Upgrade ABBEVILLE COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-1274 $17,083 SC 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program Northern Mariana Islands 2005-DJ-BX-0025 $1,238,750 MP 2005
Technology upgrade and equipment enhancement City of Benton 2005-DJ-BX-0382 $15,781 AR 2005
Nassau County Police Crime Reduction Project Nassau County, New York 2005-DJ-BX-0388 $176,060 NY 2005
2005 Washington County Sheriff's Office & Hagerstown City Police JAG Washington County , Maryland 2005-DJ-BX-0598 $39,568 MD 2005
Officer Safety - Reflective Jackets County of Beaufort 2005-DJ-BX-0147 $12,647 NC 2005
Bay County/Bay City Law Enforcement Update Program 2005 Bay County 2005-DJ-BX-1320 $23,710 MI 2005
Law enforfcement special response Town of Winthrop 2005-DJ-BX-0772 $12,935 MA 2005
Homeland Defense Greene County 2005-DJ-BX-1025 $17,710 TN 2005
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Kits City of Owensboro 2005-DJ-BX-1413 $21,135 KY 2005
Rural Initiative Wise County 2005-DJ-BX-1749 $12,391 VA 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment and Technology Oconee County 2005-DJ-BX-1306 $23,244 SC 2005
Support for North Metro Task Force/Crime Analysis Software City of Northglenn, CO 2005-DJ-BX-0672 $25,555 CO 2005
Mobile Data Terminals Moses Lake 2005-DJ-BX-0696 $14,545 WA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program Dakota County 2005-DJ-BX-0966 $70,821 MN 2005
Laptop and palm pilot airtime, palm pilots and software for law enforcement officers assigned to the Larimer County Drug Task Force. City of Loveland 2005-DJ-BX-1117 $19,009 CO 2005
Searcy Speed Control Program City of Searcy 2005-DJ-BX-0378 $15,198 AR 2005
Audio and Video Equipment for an Interview Room and Digital Cameras Spotsylvania County 2005-DJ-BX-1307 $26,551 VA 2005
To supplement crime suppression activities, enhance police presence and detect an apprehend offenders City of South Miami 2005-DJ-BX-1217 $12,029 FL 2005
Purchase of additional Taser units to help complete department wide deployment. Queen Annes County Sheriffs Office 2005-DJ-BX-0439 $11,253 MD 2005
Teton County Digital Monitoring Project Teton County 2005-DJ-BX-0718 $14,455 WY 2005
Helping to Combat Crime with Mobile Data Computers City of Wilson 2005-DJ-BX-0785 $59,346 NC 2005
The Murfreesboro Police Department and the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office will use these funds to purchase equipment needed for patrol, corrections and law enforcement. City of Murfreesboro 2005-DJ-BX-1235 $76,841 TN 2005
Jag Program TAMA COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0047 $14,343 IA 2005
County - Friend of the Court EmploymentCity - Enhancement of the COPS in School Program County of Berrien 2005-DJ-BX-0700 $47,665 MI 2005
2005 Justice Assistance Grant--Supplemental Law Enforcement Activities and Equipment City of West Covina 2005-DJ-BX-1317 $41,455 CA 2005
Domestic Violence Advocacy Assistance Program City of Renton 2005-DJ-BX-0721 $39,120 WA 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Aurora 2005-DJ-BX-0089 $371,549 CO 2005
Anti-Drug Activities & Drug Court Placer County 2005-DJ-BX-1470 $42,566 CA 2005
Technology Enhancement Project St. Bernard Pairsh 2005-DJ-BX-0187 $24,055 LA 2005
Digital In-Car Video Enhancement Project City of South Salt Lake 2005-DJ-BX-1553 $40,884 UT 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) County of Utah 2005-DJ-BX-0632 $59,417 UT 2005
Project iPAQ Ticket Writers is the project. City of Melbourne 2005-DJ-BX-1095 $86,357 FL 2005
Law Enforcement programs Hanford City 2005-DJ-BX-1356 $14,435 CA 2005
communication equipment-mobile data terminals Cherokee County 2005-DJ-BX-0619 $18,000 GA 2005
Drug investigation 2005 Pine County 2005-DJ-BX-0472 $10,435 MN 2005
Public Safety Computer Network Improvements City of Northampton 2005-DJ-BX-0265 $10,400 MA 2005
Spokane City/County JAG Grant Program City of Spokane 2005-DJ-BX-0746 $301,037 WA 2005
Crime Suppression Through Computer Technology Application City of Glendora 2005-DJ-BX-1027 $10,253 CA 2005
Communications System City of Modesto 2005-DJ-BX-1689 $116,260 CA 2005
Comm Center Upgrade and additional MDC's CITY OF BAKERSFIELD 2005-DJ-BX-1537 $97,235 CA 2005
Law enforcement Project. The City of Danville will use its share of funding for law enforcement equipment while the Vermilion County will use their funding for law enforcement overtime. City of Danville 2005-DJ-BX-0897 $49,437 IL 2005
CRIMINAL RECORDS / AFIS INTEGRATION City of Slidell 2005-DJ-BX-0229 $23,083 LA 2005
Purchase of equipment and officer training for voice stress analysis. In conjunction with Muskingum County Sheriff's department purchase of cruiser video equipment. City of Zanesville 2005-DJ-BX-1126 $27,802 OH 2005
Public Safety Equipment and technology Faulkner County 2005-DJ-BX-0771 $14,267 AR 2005
Law enforcement enhancement. New equipment acquisitions. City of Palestine 2005-DJ-BX-1290 $14,994 TX 2005
Tribal Judicial Networking System Rosebud Indian Reservation 2005-DJ-BX-1241 $21,961 SD 2005
North Kern Repeat Offender Prevention Program and Narcotic Offender Prosecution Program County of Kern 2005-DJ-BX-1679 $221,787 CA 2005
Police Audio and Video Technology Improvements City of San Luis Obispo 2005-DJ-BX-0319 $17,137 CA 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program City of Greenville 2005-DJ-BX-1702 $90,183 MS 2005
Joint Application for Funding-Stark County / Stark County Sheriff -City of Canton / Canton Police Department Stark County 2005-DJ-BX-0999 $173,532 OH 2005
Law Enforcement Technology Administration Watsonville City of 2005-DJ-BX-0761 $34,571 CA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Program. City of Lomita 2005-DJ-BX-1569 $12,918 CA 2005
Indio Police Department Less Lethal Force Options Program Indio City 2005-DJ-BX-1644 $45,342 CA 2005
Technology Upgrade City of Oregon City 2005-DJ-BX-0085 $10,345 OR 2005
JAG 2005 Smith County 2005-DJ-BX-0462 $86,458 TX 2005
2005 JAG Block grant for Law Enforcement Support City of San Rafael 2005-DJ-BX-1319 $22,171 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Program---Crime Prevention-Bike patrols City of Morgan City 2005-DJ-BX-0081 $12,392 LA 2005
Ouachita Parish Criminal Justice Technology Improvement Program Ouachita Parish 2005-DJ-BX-0430 $150,650 LA 2005
Purchase of Tasers Hays County, Texas 2005-DJ-BX-0123 $14,332 TX 2005
Public Safety Enhancement Incorporated Village of Hempstead 2005-DJ-BX-0947 $44,054 NY 2005
Patrol Equipment Henderson Police Department 2005-DJ-BX-1353 $72,864 NV 2005
Purchase equipment for law enforcement purpose City of Newberg 2005-DJ-BX-0033 $14,971 OR 2005
Parent Education Project II(PEP) Hendry County Board of County Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1242 $20,183 FL 2005
The Children's Identification & Location Database (CHILD Project County of Herkimer 2005-DJ-BX-0990 $11,023 NY 2005
YES Officer at the High School. Youth and Educational Support (YES) Program -- a partnership between the Police Department and the School District to provide an Officer on the campus grounds. Arcadia City 2005-DJ-BX-1619 $15,731 CA 2005
JAG-LE New Bern & Craven County Project City of New Bern 2005-DJ-BX-1024 $43,526 NC 2005
Law Enforcement Overtime for Rural Areas Vernon Parish Sheriff's Dept 2005-DJ-BX-1182 $14,984 LA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant City of Dallas 2005-DJ-BX-0353 $2,393,527 TX 2005
To Purchase necessary equipment for the Taney County Circuit Clerk's Office that is not covered by annual appropriations. County of Taney 2005-DJ-BX-1043 $14,516 MO 2005
JAG Project Hall County 2005-DJ-BX-1155 $24,183 GA 2005
2005 JAG Grant for System Improvements City of Sanford 2005-DJ-BX-0425 $22,121 NC 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Stillwater 2005-DJ-BX-1629 $14,106 OK 2005
Highway Safety and Speed Enforcement Project Thomas County 2005-DJ-BX-0617 $10,992 GA 2005
Community Education and Training City of Oak Ridge 2005-DJ-BX-1765 $14,745 TN 2005
Special Investigative Overtime Miami-Dade County 2005-DJ-BX-0989 $1,240,403 FL 2005
Butler County/City Law Enforcement Equipment Procurement Program County of Butler 2005-DJ-BX-0074 $20,969 PA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Round 1 City of Baltimore 2005-DJ-BX-0300 $1,618,696 MD 2005
Buchanan County United Against Crime County of Buchanan 2005-DJ-BX-1357 $10,178 VA 2005
Brevard County Sheriff's Office Prisoner Transportation/Booking System Improvement Program Brevard County 2005-DJ-BX-0656 $127,295 FL 2005
Law Enforcement Technolgy and Upgrades City of Ansonia 2005-DJ-BX-1585 $11,974 CT 2005
JAG Project City of Moultrie Police Dept 2005-DJ-BX-1267 $29,450 GA 2005
Computer Equipment and Software Update Lancaster County 2005-DJ-BX-0896 $26,124 SC 2005
Operational Systems Interoperability and Technological Upgrade Town of Bloomfield 2005-DJ-BX-1588 $21,723 CT 2005
JAG06 will enable the Division of Police to replace older servers, supply patrol Sergeants with digital cameras, and offer more patrol officers radars for traffic enforcement. County of Henrico, Virginia 2005-DJ-BX-0878 $115,814 VA 2005
Crime Suppression Unit and Law Enforcement Equipment City of Bristol Connecticut 2005-DJ-BX-0055 $47,699 CT 2005
Update Criminal Investigation Division Equipment City of Covington 2005-DJ-BX-1031 $10,993 TN 2005
Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Criminal Justice Coordinating Council 2005-DJ-BX-1415 $484,602 OH 2005
New York City Justice Assistance Grant New York City Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice 2005-DJ-BX-0362 $8,676,071 NY 2005
Enhancing Law Enforcement Partnerships and Resources To Prevent Crime City of New Haven 2005-DJ-BX-1391 $350,380 CT 2005
FY 2005 Keene City and Cheshire County JAG City of Keene 2005-DJ-BX-1732 $29,841 NH 2005
Handheld Radio Upgrade City of Fort Scott 2005-DJ-BX-1368 $10,462 KS 2005
Uggrade the A.R.M.M.S. system. Equipment for the New Iberia Police Department Iberia Parish Sheriff Department 2005-DJ-BX-0525 $24,825 LA 2005
Purchase of Police Patrol Auto City of Tallulah 2005-DJ-BX-1538 $22,557 LA 2005
EQUIPMENT ACQUISITION Lincoln Parish 2005-DJ-BX-1036 $18,548 LA 2005
Special Law Enforecment Overtime Projects City of Avondale 2005-DJ-BX-1287 $14,204 AZ 2005
FY 2005 Multi-Jurisdiction JAG Township of Lakewood 2005-DJ-BX-1727 $88,320 NJ 2005
JEdward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Jerome 2005-DJ-BX-0860 $10,949 ID 2005
Wayne County 2005 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program WAYNE COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0565 $3,035,392 MI 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Mason City 2005-DJ-BX-0449 $11,552 IA 2005
Less than Lethal Capabilities & Mental Health City of Rock Springs 2005-DJ-BX-1048 $32,430 WY 2005
Preparing Buena Vista Police with a 21st Century Communications System that will provide them with nationwide interoperability. Buena Vista Charter Township 2005-DJ-BX-0811 $13,067 MI 2005
Mayor's Anti-Drug Coordinator Education and Prevention Program City of Meridian 2005-DJ-BX-1007 $12,012 ID 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program CITY OF MOUNTAIN HOME 2005-DJ-BX-1752 $13,287 ID 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment Purchases CITY OF MANDAN 2005-DJ-BX-1510 $16,911 ND 2005
2005 JAG Grant City of Ottumwa 2005-DJ-BX-0315 $40,239 IA 2005
Registered Sex Offender Program City of Bismarck 2005-DJ-BX-1509 $42,278 ND 2005
2005 Technology and Programs Assistance Grant (TPA) El Paso County 2005-DJ-BX-0289 $525,174 TX 2005
2005 JAG City of Mount Clemens 2005-DJ-BX-0049 $14,669 MI 2005
Junction City / Geary County FY2005 JAG Technology Improvement Program Junction City 2005-DJ-BX-1062 $41,051 KS 2005
FY 2005 JAG Police Equipment City of San Angelo 2005-DJ-BX-0286 $47,007 TX 2005
2005 Western Nebraska Intelligence Group Justice Assistance Grant Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska 2005-DJ-BX-1620 $11,417 NE 2005
JAG Carroll County 2005-DJ-BX-1613 $12,869 AR 2005
Instalation of "IWIN" computers (Belleville) Remodel of Jail Cell (Washington Park) City of Belleville 2005-DJ-BX-0977 $301,823 IL 2005
FY 2005 City of Pascagoula JAG City of Pascagoula 2005-DJ-BX-0691 $40,307 MS 2005
Project "Safe Communities" Lorain County 2005-DJ-BX-1395 $64,863 OH 2005
Technology Improvements Program Seward County 2005-DJ-BX-1297 $19,616 KS 2005
Funds to be used for the continuation of a fighting Narcotics in then affected project areas. Washington County Sheriff's Office 2005-DJ-BX-1107 $11,489 TX 2005
Cuyahoga Falls Police Department Taser Initiative City of Cuyahoga Falls 2005-DJ-BX-1041 $12,126 OH 2005
Marion and Grant County Law Enforcement Technology Enhancement Grant County Government 2005-DJ-BX-1196 $32,250 IN 2005
Emergency Services Mobile Command Center County of Lincoln 2005-DJ-BX-0767 $19,340 MO 2005
Live Scan Fingerprint Equipment Aquisition Benton Charter Township 2005-DJ-BX-1010 $19,765 MI 2005
Police Department Communications Upgrade Project City of Princeton 2005-DJ-BX-1651 $16,655 WV 2005
Utilization of 2005 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)funds for Milwaukee County, Cities of Milwaukee, West Allis and Wauwatosa Milwaukee County 2005-DJ-BX-0420 $1,335,420 WI 2005
2005 JAG law enforcement project City of Lima 2005-DJ-BX-0059 $77,344 OH 2005
Seguin PD Portable Radios City of Seguin 2005-DJ-BX-0277 $12,112 TX 2005
Clark County Drug Court Program Clark County 2005-DJ-BX-1159 $24,331 IN 2005
Technology Upgrade City of Nicholasville 2005-DJ-BX-1704 $10,459 KY 2005
ENHANCED D.U.I. ENFORCEMENT PROJECT Cowley County 2005-DJ-BX-0938 $10,973 KS 2005
Technology Implementation / Drug Prevention and Awareness City of Eau Claire 2005-DJ-BX-0217 $32,566 WI 2005
2005 JAG Grant for Lafayette Louisiana Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government 2005-DJ-BX-0813 $145,223 LA 2005
The Brookhaven Police Department Officer Protective Equipment and Sidearm Program City of Brookhaven 2005-DJ-BX-0256 $14,760 MS 2005
Fiscal year 2005 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) City of Alamosa 2005-DJ-BX-1675 $10,448 CO 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Angelina County 2005-DJ-BX-0515 $37,193 TX 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment acquisition City of Hot Springs 2005-DJ-BX-0385 $68,421 AR 2005
FY 2005 County of Johnson JAG Johnson County 2005-DJ-BX-1106 $14,254 TX 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant 2005 City of Wilkes-Barre 2005-DJ-BX-0274 $30,793 PA 2005
Nassau County Marine Homeland Security and Drug, Crime Prevention and Education Programs Nassau County Board of Commissioners 2005-DJ-BX-1380 $71,599 FL 2005
FY 2005 County of Escambia, City of Atmore and City of Brewton JAG Escambia County 2005-DJ-BX-0980 $26,409 AL 2005
Town of Clarkstown - Operation Safe Shopper V Town of Haverstraw - Operation Safe Streets Village of Spring Valley - Operation IMPACT Town of Clarkstown 2005-DJ-BX-1681 $44,172 NY 2005
Enhanced Law Enforcement and Prevention Services. City of Riviera Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1534 $57,145 FL 2005
Orange County Law Records Management Project County of Orange 2005-DJ-BX-0758 $58,216 NY 2005
Overtime Funding for Street Level Criminal Apprehension Program City of Anderson, Incorporated 2005-DJ-BX-1226 $24,804 SC 2005
Borough Law Enforcement Computer System Upgrade and County Courthouse Security Equipment Upgrade Selinsgrove Borough 2005-DJ-BX-0493 $10,460 PA 2005
Technology for law enforcement activities City of Myrtle Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1214 $46,527 SC 2005
Evidence and Personnel Data Integration Town of Mount Pleasant 2005-DJ-BX-0547 $10,722 SC 2005
Gathering evidence for the effectiveness of Law enforcemnet Caroline County 2005-DJ-BX-0348 $15,046 VA 2005
JAG 2005/2006 City of Miami Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1377 $122,679 FL 2005
Police Technology Improvement Program City of East Point 2005-DJ-BX-1323 $52,900 GA 2005
Traffic Division, Mobile Data Program Town Of Smyrna 2005-DJ-BX-0233 $13,845 TN 2005
Silent Partner City of Bessemer 2005-DJ-BX-0468 $62,580 AL 2005
Narcotics Enforcement Team of DeLand City of DeLand 2005-DJ-BX-1064 $24,024 FL 2005
The North Miami Beach Multi Use Justice Assistance Grant program. City of North Miami Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0935 $33,829 FL 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) City of Belle Glade 2005-DJ-BX-0657 $39,893 FL 2005
Evidence Collection and Technology Enhancements City of Newberry 2005-DJ-BX-0821 $10,722 SC 2005
Purchase of traditional law enforcement items: light bars and in-car digitial cameras that would otherwise not be available to the Sheriff's Dept. McCracken County 2005-DJ-BX-1575 $31,539 KY 2005
Information Sharing and Technology Enhancement for Street Level Police Officers City of Hyattsville 2005-DJ-BX-0312 $10,455 MD 2005
Law Enforcement Safety Issues Cullman County Commission 2005-DJ-BX-0504 $16,054 AL 2005
Technology Upgrades for Officer Efficiency & Safety, and Public Information City of High Point 2005-DJ-BX-0001 $369,124 NC 2005
FY 2005 Justice Assistance Grant CITY OF DILLON 2005-DJ-BX-1462 $13,202 SC 2005
Smile! you're on camera Columbus County Administration 2005-DJ-BX-0484 $28,690 NC 2005
FY 2005 JAG Police Equipment St. Marys County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0281 $24,612 MD 2005
Suffolk Law Enforcement Technology Enhancement Project City of Suffolk 2005-DJ-BX-1616 $77,252 VA 2005
Horry County Public Safety Equipment Enhancement Program Horry County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0549 $136,021 SC 2005
Marion County Emergency Response Team Development and Training Program Marion County 2005-DJ-BX-1208 $13,922 SC 2005
JAG Project City of Griffin 2005-DJ-BX-1168 $52,167 GA 2005
Police Athletic/Activities League Sergeant City of Lakeland 2005-DJ-BX-1401 $57,044 FL 2005
Existing program buildup and reinforcement. The buildup and reinforcement of crime prevention, D.A.R.E., Crime Victims Advocate, Tactical Response Team, Reserve Officer, and Vice operations. Midvale City Corp. 2005-DJ-BX-0946 $33,434 UT 2005
Simunition Training with Additional Safety Equipment and Simunition Ammunition for One Additional Exercise per year. City of Culver City 2005-DJ-BX-1467 $17,026 CA 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant City of McAllen 2005-DJ-BX-0355 $54,367 TX 2005
Law Enforcement Equipment City of Charlottesville 2005-DJ-BX-0827 $76,746 VA 2005
County-wide Gang Prevention Specialist/School Liaison to work with schools within Tulare County for the prevention and suppression of gang activity. County of Tulare 2005-DJ-BX-1331 $150,239 CA 2005
FY 2005 County of Tippah JAG Tippah County Sheriff's Department 2005-DJ-BX-1453 $11,841 MS 2005
FY 2005 City of Columbus JAG City of Columbus 2005-DJ-BX-0248 $16,058 MS 2005
Support for Interdiction Enforcement Information and Reporting System Dorchester County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0169 $34,125 SC 2005
Humboldt County Adult Drug Court County of Humboldt 2005-DJ-BX-1518 $23,319 CA 2005
Neighborhood Volunteer Support and Mobile Data Terminial Project CITY OF MANSFIELD 2005-DJ-BX-1238 $30,260 OH 2005
Underage Alcohol Possession & Purchase Program Hanover County 2005-DJ-BX-0831 $12,643 VA 2005
Equipment to enhance public safety city of dinuba 2005-DJ-BX-1719 $16,989 CA 2005
Overtime for law enforcement special details. City of Imperial Beach 2005-DJ-BX-1684 $17,915 CA 2005
Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force County of Kitsap 2005-DJ-BX-1639 $83,256 WA 2005
Kalamazoo Radio Communications Interoperability Project Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) U.S. Department of Justice FY 2005-2006 Kalamazoo Charter Township 2005-DJ-BX-0104 $11,423 MI 2005
Stronger Together Lake County Sheriff's Department 2005-DJ-BX-1407 $409,548 IN 2005
Public Safety Tactical Enhancement City of Cut Bank 2005-DJ-BX-0536 $16,563 MT 2005
Patrol Rifle Purchase City of Kingman 2005-DJ-BX-0853 $10,056 AZ 2005
Community Oriented Policing Crime Prevention City of Blythe 2005-DJ-BX-0750 $17,137 CA 2005
Beaufort County Reverse 911 System Beaufort County 2005-DJ-BX-0903 $75,172 SC 2005
2005 JAG Technology Update City of Kenosha 2005-DJ-BX-0529 $112,965 WI 2005
The FY2005 Justice Assistance Grant Program County of Alameda, California 2005-DJ-BX-1321 $1,019,064 CA 2005
Pomona Police Department Forensics Unit City of Pomona 2005-DJ-BX-0856 $157,679 CA 2005
FY2005 JAG Program Story County 2005-DJ-BX-0373 $23,570 IA 2005
Drug Enforcement Program Laramie County 2005-DJ-BX-0376 $25,140 WY 2005
Iowa City will replace the cameras in the marked police units. Johnson County will use the funds to upgrade technology in the area of digital cameras and laptops for the patrol units. City of Iowa City 2005-DJ-BX-0817 $94,201 IA 2005
Law Enforcement Youth-related programs City of Novato 2005-DJ-BX-0781 $12,363 CA 2005
Update of equipment for Police Department,safety equipment for the Sheriff's Department, drug court prosecutor salary. City of Youngstown 2005-DJ-BX-1200 $160,423 OH 2005
Fiscal Year 2005 Justice Assistance Grant Program Clark County 2005-DJ-BX-0023 $1,156,066 NV 2005
Digital camera and laptop computer purchase for law enforcement officers. City of South Bend 2005-DJ-BX-0375 $194,530 IN 2005
Blount County Courthouse Security Blount County Government 2005-DJ-BX-1233 $40,747 TN 2005
Taser x-26 conductive energy device City of Florence 2005-DJ-BX-1408 $13,999 KY 2005
Citizen and Officer Safety Enhancements City of Arnold 2005-DJ-BX-1046 $18,625 MO 2005
FY 2005 City of Meridian and County of Lauderdale JAG MERIDIAN CITY 2005-DJ-BX-0984 $45,416 MS 2005
JAG 2005 Escambia County 2005-DJ-BX-1104 $174,264 FL 2005
City of Ocala Byrne JAG Program City of Ocala 2005-DJ-BX-0923 $70,386 FL 2005
Federal Byrne JAG San Mateo County San Mateo County 2005-DJ-BX-1441 $176,260 CA 2005
FY 2005 City of East Providence JAG City of East Providence 2005-DJ-BX-1709 $33,066 RI 2005
Forsyth County - Security and Equipment Improvement ProjectWinston-Salem - Patrol MDC Continuation Project Forsyth County 2005-DJ-BX-0486 $300,125 NC 2005
Maryland State JAG Strategy State of Maryland 2005-DJ-BX-0264 $7,231,347 MD 2005
Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Direct Award City of Charleston 2005-DJ-BX-0736 $78,732 SC 2005
Purchase of In-Car Mobile Laptop Computers/Modems St. Louis County 2005-DJ-BX-0327 $125,150 MO 2005
Mobile Data Terminals Augusta Richmond County 2005-DJ-BX-0630 $144,228 GA 2005
Project A- Electronic Document Management System Prince William County 2005-DJ-BX-1340 $111,263 VA 2005
Enhanced Public Awareness Utilizing the Internet El Dorado County 2005-DJ-BX-1612 $33,479 CA 2005
Franklin County Law Enforcement Communication County of Franklin 2005-DJ-BX-1336 $39,102 PA 2005
Cape Girardeau Police Department Interoperatble Communications Project City of Cape Girardeau 2005-DJ-BX-1089 $10,496 MO 2005
Computer Upgrade for Patrol Units & In Car Video Camera System Mississippi County 2005-DJ-BX-1520 $48,506 AR 2005
Investigative, Traffic, and Weapons Equipment Upgrade County of Catawba 2005-DJ-BX-0424 $47,683 NC 2005
Equipment, Software and Technology Purchases for the Everett Police Department Patrol Division, Records Division and Office of Professional Standards City of Everett 2005-DJ-BX-0642 $90,333 WA 2005
City of Homewood Traffic Calming Campaign City of Homewood 2005-DJ-BX-1273 $15,459 AL 2005
Mobile Data Terminals and Mentor Program (MDTMP) City of Bend 2005-DJ-BX-0929 $28,400 OR 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Program CORYELL COUNTY 2005-DJ-BX-0357 $15,305 TX 2005
Special Projects and Drug Court City of Terre Haute 2005-DJ-BX-0906 $25,077 IN 2005
Drug, Gang & Violence Prosecution andSouthwest Border Alliance Narcotics Enforcement Team Yuma County 2005-DJ-BX-0826 $85,656 AZ 2005
Computers,Printers, Camera's and Overtime City of Eunice 2005-DJ-BX-1423 $48,597 LA 2005
Justice Assistance Grant Program. City of Burbank 2005-DJ-BX-1199 $33,312 CA 2005
Joint Computer Forensics Lab for Law Enforcement Dickson County Tennessee 2005-DJ-BX-0866 $13,357 TN 2005
Law Enforcement Technology and Equipment.Purchase of authorized equipment and technology resources to enhance this agency's ability to better serve and protect the citizens of Kingsport, Tennessee. City of Kingsport 2005-DJ-BX-0359 $40,447 TN 2005
Purchasing Equipment for Law Enforcement Purposes City of Jacksonville 2005-DJ-BX-1094 $26,437 AR 2005
CDA Police Technology Upgrade Project &CDA Police Crime Analysis-Intervention Project Coeur D'Alene City of 2005-DJ-BX-0670 $57,827 ID 2005
Proposal to Enhance Capabilities of Temecula Community Action Patrol CITY OF TEMECULA 2005-DJ-BX-1202 $24,503 CA 2005
FY 2005 County of Hidalgo JAG Hidalgo County 2005-DJ-BX-0284 $155,079 TX 2005
Special Enforcement Project/ Training Enhancement Program Ponca City 2005-DJ-BX-1028 $21,738 OK 2005
Improving and Maintaining Public Awareness and Community Teamwork (IMPACT) CITY OF EL MONTE 2005-DJ-BX-1735 $95,015 CA 2005
Tactical Equipment Project. City of Casa Grande 2005-DJ-BX-0880 $24,417 AZ 2005
Office Safety Robertson County 2005-DJ-BX-0786 $14,933 TN 2005
Jackson County Sheriff's Office Crime Analysis Program County of Jackson 2005-DJ-BX-0083 $31,806 OR 2005
The Children's Identification & Location Database (CHILD) Project Thurston County 2005-DJ-BX-1606 $50,600 WA 2005
Mobile Computer Terminal Replacement, Supplemental Funding City of Monterey 2005-DJ-BX-1459 $21,283 CA 2005
Providing a School Resource Officer for the Local School District and funding for a database update for JOINT. City of Grants Pass 2005-DJ-BX-0851 $11,823 OR 2005
Youth Prevention Programs sponsored by the Salt River Police Department and the Community's Youth Services Department Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community 2005-DJ-BX-1529 $23,204 AZ 2005
Community Crime Reduction Program Banning City 2005-DJ-BX-1343 $23,763 CA 2005
Technology County of Sutter 2005-DJ-BX-1531 $33,276 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Technology and Equipment Upgrade City of Pueblo 2005-DJ-BX-1021 $158,300 CO 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant City of San Dimas 2005-DJ-BX-0748 $12,659 CA 2005
Undercover On-Line Investigations Augusta County 2005-DJ-BX-1049 $14,034 VA 2005
Ounce of Prevention A Pound of CureD.A.R.E. To Be Better,It is easier to prevent a Child from using drugs than it is to treat and rehibilitate a that child later City of Brooksville 2005-DJ-BX-1485 $12,029 FL 2005
FY 2005 JAG Grant Sumter County 2005-DJ-BX-0900 $59,529 SC 2005
Milford Police Recruitment Project City of Milford 2005-DJ-BX-1615 $13,152 CT 2005
Bellflower Special Assignment Investigations City of Bellflower 2005-DJ-BX-1097 $49,228 CA 2005
Law Enforcement Technology & Equipment Aiken City 2005-DJ-BX-0261 $14,282 SC 2005
Garden City Traffic Enforcement and Accident Reduction Program City of Garden City 2005-DJ-BX-0618 $23,267 GA 2005
FY 2005 County of Oktibbeha and City of Starkville JAG COUNTY OF OKTIBBEHA 2005-DJ-BX-1514 $17,680 MS 2005
Life Saver Program City of Opa-locka 2005-DJ-BX-1561 $72,644 FL 2005
Safer Lynwood 2005 City of Lynwood 2005-DJ-BX-1499 $100,233 CA 2005
Palatka Police Technology Enhancement for Crime Prevention City of Palatka 2005-DJ-BX-1152 $21,732 FL 2005
Improve Tactical and Surveillance Capability Town of Chapel Hill 2005-DJ-BX-0431 $40,577 NC 2005
TASER Project City of Manteca 2005-DJ-BX-1452 $21,394 CA 2005
San Bernardino County 2005 JAG County of San Bernardino 2005-DJ-BX-1148 $1,015,551 CA 2005
Municipal and County Law Enforcement and Corrections Enhancement Programs City of Portland 2005-DJ-BX-0443 $158,263 ME 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program (JAG) Muskogee County 2005-DJ-BX-0112 $62,027 OK 2005
JAG 2005 Public Safety Program City of Lancaster 2005-DJ-BX-1339 $136,988 CA 2005
Police Car Emergency Equipment City of Mount Dora 2005-DJ-BX-1308 $11,624 FL 2005
Bicycle Patrol Program City of Lemon Grove 2005-DJ-BX-1583 $16,461 CA 2005
This is a project to upgrade safety & technology equipment for the police department. City of Seaside 2005-DJ-BX-1505 $23,874 CA 2005
Purchase of Less Lethal equipment and supplies City of Rogers 2005-DJ-BX-0757 $14,616 AR 2005
Operation Safe Neighborhood, Automated Fingerprint Identification System, Digital Photo Lab System Chula Vista City 2005-DJ-BX-0230 $98,679 CA 2005
Community Policing Focus City of Norwalk 2005-DJ-BX-0159 $81,356 CA 2005
Police Department Interoperablitity/Information Sharing Improvement City of Baldwin Park 2005-DJ-BX-0004 $32,609 CA 2005
Purchase new tasers for law enforcement. City of Lacey 2005-DJ-BX-1390 $15,604 WA 2005
Law Enforcement Program (2005) City of Rosemead 2005-DJ-BX-1738 $35,607 CA 2005
1. Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program2. Adolescent Supervision/Antioch Partnership (ASAP) program City of Antioch 2005-DJ-BX-1245 $66,773 CA 2005
Contractual support from the Los Angeles County Probation Department Probation Officer. City of Santa Fe Springs 2005-DJ-BX-1131 $15,435 CA 2005
Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program FY 2005 Office of Attorney General 2005-DJ-BX-1563 $864,335 ND 2005
Gaston County and City of Gastonia JAG Application Gaston County 2005-DJ-BX-0401 $154,264 NC 2005
Charles County Sheriff's Office Crime Analysis Unit Continuation Charles County Government 2005-DJ-BX-0309 $81,568 MD 2005
Gang Interdiction and Intervention - Greeley PD; Enhancing Investigative & Operational Capabilities - WCSO City of Greeley 2005-DJ-BX-0220 $81,825 CO 2005
Funding for air cards and digital recording systems. City of Boynton Beach 2005-DJ-BX-0612 $55,965 FL 2005
Law Enforcement Programs City of Las Vegas 2005-DJ-BX-0465 $28,539 NM 2005
Homestead Police Department Community Sweep and Clean City of Homestead 2005-DJ-BX-1491 $72,307 FL 2005
Upgrade technoligical advantages to better serve Homeland Security Issues. Berkeley County Council 2005-DJ-BX-1753 $25,061 WV 2005
Johnson County White Collar Crime Project Johnson County 2005-DJ-BX-0937 $101,375 KS 2005
FY 2005 Edward J. Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans 2005-DJ-BX-0071 $1,238,750 GU 2005
FY 2005 Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program City of Colorado Springs 2005-DJ-BX-0038 $395,405 CO 2005
In-Car Video Camera System, Trace Evidence Detection Improvement, Evidence Cataloging Project. City of Kalispell 2005-DJ-BX-0623 $15,528 MT 2005
Law Enforcement Technology & Equipment Aiken County Govt 2005-DJ-BX-0184 $48,808 SC 2005
Multi-Jurisdictional Task Forces Wyoming Office of the Attorney General 2005-DJ-BX-0732 $945,748 WY 2005
King County/City of Seattle Law Enforcement, Crime Prevention, Interoperability, and Courts City of Seattle 2005-DJ-BX-1640 $819,577 WA 2005
Tarrant County Area Justice Assistance Grant City of Fort Worth 2005-DJ-BX-0354 $778,785 TX 2005
Officer Safety City of Lawrence 2005-DJ-BX-1661 $25,019 IN 2005
Edward Byrne Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) Orange County 2005-DJ-BX-1303 $526,162 FL 2005
Grant Assistance to Justice County of Cuyahoga, Ohio 2005-DJ-BX-1550 $1,179,988 OH 2005
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants 2005-DJ-BX-0593 $3,039,470 DC 2005
Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Justice Assistance Program Metropolitan Government of Nashville And Davidson County 2005-DJ-BX-1142 $1,003,778 TN 2005

as of 08/25/2019