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    Awards Made for "Second Chance Act Comprehensive Community-Based Adult Reentry Program Utilizing Mentors"

Number of Award(s): 5
Total Amount Awarded: $4,995,618.00

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Award Title Awardee Award Number
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Amount Location Fiscal Year
FY 2016 Mentoring Program Metroplex Economic Development Corporation 2016-CY-BX-0017 $1,000,000 TX 2016
Memphis Collaborative Adult Mentoring Project Memphis Leadership Foundation 2016-CY-BX-0020 $1,000,000 TN 2016
Individualized Correction Achievement Network (I-CAN) Mentoring Program The Fortune Society, Inc. 2016-CY-BX-0019 $995,618 NY 2016
TYRO Leadership Adult Mentoring Reentry Project The RIDGE Project, Inc. 2016-CY-BX-0016 $1,000,000 OH 2016
WestCare Washington Transition to Trust (TTT) Program WestCare Washington 2016-CY-BX-0018 $1,000,000 WA 2016

as of 07/12/2020