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    Awards Made for "SMART FY 18 AWA Implementation Grant"

Number of Award(s): 47
Total Amount Awarded: $12,925,834.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
Rosebud Sioux Tribe Sex Offender Registry Office Rosebud Sioux Tribe 2018-AW-BX-0032 400,000 SD 2018
Miami Tribe of Oklahoma SORNA Program Grant Miami Tribe of Oklahoma 2018-AW-BX-0023 100,000 OK 2018
2018 SMART AWA/SORNA OGLALA SIOUX TRIBE 2018-AW-BX-0035 400,000 SD 2018
To continue SORNA implementation efforts through the use of the program director and administrative assistant completing their required duties and responsibilities. Northern Arapaho Tribe 2018-AW-BX-0027 170,000 WY 2018
SMART FY2018 AWA/SORNA Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of the Duck Valley Indian Reservation 2018-AW-BX-0015 100,000 NV 2018
MA Sex Offender Registry Board 2018 Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety & Security 2018-AW-BX-0008 310,373 MA 2018
South Dakota - SMART FY18 AWA/SORNA South Dakota Office of Attorney General 2018-AW-BX-0002 400,000 SD 2018
FY18 NMDPS Sex Offender Monitoring Project with Bernalillo County and Santa Fe County. New Mexico Department Of Public Safety 2018-AW-BX-0007 386,637 NM 2018
PA SORNA Compliance Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency 2018-AW-BX-0025 275,000 PA 2018
FY18 SMART AWA/SORNA State of New Jersey, Department of Law & Public Safety 2018-AW-BX-0006 224,612 NJ 2018
SMART FY 18 AWA/SORNA Florida Department of Law Enforcement 2018-AW-BX-0048 399,027 FL 2018
Salt River Police Department SORNA Program Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community 2018-AW-BX-0018 145,518 AZ 2018
Sex Offender Case File Digitization Project Nevada Department of Public Safety 2018-AW-BX-0003 136,695 NV 2018
2018 SLED AWA/SORNA SC Law Enforcement Division 2018-AW-BX-0039 397,574 SC 2018
Yakama Nation Sex Offender Registration Program Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation 2018-AW-BX-0045 387,734 WA 2018
Ohio SORNA Technology Upgrades Ohio Attorney General 2018-AW-BX-0047 85,510 OH 2018
Rhode Island SORNA Project Rhode Island Department of Public Safety 2018-AW-BX-0012 400,000 RI 2018
2018 AWA/SORNA Quinault Indian Nation 2018-AW-BX-0043 248,873 WA 2018
Yankton Sioux Tribal Sex Offender Registry Program Yankton Sioux Tribe 2018-AW-BX-0001 140,588 SD 2018
Menominee SORNA Program 2018 Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin 2018-AW-BX-0013 399,991 WI 2018
2018 AWA/SORNA Tennessee Bureau of Investigation 2018-AW-BX-0040 400,000 TN 2018
Hawaii Sex Offender Registration Program Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center 2018-AW-BX-0017 301,000 HI 2018
FY18 SORNA Enhancement Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan 2018-AW-BX-0005 221,509 MI 2018
Nebraska State Patrol- FY2018 SMART Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program Nebraska State Patrol 2018-AW-BX-0011 392,779 NE 2018
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Adam Walsh FY 2018 Seminole Nation of Oklahoma 2018-AW-BX-0022 210,400 OK 2018
SMART FY19 Adam Walsh Implementation Project Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska 2018-AW-BX-0010 300,000 NE 2018
Retain Sex Offender Compliance Investigator for the Period of 2018-2021 Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation 2018-AW-BX-0016 300,000 OR 2018
Turtle Mountain AWA/SORNA Program 2018 Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians 2018-AW-BX-0014 250,000 ND 2018
2018 SMART AWA/SORNA Montana Dept. of Corrections, Crime Control Bureau 2018-AW-BX-0030 397,979 MT 2018
Iowa SOR Statewide Database Enhancement Project 2018 Iowa Department of Public Safety 2018-AW-BX-0033 320,000 IA 2018
FY 2018 Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) Justice and Public Safety Cabinet 2018-AW-BX-0037 393,470 KY 2018
SMART FY 18 AWA/SORNA Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians 2018-AW-BX-0004 302,096 MI 2018
FY 2018 AWA/SORNA Project Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection 2018-AW-BX-0046 393,618 CT 2018
SMART FY 18 Adam Walsh Act Division of Criminal Justice 2018-AW-BX-0026 262,844 CO 2018
FY18 VSP AWA Virginia Department of State Police 2018-AW-BX-0042 196,677 VA 2018
On Going Maintenance of Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation SMART FY 18 Support for Adam Walsh Act Implementation Grant Program-Enhancement Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation 2018-AW-BX-0029 183,560 KS 2018
Wyoming's Sex Offender Registration DNA Collection, Identification and Submission Project Wyoming Office of the Attorney General 2018-AW-BX-0028 148,750 WY 2018
2018 AWA/SORNA Kalispel Indian Community of the Kalispel Reservation 2018-AW-BX-0044 225,626 WA 2018
SMART 2018 AWA/SORNA MD Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services 2018-AW-BX-0038 231,202 MD 2018
FY2018 AWA/SORNA Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation 2018-AW-BX-0034 400,000 SD 2018
Maintain a Sex Offender Registration Office, and one full-time sworn officer dedicated to the Sex Offender Registration Program. Wyandotte Nation 2018-AW-BX-0024 219,704 OK 2018
Oregon State Police, Criminal Investigative Division, Sex Offender Registration Section, Sex Offender Registry Operation and Policy Improvement Oregon Department of State Police 2018-AW-BX-0019 182,000 OR 2018
The Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma: Sex Offender Public Notification Project Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma 2018-AW-BX-0021 296,088 OK 2018
FY 2018 AWA/SORNA Virgin Islands Department of Justice 2018-AW-BX-0036 100,000 VI 2018
2018 AWA/SORNA Alabama Office of Prosecution Services 2018-AW-BX-0041 400,000 AL 2018

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