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    Awards Made for "Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs Full Proposal: 16 Encouraging Innovation: Field-Initiated Programs Full Proposal"

Number of Award(s): 5
Total Amount Awarded: $2,431,393.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Judicial Response to Offender Accountability and Victim Safety Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence 2016-DG-BX-K046 $482,500 MD 2016
The Cardiff Model: Strengthening Community Capacity to Reduce Violence The Medical College of Wisconsin, Inc. 2016-AJ-BX-K042 $499,693 WI 2016
Phoenix Police Intelligence Led Policing Phoenix Police Department 2016-DG-BX-K050 $482,500 AZ 2016
Social Worker Sentencing Project Michigan Indigent Defense Commission 2016-AJ-BX-K044 $466,700 MI 2016
Assertive Youth Engagement: A Model for Justice-Involved Minority Male Youth with Mental Illness Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services 2016-RW-BX-K056 $500,000 NY 2016

as of 07/12/2020