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    Awards Made for "NIJ FY 09 Recovery Act: Law Enforcement Technology Research and Development"

Number of Award(s): 20
Total Amount Awarded: $10,000,000.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Law Enforcement Technology Research and Development: Entity Resolution and Correlation Service Project SEARCH Group, Incorporated 2009-SQ-B9-K114 496,113 CA 2009
Geo-Query: Linking Geo-Time Information to Law Enforcement Queries Automated Regional Justice Information System 2009-SQ-B9-K001 282,096 CA 2009
SRFERS: State Regional & Federal Enterprise Retrieval System III Automated Regional Justice Information System 2009-SQ-B9-K002 476,821 CA 2009
Double Dervish: EOD Universal Cutting Tool Technical Products Inc. 2009-SQ-B9-K017 160,212 MA 2009
Advanced Behavior Recognition in Crowded Environments General Electric Company 2009-SQ-B9-K013 999,955 NY 2009
Physical and Environmental Effects on the Performance of Body Armor POLICE EXECUTIVE RESEARCH FORUM 2009-SQ-B9-K112 405,596 DC 2009
An Evaluation of a Global Positioning System for Monitoring High-Risk Gang Offenders DEVELOPMENT SERVICES GROUP, INC. 2009-SQ-B9-K018 398,884 MD 2009
Semi-Automated 3D Geo-coding of Large Urban Structures for Deployment of Effective Emergency Response and Communication The University of North Carolina at Charlotte 2009-SQ-B9-K009 399,995 NC 2009
TBD The University of Texas at Dallas 2009-SQ-B9-K007 456,784 TX 2009
E-Port - Enhanced Portal for Image Exchange and Increased Functionality Over Nlets National Law Enforcement Telecommunication Syste 2009-SQ-B9-K102 419,543 AZ 2009
Continuation of Award No. 2004-IJ-CX-K035, Less-Lethal Technologies-Area Denial of Personnel; Solid State Active Denial System Demonstration Program Raytheon Company 2009-SQ-B9-K008 574,946 CA 2009
Through the Wall Standoff Detection and Tracking of Individuals AKELA, Inc. 2009-SQ-B9-K113 999,990 CA 2009
Officer and Suspect Injuries Associated with Police Use of Force Wake Forest University Health Sciences 2009-SQ-B9-K016 168,448 NC 2009
USB Live Acquisition and Triage Tool (US-LATT) WetStone Technologies, Inc. 2009-SQ-B9-K015 77,852 NY 2009
A Public Safety Cognitive Radio for Universal Interoperability: Transition to DSP Implementation for Manufacture Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University 2009-SQ-B9-K011 498,272 VA 2009
Antenna Systems for Multiband Mobile and Portable Radio Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2009-SQ-B9-K012 354,794 VA 2009
The Mathematics of Geographic Profiling Towson University 2009-SQ-B9-K014 95,465 MD 2009
Flexible Geospatial Visual Analytics and Simulation Technologies to Enhance Criminal Justice Decision Support Systems AZ Board of Regents for and on behalf of AZ State University 2009-SQ-B9-K101 1,476,417 AZ 2009
NEMS Integrated Reconfigurable Antenna operating at 150, 400, 700, 800, and 4900 MHz bands for Interoperable Public Safety Communications Utah State University 2009-SQ-B9-K005 640,317 UT 2009
Exploiting 911 Call-For-Service Records to Support Crime Prevention and Police Deployment Research Triangle Institute 2009-SQ-B9-K010 617,500 NC 2009

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