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    Awards Made for "Graduate Research Fellowship, Fiscal Year 2020"

Number of Award(s): 26
Total Amount Awarded: $2,850,786.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Social Construction of Hate Crime in the U.S.: A Factorial Survey Experiment University of Kentucky Research Foundation 2020-R2-CX-0044 $50,000 KY 2020
Advances in Spatial Statistical Methodology for Urban Crime PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY-UNIV PARK 2020-R2-CX-0033 $60,065 PA 2020
Disrupting Human Trafficking Networks through Mathematical Modeling: Addressing Replacement Effects and Uncertain Information Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 2020-R2-CX-0022 $100,000 NY 2020
Genetic disease to improve human identification from the skin microbiome University of North Texas Health Science Center 2020-R2-CX-0046 $81,058 TX 2020
Methyl-PrepDisc: A Centrifugal Microfluidic Device for Forensic DNA Methylation Sample Preparation The Rector & Visitors of the University of VIrginia 2020-R2-CX-0030 $147,766 VA 2020
Alibi Generation: Improving innocents suspects' accuracy and examining alibi discriminability using a novel GPS paradigm The Florida International University Board of Trustees 2020-R2-CX-0019 $83,840 FL 2020
Develop non-PCR-based target enrichment reagents and methods for MPS analysis of forensic DNA The Regents of the University of California, Santa Cruz 2020-R2-CX-0029 $100,000 CA 2020
Effects of Contradictory Signals on Post-Prison Labor Market Outcomes The Ohio State University 2020-R2-CX-0021 $91,465 OH 2020
A Virtual Anthropological Approach to the Study of Commingled Human Remains The Research Foundation for the State University of New York 2020-R2-CX-0025 $138,704 NY 2020
Statistical evaluation of forensic sequencing profiles University of Washington 2020-R2-CX-0040 $107,205 WA 2020
Skeletal Blast Trauma: determining the effect of known and experimental blast events on trauma patterns, fracture behavior, and blast scene recovery approaches Texas State University 2020-R2-CX-0041 $150,000 TX 2020
Finding the Missing and Unidentified: The Application of Predictive Modeling, Ground-Penetrating Radar, and Small Unmanned Aircraft-Mounted Infrared Imagery for the Detection of Unmarked Graves Texas State University 2020-R2-CX-0043 $150,000 TX 2020
An examination of musculoskeletal markers in modern populations for forensic analysis and identification purposes Texas State University 2020-R2-CX-0042 $150,000 TX 2020
LC-QqQ-MS screening assay for abused drug exposure based on covalent peptide/protein modification The Florida International Univeristy Board of Trustees 2020-R2-CX-0023 $100,000 FL 2020
Developmental evaluation of a combinatorial qPCR multiplex for forensic body fluid identification Virginia Commonwealth University 2020-R2-CX-0031 $49,994 VA 2020
Neurofeedback-Enhanced Trauma Treatment for Adolescents in Residential Treatment University of Houston 2020-R2-CX-0045 $98,575 TX 2020
Developing Subadult Sex Estimation Standards Using Adult Morphological Sex Traits and an Ontogenetic Approach Board of Regents, NSHE, obo University of Nevada, Reno 2020-R2-CX-0024 $100,000 NV 2020
A Multi-Methodological Approach to Estimating Ancestry and Sex in Asian Groups for Forensic Casework Board of Regents, NSHE, obo University of Nevada, Reno 2020-R2-CX-0020 $100,000 NV 2020
Preventing the next sext: A behavioral economic approach to understanding nude photo sharing decisions in a high school community The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2020-R2-CX-0037 $100,000 NC 2020
Queering the American Family: Same-Sex Couples and the Marriage Green Card Process Cornell University 2020-R2-CX-0018 $150,000 NY 2020
Isotope Analysis of Modern Remains in Forensics: Optimizing Sample Preparation Methods for Accurate and Reliable Carbonate and Collagen Isotope Analysis AZ Board of Regents on behalf of Arizona State University 2020-R2-CX-0034 $150,000 AZ 2020
Investigating Key Risk Factors across Violent and Non-Violent Extremists in the United States Research Foundation of CUNY on behalf of John Jay College 2020-R2-CX-0017 $74,406 NY 2020
Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Modified Microelectrode Arrays for Rapid In-Field Analysis of Trace Illicit Substances in Oral Fluid The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2020-R2-CX-0036 $150,000 NC 2020
Utilizing eDNA from Four Biological Taxa Associated with Geologic Evidence for Sample-to-Sample Comparisons and Study Site Separation North Carolina State University 2020-R2-CX-0035 $150,000 NC 2020
The Only Thing Constant is Change: A Longitudinal Analysis of Race, Gender, and District-Level Effects in Federal Sentencing, 1998 - 2016 University of Cincinnati 2020-R2-CX-0016 $74,722 OH 2020
Selectively analyzing and interpreting DNA from multiple donors with a full Single-Cell strategy Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Camden 2020-R2-CX-0032 $142,986 NJ 2020

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