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    Awards Made for "OJJDP FY 14 Multi-State Mentoring Initiative: OJJDP FY 14 Multi-State Mentoring Initiative: Category 3: Combined One-on-One and Group Mentoring"

Number of Award(s): 11
Total Amount Awarded: $11,000,000.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Compassion Kids: NCMI Multi-State Mentoring Initiative Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, Inc. 2014-JU-FX-0017 $1,000,000 KS 2014
Peer Group Connection: Expanding and Enhancing a Peer Group Mentoring and High School Transition Program to Serve At-Risk Youth Center for Supportive Schools 2014-JU-FX-0026 $1,000,000 NJ 2014
Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program Multi-State(RAMP) Institute for Educational Leadership, Inc. 2014-JU-FX-0015 $1,000,000 DC 2014
CBM CARES National Mentoring Initiative National Organization of Concerned Black Men 2014-JU-FX-0013 $1,000,000 DC 2014
Using a youth-centered developmental approach to enhance group and one-on-one mentoring services to impact vulnerable youth. U.S. Dream Academy, Inc. 2014-JU-FX-0035 $1,000,000 MD 2014
HOPE Business In A Box Academies/Business Role Models and Mentors Operation HOPE, Inc. 2014-JU-FX-0032 $1,000,000 CA 2014
Violence Free Zone Multi-State Mentoring Initiative Woodson Center 2014-JU-FX-0014 $1,000,000 DC 2014
CLICKS - CLEO Legally Inspired College Ko-horts of Students COUNCIL ON LEGAL EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY, INC. 2014-JU-FX-0030 $1,000,000 MD 2014
Project SOARA Two Year Demonstration ProjectPresented by 100 Black Men of America, Inc. 100 Black Men of America, Inc. 2014-JU-FX-0016 $1,000,000 GA 2014
Southwest Key Youth Mentoring Program Southwest Key Programs, Inc. 2014-JU-FX-0033 $1,000,000 TX 2014
I Choose Me Metro United Methodist Urban Ministry 2014-JU-FX-0031 $1,000,000 CA 2014

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