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    Awards Made for "OJJDP FY 15 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative: OJJDP FY 15 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative: Category 2: Multistate Mentoring Programs"

Number of Award(s): 13
Total Amount Awarded: $25,943,396.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Mentoring Youth for Leadership (MYL) Leadership Foundations 2015-JU-FX-0006 $3,000,000 WA 2015
Peer Group Connection: Expanding and Enhancing a Peer Group Mentoring and High School Transition Program to Serve At-Risk Youth Center for Supportive Schools 2015-JU-FX-0018 $1,000,000 NJ 2015
Amachi Category 2 Multi-State Enhancement Project AMACHI, INC. 2015-JU-FX-0019 $1,000,000 PA 2015
Category 2: Multi-State Youth Mentoring Program for Youth in 17 States Goodwill Industries International 2015-JU-FX-0010 $3,000,000 MD 2015
Go-To-High-School, Go-To-College Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated 2015-JU-FX-0012 $1,000,000 MD 2015
Mentoring Youth for Success: ASPIRA Multi-State Mentoring ProgramOJJDP FY 15 Multi-State Mentoring ProgramsASPIRA Association, Inc. The ASPIRA Association, Inc. 2015-JU-FX-0028 $1,000,000 DC 2015
Mentoring - 2015 Multi-State Application Youth Collaboratory Inc. 2015-JU-FX-0021 $3,000,000 PA 2015
Sea Research Foundation, Inc. STEM Mentoring Program Sea Research Foundation, Inc. 2015-JU-FX-0016 $3,000,000 CT 2015
Project Ready: Mentor- National Urban League's Multi-State Mentoring Project National Urban League 2015-JU-FX-0023 $2,000,000 NY 2015
Category 2: CCUSA Multi-State Mentoring Program Catholic Charities USA 2015-JU-FX-0013 $2,943,396 VA 2015
AARP Foundation Experience Corps Mentors AARP Foundation 2015-JU-FX-0027 $2,000,000 DC 2015
Real Time Mentoring Program Nueva Esperanza, Inc. 2015-JU-FX-0020 $1,000,000 PA 2015
The Moyer Foundation's Camp Mariposa Program for Youth Impacted by the Substance Abuse of a Family Member The Moyer Foundation 2015-JU-FX-0026 $2,000,000 PA 2015

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