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    Awards Made for "OJJDP FY 18 Mentoring Opportunities for Youth Initiative: Category 2: Multi-state Mentoring"

Number of Award(s): 9
Total Amount Awarded: $19,200,000.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Mentoring Youth With Mental Illness Compeer 2018-JU-FX-0034 $1,800,000 NY 2018
Soccer for Success- An Evidence and Sports Based Group Mentoring Program for At-Risk, High-Risk and Underserved Youth United States Soccer Federation Foundation, Inc, 2018-JU-FX-0037 $2,250,000 DC 2018
Peer Group Connection:Enhancement and Expansion Project Center for Supportive Schools 2018-JU-FX-0011 $1,900,000 NJ 2018
Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation - Badges for Baseball Group Mentoring Program Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, Inc. 2018-JU-FX-0039 $3,000,000 MD 2018
CCUSA Trauma Informed Youth Mentoring Catholic Charities USA 2018-JU-FX-0018 $2,000,000 VA 2018
AARP Foundation Experience Corps Mentors AARP Foundation 2018-JU-FX-0038 $2,000,000 DC 2018
CLEO Legally Inspired College Ko-horts of Students 2.0 (CLICKS 2.0) Mentoring Program for At-Risk/High-Risk Adolescents COUNCIL ON LEGAL EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY, INC. 2018-JU-FX-0040 $2,000,000 MD 2018
Sea Research Foundation, Inc. STEM Mentoring Program Sea Research Foundation, Inc. 2018-JU-FX-0025 $2,250,000 CT 2018
Friends of the Children Prevention Project Friends of the Children 2018-JU-FX-0014 $2,000,000 OR 2018

as of 10/15/2019